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Happy Birthday

This site is 14 years old today. Started on the 3rd of June 1996 with the sole aim of posting at least one hockey story per day, apart from a couple of hiccups, the last time that goal was unachievable was 13 August 1996.

The hiccups have included two webspace hosts going bust and the site going offline while I struggled to find a new host quickly and a 2 day trip to rural South Africa where there was no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage available. However, I was able to get stories from newspaper achives to fill in the blanks.

Intitially the site was posted up using raw HTML markup in Notepad before Microsoft brought out Front Page. It then progressed through two CGI scripts before finally settling on Joomla as the current method of presenting the news. This allows me more flexible working time as I can put everything on the site several hours in advance and have the system automatically publish the day's news at 10:00 GMT. Why 10:00 GMT? The 10:00 time limit is in agreement with some English journalists whose work appears in the print version of their papers. It gives them time to sell those papers before the story appears on the site. GMT is because the site is read all over the world including countries that don't have Daylight Savings, so it remains a constant time of publishing.

Sometimes I wonder if people are really interested in some of the stories I carry, but then think back to Christmas Day 1996 when the only story I could find was one about a remote town in India putting down an artificial surface. I commented that it was at least the one story aim and got an email from a reader in Canada saying that it was his home town and thanks for carrying that one story!

Initially I publicised the site on the alt news sections of the net that were popular in 1996, but apart from that it has all been word of mouth and search engines that have boosted the popularity of the site. I now have visitors from all over the world and have even had one from Antartica, though I suspect they were lost. When I started there were only 11 hockey sites on the net. I couldn't tell you how many there are now.

Some people might be baffled by my use of the first person singular, believing to be some big organisation. No, the site is run by one person from the spare bedroom in his house. Some days start very early as I try to get the site completed early so I can spend the rest of the day with my family. One of those days is Christmas Day and although I can't say I have met Father Christmas through being up so early, I can say I have met some very fascinating people in the world of hockey. I have met and had dinner with the FIH President and CEO, shared several beers with many of the world's top coaches and players. I watched Brent Livermore playing as a Junior International before he got his first senior cap and I saw him get his 300th cap. I have watched well over 1000 international games of hockey (well I actually stopped counting when I realised it was well over 1000).

So what of the future? Like any job there are days that you just don't feel like work, but then to stop would be to break a 14 year cycle of publishing a hockey story a day. I have had offers to buy from me for £150 to one very serious offer of £50 000 during the Dotcom bubble. Fortunately for me the bubble burst before the deal could be completed and the company went bust, as now provides my main income after I was made redundant several years ago. I enjoy the challenge of pushing the boundaries of technology to bring hockey to all. This site was available on handheld devices in 2000 and was updated during the 2001 World Cup Qualifier in Edinburgh via a handled and a mobile phone faster than the official site that had the benefit of an ADSL connection. The latest challege was using Twitter to provide the live commentary during the recent Azlan Shah Cup. That proved popular enough to crash the server twice, but when the Indian women's coach signed up to follow the Twitter feed the day before heading off to New Zealand I knew we were on the right track. The other challenge there was runnning the Official website of a Malaysian tournament from England, but that was adequately accomplished with the assistance of the media officer and his iPad, probably making it the first live sports event site to use that technology. So the simple answer is is going to be around for sometime to come.

Lastly, I must thank the people who make this site possible. Thank you to all the hockey journalists from around the world who write the stories and allow me to carry their work, especially Mr. T who reminds me every time I inadvertently miss one of his pieces! Especial thanks to journalists, like Bruce Hamilton, Jawwad Qamar, Ijaz Chaudhry and Patrick Rowley who send me their work to carry as exclusive material for

Thank you for reading my site and making it popular.


South Africa International Test Series - China

Day 1 & 2

By Marsha Marescia

Travel day 28 May 2010 Well, the day had finally arrived! 7 months of no contact with each other and we were heading off to China, not sure if everybody knew what to expect. A new coach, playing internationals with little preparation and to get us into swing of all teams …China!

The excitement was definitely felt all round as we arrived in dribs and drabs at O.R Tambo International. The excitement of seeing each other…some faces that had not been around in a while were well received and I guess we were ready for the challenge ahead.

