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Argentina men qualify for London 2012 Olympics

Pan American Games – Guadalajara, Mexico

Argentina's Pedro Ibarra (Photo: FIH / Yan Huckendubler)

Argentina men have qualified for the London 2012 Olympic Games following a 3-1 victory over Canada in the final of the Pan American Games, which has been taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was the 10th consecutive time the two squads had met in the Pan Am Games final.

The South Americans avenged the defeat that they suffered at the hands of their Canadian opponents in 2007, when an agonizing penalty shoot-out saw them miss out on direct qualification to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Argentina were given a second bite at the cherry in the Olympic Qualifying tournaments in 2008, but were beaten to the prize by host nation New Zealand thanks to a extra time golden goal from Bradley Shaw. However, a superb second half fight-back against Canada ensured that there would be no repeat of that Olympic qualification nightmare.

Canada held a deserved 1-0 lead going into half time thanks to 25th minute penalty corner from Scott Tupper, but everything changed in the second period. Argentina found their form and eventually drew themselves level when Ignacio Bergner slammed a penalty corner into the Canadian goal in the 45th minute. The Argentines were in the ascendency, and quickly established a 3-1 lead thanks to a Pedro Ibarra penalty corner and a field goal from Lucas Vila. Although Canada rallied hard in the latter stages of the game, it was Argentina who took the Gold medal and confirmed their place at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

In the Bronze medal match, Chile grabbed a 4-3 win against Cuba in the most dramatic fashion. Chile had lead 3-1 at half time but Cuba pulled themselves level thanks to two goals in less than three minutes from Yoande Blanco Hernandez. Incredibly, Alexis Berczely broke Cuban hearts with a 69th minute winner from open play, sealing the Bronze medal for Chile.

Earlier in the day, USA defeated Mexico 6-0 to take fifth place, while Trinidad & Tobago finished seventh by crushing Barbados 9-1.

Three players finished top of the goal-scoring charts in Guadalajara. Mexico's Francisco Aguilar Montoya, Ignacio Bergner of Argentina and Canadian Scott Tupper all scored nine times throughout the tournament.

A complete list of results for the tournament can be found below. All official tournament information including detailed reports, results, tables, match sheets, scorers lists and photos can be found on the website of the Pan American Hockey Federation by clicking the following link:

Source material - Field Hockey Canada Media Release.

Wednesday 19th October 2011

09:00 Women's Group A Game 1 Argentina v Trinidad & Tobago 11-0 (6-0)
11:00 Women's Group A Game 2 Canada v Barbados 10-0 (6-0)
14:00 Women's Group B Game 3 United States v Mexico 5-0 (3-0)
16:00 Women's Group B Game 4 Chile v Cuba 6-0 (3-0)

Thursday 20th October 2011
09:00 Men’s Group A Game 1 Canada v Trinidad & Tobago 7-2 (4-2)
11:00 Men's Group A Game 2 Chile v Barbados 9-1 (4-0)
14:00 Men's Group B Game 3 Argentina v Mexico 8-0 (3-0)
16:00 Men's Group B Game 4 USA v Cuba 2-4 (1-1)

Friday 21st October 2011
09:00 Women's Group B Game 5 Mexico v Cuba 1-3 (0-2)
11:00 Women's Group B Game 6 Chile v USA 1-2 (2-4)
14:00 Women's Group A Game 7 Trinidan & Tobago v Barbados 2-4 (1-3)
16:00 Women's Group A Game 8 Canada v Argentina 3-7 (3-4)

Saturday 22nd October 2011
09:00 Men's Pool B Game 5 Mexico v Cuba 1-2 (0-0)
11:00 Men's Pool B Game 6 USA v Argentina 0-2 (0-1)
14:00 Men's Pool A Game 7 Trinidad & Tobago v Barbados 11-1 (5-1)
16:00 Men's Pool A Game 8 Chile v Canada 0-4 (0-1)

Sunday 23rd October 2011
09:00 Women's Pool A Game 9 Argentina v Barbados 19-0 (10-0)
11:00 Women's Pool A Game 10 Trinidad & Tobago v Canada 1-2 (1-0)
14:00 Women's Pool B Game 11 USA v Cuba 9-0 (6-0)
16:00 Women's Pool B Game 12 Mexico v Chile 0-1 (0-0)

Monday 24th October 2011
09:00 Men's Pool A Game 9 Canada v Barbados 10-0 (6-0)
11:00 Men's Pool A Game 10 Trinidad & Tobago v Chile 1-3 (0-1)
14:00 Men's Pool B Game 11 Argentina v Cuba 10-1 (4-1)
16:00 Men's Pool B Game 12 Mexico v USA 3-2 (3-2)