The trip was super long but when we finally reached our destination (Olympic training facility in Beijing) it was early hours of Sunday morning.

Quick introduction to Giles and a good night’s rest as the journey was scheduled to begin 7am Sunday…yes Sunday…the same day of arrival.

Sunday 30 may 2010

“Dare to play” he said, “if you are not trying something new or making mistakes then you are doing nothing”. Could this be the start of the new goal scoring machine team? I think so! With motivation like that from your coach, what more can one say except “bring it on” or (keeping it real) “show dem”.

Two training sessions of high intensity hockey. Defensive and attacking play looked like hints of a top international performing team. Exciting times for the strikers and midfielders as we worked on various goals scoring techniques that were neglected for some time. Exciting times for some players training for new positions.

After the day of training, I am not sure if exhausted is an under-statement of the way we felt. The good in that is that we could slip into the time zone a lot quicker and without many hassles.

But alas, we had a meeting that evening…just to make sure that night’s rest was going to be great.

Our vision:

To change the South African ladies hockey team from a competing international team to a team in the top 6.

This is our long term vision and we have known that the SA ladies have had this potential for a few years now, and I must admit hearing it from someone new was so refreshing I feel like I have fallen in love all over again with this game.

“Your vision of where you want to be is the greatest asset you have…without having a goal, it’s difficult to score”

Monday 31 may 2010

Match day 1

We always knew that the first game was going to throw us off a bit. Without any internationals or camps in 7 months that transition game was always going to be tough.

A light training session in the morning to fine tune some skills got us motivated and hungry to play.

The Chinese came out firing! The pace of the game was something a lot of the players were not used to, with two new caps in the mix (Nicole de Vries and Celia Evans) and the return of Marcelle Keets, Lesley-Ann George, Dirkie Chamberlain and Pippa Rabey, and the rest of us not having played in 7 months, the game was tough. A valuable lesson learned, thankfully both Countries agreed this not to be an official international but a game to allow players to settle in and gain that confidence Giles is trying to get out of each and every one of us.

We lost 7-1. We allowed them to score soft goals and were punished for our errors. The good thing…we were now over the nerves, now used to the pace, and really understood the extent to which Giles wanted us to show some flair in our play.

Sometimes you know something…but you don’t REALLY know. And this game VS China made us REALLY know.

“Talk is cheap…we are looking for actions”

SA Hockey Association media release

South Africa International Test Series - China

By Kim Hubach

Day 3 in China started with breakfast which is always a bit of a lucky packet on what you are going to get, but the girls are getting used to the food and starting to be a little more adventurous with some tasting the duck head – Turns out it tastes just like chicken!

We had a training session from 9:00 – 11:00 where we concentrated on the strikers leading in the circle and the defenders defending tighter and more physically. This training proved to be very successful in our match later in the afternoon. We played some really good hockey in the first half creating many opportunities and one resulting in a fantastic goal by Dirkie Chamberlain who perfected what was learnt at training. The half time score was 2-1 to China.

The second half was not as good as the 1st but SA showed a lot of guts and determination as was seen by an almost goal again from Dirkie Chamberlain off a rebound from a short corner flick from Kim Hubach. Other goal scoring opportunities were created by SA threatening the Chinese circle, but unfortunately the Chinese proved to be the better team on the day by defeating South Africa 4 goals to 1.

Exciting times lie ahead though for the next 10 test matches that the 2 teams face against each other and South Africa learning some new tactics and tricks from newly appointed coach Giles Bonnet.

SA Hockey Association media release

First 2 Hockey Tests: South Africa women - My fly on the Great Wall of China tells me …


THE First 2 Hockey Tests in Beijing? A fly on the Great Wall of China tells me that in the first Test, played the day after the SA women's hockey team arrived in Beijing, coach Giles Bonnet and captain Marsha Marescia's line-up lost 7-1; not easy against the 2008 Olympic Games silver medallists.

Also, a brand new coach; his first chance to get to know the players, plus a number of arguably first-choice players unavailable for various reasons.

Plus, the nature and goal of the trip clearly being to get as much into the three weeks as possible, with training and getting to understand each other and the coach's goals and pattern of play; this is more important that the results at this stage.

Results will matter at the World Cup in Argentina and the Commonwealth Games in India later this year. China is merely preparation for that and must be seen in that light.

Apparently the team arrived in China and a few hours later were already training; revealing the intent and intensity Bonnet wants to get out of the three weeks.

The second Test was better, SA losing 4-1.

My reliable fly says, "The opposition are really fast and strong on the ball. The new players are learning so much and getting tougher and fitter."

My fly says, "the food is very different. Not so sure about eating fish heads!"

Will keep you SA Hockey World readers posted, once my friendly fly gives me a buzz again.

SA Hockey World

Hockey hits the road in Nottingham

Newark, Beeston, Mansfield & West Bridgford on the map for hockey roadshows

With just five weeks to go before Nottingham becomes the global focus of the hockey world as it hosts the Samsung FIH Champions Trophy, the sport is hitting the road with a series of exciting public roadshows in and around the city.

Over the next month, thanks to the support of the National Hockey Foundation and in conjunction with local hockey clubs and District Councils, the England Hockey Board (EHB) will be taking one of the fastest and most exhilarating sports in the world out and about to Newark, Beeston, Mansfield and West Bridgford before arriving in Nottingham City Centre’s Old Market Square on Saturday 3 July.

Speaking ahead of the first event in Newark town centre on Thursday, the EHB’s National Manager for Young People and Students Jo Duff said: “The purpose of running these great events is two-fold.  Firstly, we want to highlight the fantastic opportunity that people in the area have in coming to Nottingham to see world class international hockey being played right on their doorstep.  Secondly, in linking up with local hockey clubs, we are offering people the chance to pick up a hockey stick and have a go, whatever their age!  If they have never tried hockey before it’s a great chance to give it a shot.  Who knows, we might even discover some budding Olympians!”

All of the roadshows will include fun activities to get children involved; there will be chances to play hockey, pick up information about the sport and local clubs and even meet some of the England stars hoping to win medals this summer.  At the roadshows in Newark, West Bridgford and Nottingham City Centre there will be a giant inflatable hockey pitch showing hockey displays and giving youngsters opportunities to have a go themselves.

Details of the roadshows, which begin this week, are as follows:


Thursday 3 June in the Market Place, Newark – 10:00am – 2:00pm


Saturday 5 June in Beeston Town Centre – 11:00am – 2:00pm


Saturday 12 June in the Market Place, Mansfield – 10:00am - 2:00pm

West Bridgford

Saturday 26 June in Bridgford Park, West Bridgford – 9:00am – 3:00pm

Nottingham City Centre

Saturday 3 July in the Old Market Square, Nottingham – 10:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday 4 July in the Old Market Square, Nottingham – 10:00am – 4:00pm

From Saturday 10 July, Nottingham’s Highfields Sports Club will be transformed into the epicentre of world hockey activity for the women’s Samsung FIH Champions Trophy and an accompanying men’s four nations international tournament

It is the first time that England will host the prestigious Champions Trophy tournament and has been made possible with the support of UK Sport, East Midlands Development Agency, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Visitors to Highfields between Saturday 10 and Sunday 18 July will be able to set their eyes on the best exponents of the premier Olympic team sport with England’s women taking on Argentina, China, Germany, New Zealand and the European, World and Olympic Champions, the Netherlands.  In the men’s tournament, Great Britain will go into battle against Olympic Champions Germany, New Zealand and Japan.

Tickets are now on sale for the Samsung FIH Women’s Champions Trophy 2010 and the Men’s Four Nations International Tournament – Highfields Sports Club, Nottingham – Saturday 10th- Sunday 18th July - call 08444 77 5678 or go to

Saturday 10 July is Family Day where kids go free with a paying adult.

England Hockey Board Media release

A quickie with Alex Danson

By Emily Benammar

Photo: PA

Reading, England and Great Britain forward, Alex Danson on teaching, face painting and David Beckham.

What book are you reading at the moment?