Wednesday 26th October 2011
09:00 Women's 5-8 Match 13 Barbados v Mexico 1-3 (1-0)
11:00 Women's Semi Final Match 14 Argentina v Chile 4-0 (2-0)
15:00 Women's Semi Final Match 15 USA v Canada 4-2 (2-1)
17:30 Women's 5-8 Match 15 Cuba v Trinidad & Tobago 2-1 (1-1)

Thursday 27th October 2011
19:30 Men's 5-8 Match 13 Trinidad & Tobago v USA 0-2 (0-1)
11:00 Men's Semi Final Match 14 Canada v Cuba 3-2 (3-1)
15:00 Men's Semi Final Match 15 Argentina v Chile 7-1 (4-0)
17:30 Men's 5-8 Match 15 Mexico v Barbados 10-0 (3-0)

Friday 28th October 2011
09:00 Women's 7-8 Match 17 Barbados v Trinidad & Tobago 1-3 (1-3)
11:30 Women's 5-6 Match 18 Mexico v Cuba 2-3 (1-2)
15:00 Women's 3-4 Match 19 Chile v Canada 3-0 (1-0)
17:30 Women's Final Match 20 Argentina v USA 2-4 (1-3)

Saturday 29th October 2011
09:00 Men's 7-8 Match 17 Barbados v Trinidad & Tobago 1-9 (0-4)
11:30 Men's 5-6 Match 18 Mexico v USA 0-6 (0-3)
15:00 Men's 3-4 Match 19 Cuba v Chile 3-4 (1-3)
17:30 Men's Final Match 20 Canada v Argentina 1-3 (1-0)

All times are local (GMT -5)

Final Standings - Women
1. USA 2. Argentina 3. Chile 4. Canada 5. Cuba 6. Mexico 7. Trinidad & Tobago 8. Barbados

Final Standings - Men
1. Argentina 2. Canada 3. Chile 4. Cuba 5. USA 6. Mexico 7. Trinidad & Tobago 8. Barbados

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Team Canada Men finish Pan Am Games with silver

Heartbreaking 1 - 3 loss to long-time rival, Argentina

Canada Men earn silver medal at Pan Am Games

“Yeah, it’s really disappointing," said Team Captain Ken Pereira.  "We came out big starting off 1 – 0.  We’ve played Argentina many times in the finals, so we knew they were going to come back.  We knew they had dangerous force so we kind of sat back a little bit – too much – in the second half.  And they came at us. They had a couple of penalty corners, they scored on one of them.  The game opened up a little bit and we weren’t able to push into the circle well, and they managed to score on their chances.

“It’s unfortunate we didn’t qualify for the Olympics this way, but there will be another qualifier for us in the Spring.  We have a tournament in three weeks – the Champions Challenge in South Africa – we’ll use that as a preparation tournament.  Then in January and February we’ll start training and getting ready for our Olympic Qualifier.  It’s a harder route to go, but it’s still a shot and hopefully we can do it there.”

Globe and Mail: Canada devastated after Pan Am field hockey loss

“It's devastating, it's been hard to keep the tears back I must say, when you see your parents, you see your family, it's hard,” Short said. “We weren't good enough today, the moment was too big for our team, and we showed our inexperience for this.”

National Post: Canada falls to familiar foe Argentina in field hockey final

“It stings, it stings quite a bit,” Pereira said. “It’s tough to hear. It’ll never be easy to hear that anthem. You always wish it was your own. And you wish your flag was the first one going up that pole.”

Field Hockey Canada media release

Next generation of Kookaburras ready to shine

While the Kookaburras are preparing for the upcoming 2011 Champions Trophy the next generation of stars will be gaining some valuable international experience when the men’s junior squad compete in the Sultan Johor Cup from 5 November.

The tournament will take place in Johor, Malaysia from 5-12 November and will see Australia’s under 21s team take on junior teams from Malaysia, Pakistan, India, New Zealand and Korea.

Australia’s first match will be held against host country Malaysia with current Kookaburras assistant coach Paul Gaudoin coaching the crop of talented youngsters with assistance of former Kookaburras gold medallist Matthew Wells and 2008 bronze medallist David Guest.