Chantram (by?) oh now you're testing me – nah I cant remember.

What was the last film you saw?

Avatar - it was unbelievable that’s my perfect world – I want to live in Avatar.

What word or phrase do you use too much?


What's has been your proudest moment so far?

Being a godparent to Hayden one of our teammates sons and also obviously I’m proud of playing for my country - that goes without saying.

What's your biggest goal in life?

To become a teacher, have a family and live by the sea.

If you weren't playing hockey what would you be doing?

Definitely teaching PE

What's your most embarrassing memory?

Oh god there are hundreds, but definitely getting the meeting time and dinner time mixed up at the Commonwealth Games. I went to get my face painted with my best friend. We came back, we were 20 minutes late for the team meeting, our coach was furious and we walked in with our faces painted. Luckily it was only painted with the England flag. So we had to walk in, every one wanted to laugh and we just wanted to cry

If you were Prime Minister for the day what would you do?

For a day? I reckon I'd make every other week a national sports week.

Who is you sporting hero?

Sir Steve Redgrave.

Dow you have an embarrassing crush?

No I don't think I do, but celebrity crush it's got to be David Beckham - I love him. He is just beautiful.

Who was the last person to see you naked?

My ex-boyfriend.

The Telegraph

Women's AHL - Finals Week Day 4 Results

Results and scorers from Day 4

Smokefree WA Diamonds 0 drew with Canberra Labor Club Strikers 0 (0-0 Half Time)

Victorian Vipers 3 def Darwin Airport Resort Territory Pearls 0 (1-0 Half Time)
Goals: VIC – Schubach 25m PC, Chau 42 m FG, Messent 44m FG

OAMPS Queensland Scorchers 4 def OAMPS Southern Suns 0 (1-0 Half Time)
Goals: QLD – Blyth 18m FG, 63m FG, Dwyer 50m PC, Attard 52m FG

NSW Arrows 3 def the Tasmanian Wrest Point Van Demons 0 (2-0 Half Time)
Goals: NSW – Eastham 14m FG, Close 25m FG, Netzler 51m FG



Hockey Australia media release

Good day for Notre Dame in Hockey League

Notre Dame was in good form on Sunday, earning victories against Paradise in the Championship Men, Championship Women and Under-19 Boys Divisions in the Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board League.

At the National Hockey Centre in Tacarigua, Notre Dame’s Championship men blanked Paradise 5-0, with a first half brace from Aidan De Gannes, and another double for Sean Olton on either side of half-time. Nigel Providence scored the final goal six minutes from time.

Notre Dame’s Championship Women, with early strikes from Dana De Gannes (sixth) and Teneille Garcia (10th), sealed a comfortable 2-0 win.

The Dames’ Under-19 Boys did not shut out their opponents, but still flicked home ten goals for a 10-2 victory, with Aidan De Gannes and Justin Beharry both doubling up. Paradise got late goals from Omari Brathwaite (52nd) and Biule Warner (60th) as consolation, after Notre Dame were already eight goals ahead.

On Saturday, Notre Dame’s Under-19 Boys hammered Petrotrin 13-0 after a 4-0 half-time lead, eight of those goals coming off the Dillon Mason’s stick.

In Championship play, the Paragon Women shut out Paradise 2-0, and the Paragon Men cruised home to a 7-4 triumph, also against Paradise.

Sunday’s Results

Championship Men

Paradise 0 Notre Dame 5 (Aidan De Gannes 9th, 10th; Sean Olton 33rd, 42nd; Nigel Providence 64th)

Championship Women

Notre Dame 2 (Dana De Gannes 6th, Teneille Garcia 10th) Paradise 0

U-19 Boys

Notre Dame 10 (Aidan De Gannes 1st, 36th; Kevaughn Sucre 7th, Joshua Olton 35th, Darnil Trancoso 21st, 60th; Justin Beharry 40th, 43rd; Adam Del Peche 50th, Dillon Mason 56th) Paradise 2 (Omari Brathwaite 52nd, Biule Warner 60th)

Saturday’s Results

U-19 Boys

Notre Dame 13 (Aidan De Gannes 15th, Dillon Mason 21st, 33rd, 35th, 41st, 58th, 60th, 62nd, 65th; Joshua Olton 38th, 49th; Adam Del Peche 46th; Chad Jose Pedro 49th) Petrotrin 0

U-19 Girls

Paradise 0 Paragon 5 (Klisha Murray 8th; Shadde Nedd 33rd; Lisa Smith 39th, 65th; Keturah John-Baptiste 69th)

Trinity Men

Paragon 6 (Glendon Superville 14th; Chester Sealy 26th, 30th; Atiba Cooper 47th; De Peza 53; Salim Clapham 56th) Paradise 0

Championship Women

Paragon 2 (Alanna Lewis 16th, 66th) Paradise 0

Championship Men

Paradise 4 (Vernel Rivers 17th, 34th; Scipio 41st; Theron Stoute 69th) Paragon 7 (Dillet Gilkes 5th, Akim Toussaint 22nd, Kern Lee 25th, Yannick Thongs 40th, Chester Sealy 50th, Kiel Murray 57th, 62st)

The Trinidad & Tobago Express

Bajwa favours FIH’s changed format

By Imran Ali Teepu

ISLAMABAD: The future of hockey in Pakistan seems to be secured –– thanks to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for changing the format of the world hockey events which will pave an easier way for the national squad to qualify for international tournaments.

The secretary of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), Asif Bajwa told Dawn on Tuesday: “The FIH has changed the international hockey playing format as teams from four continents –– Europe, Africa, Asia Oceania and Pan America –– will play World Series.

“Five teams besides three ranking teams and a host team will come up from the continents while three teams will emerge after featuring in the World Series matches.”

Earlier, teams have to win regional or ranking events to confirm a berth for the mega events –– World Cup, Champions Trophy and Olympic Games, besides playing the qualifying rounds.

He said: “The teams will now get two to three chances to qualify for the mega events because of the World Series in which matches will be played on league basis.”

Olympian Bajwa added: “The Champions trophy will now be played after every two years with eight teams featuring in the important FIH event while two wild-card entries will also be given.”

Teams playing Champions trophy, he said, would be divided into two pools comprising four teams each.

Pakistan, he said, had now more say in the decision-making process of the FIH as “PHF is now being recognised by the games governing body as an important hockey playing nation also carrying a bright hockey history.”

Bajwa insisted both Pakistan and India would benefit from the current landmark decision which may secure the future of the game in the subcontinent.

The old FIH format, he said, was difficult to play because of tough competition and few chances of qualification but with the introduction of new FIH format the players and officials would be happier because of getting more chances to qualify for mega events.

Answering a question, he added: “The PHF is very clear about its targets which are 2012 Champions Trophy and the London Olympics.”


Specialized training camp for goal keepers

LAHORE, June 2 (APP): Pakistan Hockey Federation’s specialized training camp for goal keepers will be held from June 8-20 at Hockey Club of Pakistan stadium Karachi.Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has announced the names of 14 players for the camp who were selected from the previous camp, which was held at Lahore in May.More than 50 players participated in the camp.Olympian Shahid Ali Khan will be the head coach, while Ahmad Alam, Abdul Ghafoor, Sabir Ali, Muhammad Arshad and Samsam Qadir will assist him.

The announced 14 goal keepers are Agha Abid, Fahad Afridi (Karachi), Talat Khan, Muhammad Zohaib (Sialkot), Irfan Ali, Sajjad Abbas (Sargodha), Mazhar Abbas (NBP), Adnan Shakoor, Muhammad Kamran (Gojra), Nasir Ali (Hyderabad), Yasir Khan, Waleed Akhtar (Bannu), Muhammad Qurban (Faisalabad) and Amin Yousaf (Sheikhupura).

Associated Press of Pakistan

PHF Inter Academies Hockey Tournament

Staff Report

LAHORE: The PHF Inter Academies Hockey Tournament will resume after one-day break at the National Hockey Stadium here on Thursday (today). After conclusion of first round, Faisalabad are leading the table with 9 points while Lahore and Sialkot are at the second and third positions with 7 points each. Five more matches will be played on the fifth day when Gojra will face Abbottabad, Hyderabad will take on Bahawalpur, Faisalabad will meet Peshawar, Karachi I will clash with Lahore and Sialkot will face off with Karachi II.