This tour was made possible through the generous support of the Australian Junior Commonwealth Games Squad Program (AJCGS) run through the Australian Commonwealth Games Association. The AJCGS program is designed to;

Assist junior athletes to gain international competition experience overseas so that they understand the conditions and environment that they will face as seniors.
Assist those junior athletes who have the potential to be selected in future Australian Commonwealth Games teams

The squad are currently in Sydney for a training camp prior to departing on November 2nd.

Jack Wallace (ACT), Liam Alexander (NSW), Luke Noblett (NSW), Flynn Ogilvie (NSW), Joshua Walters (NSW), Daniel Beale (QLD), Kane Posselt (QLD), Dylan Wotherspoon (QLD), Edward Chittleborough (SA), Cameron Joyce (SA), Kieron Arthur (TAS), Jeremy Edwards (TAS), William Shaw (TAS), Tyler Cowley (VIC), Johan Durst (VIC), Tarrant Haami-Jones (NT), Jeremy Hayward (NT), Brodie Sarre (WA)

Hockey Australia media release

Jillaroos ready to step up in India

Some of Australia’s youngest and most talented female hockey players will be given an opportunity to show their skill on the international stage when the Jillaroos (Hockeyroos under 21s squad) compete in a 4 Nations tournament in New Delhi, India.

Some of Australia’s youngest and most talented female hockey players will be given an opportunity to show their skill on the international stage when the Jillaroos (Hockeyroos under 21s squad) compete in a 4 Nations tournament in New Delhi, India.

The tournament will be held from November 8-12 and will see Australia face Germany, India and New Zealand.

Former gold medallist and Hockeyroos assistant coach Katrina Powell will coach the team, with test matches prior to the tournament against India and Germany set to ensure the Jillaroos are ready to go.

This tour was made possible through the generous support of the Australian Junior Commonwealth Games Squad Program (AJCGS) run through the Australian Commonwealth Games Association. The AJCGS program is designed to;

Assist junior athletes to gain international competition experience overseas so that they understand the conditions and environment that they will face as seniors.
Assist those junior athletes who have the potential to be selected in future Australian Commonwealth Games teams

Jocelyn Bartram (NSW), Eliza Brazel (NSW), Lily Brazel (NSW), Jane-Anne Claxton (SA), Jacqui Day (QLD), Elizabeth Duguid (NT), Naomi Evans (ACT), Kate Gilmore (ACT), Jordyn Holzberger (QLD), Stephanie Kershaw (QLD), Karri Lee McMahon (SA), Hayley Padget (VIC), Meg Pearce (VIC), Brooke Peris (NT), Kathryn Slattery (WA), Amelia Spence (TAS), Penny Squibb (WA), Katy Symons (WA)

Saturday 5 November

Test match v India

Sunday 6 November
Test match v Germany

Tuesday 8 November
Australia v Germany
7pm EST

Wednesday 9 November
Australia v India
9pm EST

Friday 11 November
Australia v New Zealand
7pm EST

Saturday 12 November
3v4 - 5pm EST
1v2 – 9pm EST

Hockey Australia media release

Pak hockey manager faces flak for playing India showdown

KARACHI: Pakistan hockey team manager Khawaja Junaid has come under fire for trying to play down the altercation with the Indian side during a tri-nation series in Australia and not filing an official complaint against the arch-rivals.

Soon after the showdown during which the players and officials swung hockey sticks and tried to exchange blows and kicks, Junaid played down the incident describing it as a minor one when contacted by a TV channel.

The former Olympian said such incidents take place in hockey specially when Pakistan and India play as the rivalry on the field is intense.

But after tournament director Graham Napier banned the Indian team coach, manager and three players for different number of matches and also imposed a ban on Pakistan captain Shakeel Abbasi, former Olympians turned on Junaid.

"What was he talking about? A very serious incident took place after the final whistle was blown and an Indian player hit one of our players Imran with a hockey stick. This led to a big fight and our manager says it was a minor issue," former Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh said.

Sheikh said the prompt action taken by the tournament director showed just how seriously he viewed the entire incident.

"Fights and altercations during matches happen but for something like this to happen after a match is serious and our manager should have realised this and instead of making an immature statement, should have launched an official complaint against the Indian team," Sheikh, also a former national coach, said.

Former Pakistan captain and Olympian Islahuddin Siddiqui urged the Pakistan Hockey Federation to be careful and selective while appointing team officials.

"It was not a minor incident and I think this is something that will be also taken up by the International Hockey Federation," he added.

Former Olympian Samiullah said while the Pakistan-India rivalry was understandable but it was sad that the Indian player hit Imran after the match was over.