The Daily Times

Saiful back

It is learnt that the MHF Management Commiittee that met on Monday has appointed Nor Saiful Zaini as the Assistant Coach of the National Team.

The move to bring Saiful back was initiated by Chief Coach Stephen van Huizen via Deputy President Nur Azmi Ahmad during the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup.

Azmi, without consulting his very own Team Management Committee and the Coaching Committee, raised the matter at the Management Committee Meeting held at the office of Tengku Mahkota Pahang, the President of MHF.

So really Azmi seems to be running MHF and pays scant respect to regulations as well as the constitution of MHF.

Interestingly though, the paymasters NSC were only made aware of the proposal on the day of the meeting, thus Azmi once again giving the MHF/NSC Joint Committee scant respect.

Nor Saiful was the Assistant Coach of the team last year and his name was conspicously missing when the new appointments were made in March this year.

He turned down the chance to lead the 1 MAS Development Program where he was said to have been offered the Development Director's position.

News on Saiful's appointment will be released soon and we welcome him back into the coaching set up.

Malaysian Hockey blogspot

ESB Irish hockey awards 2010

Over 380 of Irish Hockey’s population gathered in the Burlington hotel for the ESB Irish Hockey Awards.

The evening was not only attended by Ireland’s top Hockey players, but, RTE’s Darragh Maloney (MC for the night), Bernard Dunne (guest speaker for the evening) and the minister for the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Mary Hanafin were also in attendance on the evening.

The evening saw four new inductees to the hall of fame and a total of fifteen awards presented. However the top two player awards of the night were the player’s player of the year awards. This years ESB women’s players player of the year was vice captain & defender Bridget Cleland while Michael Watt scooped the Samurai Men’s player’s player of the year in recognition explosive attacking ability.

The ESB senior club Female player of the year was awarded to Karen Bateman from Cork Harlequins while the Capitan of Monkstown, Gareth Watkins, was presented the Samurai Senior Male Club player of the Year Award. ESB U18 female Player of the year Award was deservedly collected by St Andrews & Hermes’ Chloe Watkins while Shane O’Donoghue from High School and Glenanne picked up the Samurai Male U18 Male player of the year award.

The night saw a particularly large attendance from Railway Union Ladies Hockey Club Members, who were celebrating receiving the ESB Club of the Year award and the fact that their Coach Mick McKinnon picked up the O’Driscoll O’Neil Coach of the year Award.

Botanic also came out in their droves and were rewarded when they were announced as the Trilogy Technologies Youth Club of the Year Award.

There were plenty of more winners on the night, full list below.

School club of the Year: St. Andrews College, Dublin.
DVD Centre developing club of the Year Award: North Kildare
Trilogy Technologies Youth Club of the Year Award: Botanic
Local Lotto Volunteer of the year award: Ciaran Delaney (Knocknacarra)
Dixon Rose Umpire of the Year award: Kieran Bolger
O’Driscoll O’Neil U18 Coach of the Year Award: David Egner (Cork Harlequins)
O’Driscoll O’Neil Coach of the Year: Mick McKinnon (Railway Union)
ESB Club of the Year: Railway Union Ladies Hockey Club
ESB U18 Female Player of the Year: Chloe Watkins (St Andrews, Hermes, Ireland)
Samurai U18 Male Player of the Year: Shane O’Donoghue (High School, Glenanne, Ireland)
ESB Senior Women’s Club Player of the Year: Karen Bateman (Cork Harlequins)
Samurai Senior Men’s Club Player of the Year: Gareth Watkins (Monkstown)
ESB Players Player of the Year Awards: Bridget Cleland (Ireland)
Samurai Players Player of the Year Award: Michael Watt (Ireland)
President’s Awards: John Smyth
2010 Hall of Fame Inductees: Margaret Gleghorne (Ulster); Mary Geaney (Munster); Eddie Cummins (Munster) and Billy McConnell (Ulster)

Irish Hockey Association media release

Longstreth Named Junior High Performance Partner

USA Field Hockey announced today a new two and half-year partnership with Longstreth to be the Official Partner of USA Field Hockey's Junior High Performance program.  Longstreth is a leading field hockey team apparel provider, providing outstanding service for novice and elite female athletes.

"We are happy to build on our relationship with Longstreth and move into a new area of partnership," said Christine Battcock, Marketing Manager for USA Field Hockey. "They have a tremendous passion for field hockey and its up-and-coming athletes. We are very enthusiastic to work with Longstreth to specifically promote Junior High Performance and future USA National Team athletes."

"Longstreth is extremely excited to be the official sponsor of the USA Field Hockey Junior High Performance Program," said Jana Withrow, Field Hockey Manager for Longstreth Sporting Goods.  "Having been a proud sponsor of USA Field Hockey since 1989, we look forward to assisting in the development of this competitive group of young athletes as they continually challenge and aspire to one day be representatives on the USA Senior Women's National Team."

Longstreth's support of the Junior High Performance Program includes the top level Junior Women's USA Field Hockey programs: Futures Elite and Olympic Development Select, as well as the Under-16, Under-19 and Under-21 Women's Junior National Teams.  Longstreth will offer these particular athletes unique discounts and education on sticks and footwear. Longstreth will also provide a personal touch to Junior High Performance programs by providing on-site assistance at events like Junior National Camp.

In addition, Longstreth will support the inaugural Junior Women's National Championship tournament by outfitting the teams in ASICS apparel.

The Junior High Performance Program is the top level of the Olympic Development Pipeline, including Futures Elite and Olympic Development Select.  The Junior High Performance Program exists to provide additional training and competition opportunities for athletes identified with the potential to someday represent the USA.  Junior High Performance athletes have the opportunity to sharpen their hockey skills at an elite level with the best coaches in the country.

Longstreth's passion, commitment, and dedication to field hockey began more than 30 years ago.  From beginners to the world's best players, Longstreth has what athletes need to perform to the best of their abilities.  Longstreth continuously strives to bring athletes the best products from around the world matched with the best customer service.  Longstreth's passion for field hockey and the female athlete helps to set them apart.

USFHA media release

Hall of Famer Anne M. Volp Passes Away

Anne McConaghie Volp, 14-year member of the United States Field Hockey team and member of the inaugural class of the United States Field Hockey Hall of Fame, passed away Saturday, May 22. The five-time USA team captain and Temple University Athletic Hall of Famer was 88.

Volp was considered one of the nation's best field-hockey players in the '40s and '50s. She was first selected to the First Team in 1940, while she was still in college. In 1955, she served as the vice-captain for the U.S. touring team that played in London on the 60th anniversary celebration of the All-England Women's Hockey Association. She played until 1957. In 1988, she was honored as one of the first inductees into the United States Field Hockey Hall of Fame.

A standout prep performer at Audubon (NJ) High School, Volp competed in field hockey, basketball and diving during her college career at Temple. In 1975, she was one of the first four women inducted into the Temple University Athletic Hall of Fame.

She also coached the Temple field hockey team for 15 years, amassing a record of 75-18-11 and producing 20 All-American players.

She co-authored "Lead-Up Games to Team Sports" with O. William Blake, which became a staple for college physical-education majors and remained in print for 25 years.

She was the founder and director of the Harleysville Hockey Camp for 25 years.

USFHA media release

‘Father of Coimbatore hockey' is no more

Coimbatore: A. Claudius, referred to as the ‘Father of hockey' in Coimbatore, passed away on Wednesday morning after a brief illness.

Born in Udhagamandalam, Mr. Claudius began his career as a physical education teacher with the St. Michael's HS.

He enjoyed a training stint at NIS Patiala under the watchful eyes of the hockey wizard Dhyan Chand and later served as a coach with the district sports council.

A qualified national umpire in both hockey and football, Mr. Claudius had produced many State and national hockey players. He was a big source of strength and inspiration to both the past and the current lot. There were many who sought his guidance and never has he turned them down.

Mr. Claudius is survived by his wife.

The Hindu