"Once the final whistle is blown teams tend to forget everything that happened on the field. In this case the matter was very serious and the tournament director acted wisely by banning the guilty players and officials," Samiullah said.

Chief selector Hanif Khan said since he had not seen the incident, he wouldn't like to comment on it but it appeared the Indians got frustrated after Pakistan came back to draw the match.

"The action of the tournament director indicates the matter was a serious one to warrant such serious action by him," he noted.

The Times of India

We have overcome the crisis: Tushar Khandekar

BUSSELTON (Australia): Indian hockey captain Tushar Khandekar says the team has overcome the turmoil of losing three players to suspension after an ugly showdown with their Pakistani counterparts during a match but conceded that it would be difficult to fill the vacant slots.

Gurbaj Singh, Gurwinder Singh Chandi and Tushar himself were suspended for one to five matches besides the team's assistant coach Jugraj Singh and manager David John.

"As a hockey player, I feel this should not have happened. We are ambassadors of the game and our duty is to improve the profile of the game. I regret this happened at the closing moments of the last match. But we cannot live on the past, we have got to overcome it and in fact we have overcome it," he said.

Tushar was suspended as he is the captain of the side even though he was sitting on the bench when the incident occurred on the turf.

"I was actually not playing in the last five minutes when the incident happened. I was substituted by the coach. Probably, the rule holds that the captain is responsible for everything that happens on the field and expected him to have prevented such things, so be it," he said.

Asked whether the absence of key players such as Gurbaj and Gurwinder Chandi for the remaining matches would affect the tea's morale, Tushar felt the team has enough resources to do well.

"We are here with 22 players. The coach would decide whom to replace and how to do that. What I can say is that both the players suspended are experienced, certainly difficult to fill them exactly. But, at the same time, it gives opportunity to others waiting in the wings," he said.

On whether the spat with Pakistani players would have a bearing on their repeat match on Tuesday, Tushar said, "We have played many times against Pakistan. We look forward to again play them. I will assure we cannot think of last Friday and hold on it. For us it is another day, another match."

Tushar refused to comment on the fact that only one Pakistan player, captain Shakeel Abbasi, was suspended.

"I won't comment on this. Competent people must have taken the decision, it is for our management to take a view. As far as players are concerned, we will not leave any stone unturned to perform better," He said.

"In future, we will be careful such things are not repeated," he concluded.

India will play repeat matches in the next two days. They will clash against Australia tomorrow and Pakistan on Tuesday here.

Then they move to Perth on Thursday to play the ranking matches at Bentley Hockey Stadium to wind up the long tour.

The Times of India


Golden Goal Helps Canterbury Secure Cup Win

Canterbury needed a golden goal to reach the third round of the England Hockey Board Men’s Cup after they were given a rough ride by West Herts in their clash on Sunday.

The home side were 3-2 ahead at half time, but eventually fell to David Mathews’ golden goal after 77 minutes of the thrilling clash.

James Holiday had given West Herts the lead after 11 minutes, but Canterbury hit back with Hugh Stevens and Martin Sutherland scoring on 14 and 17 minutes respectively.

However, their lead lasted just five minutes before West Herts fought back through Jason Mallory, and Holiday’s second goal put them 3-2 ahead at the break.

Mathews scored on 46 and 49 minutes to put Canterbury back in front at 3-4, but Shea O’Sullivan sent the game into extra time with his 59th minute goal.

However, Canterbury’s blushes were spared when Mathews completed his hat-trick on 77 minutes.

Elsewhere, Cannock got the better of hosts Olton and West Warwicks, but only after an entertaining finale to the match.

Nick Bandurak’s third minute strike was the only goal in the first half, but Cannock extended their lead to 0-32 with Matt Plunkett and Will Hearne scoring shortly after the break.

But with three yellow cards being shown to Cannock players, Olton suddenly scored through Dan Solway on 61 and 66 minutes to ensure a nail-biting final few moments.

Bottom of the Premier Division, Bowdon gave themselves some cheer with an emphatic 10-0 win over Belper. Simon Egerton scored a hat-trick, while Ian Wilson and Mark Daniel both scored two.

And Brooklands Manchester University ran out 9-0 winners from their clash at Didsbury Northern, Peter Flanagan scoring a hat-trick while David Flanagan added two.

Doncaster needed two second half penalty strokes from Tim Shelley before beating Timperley 3-2 at Town Fields, the forward having also scored early in the first half from a corner routine.

Cruising at 4-1 with just seven minutes remaining, Beeston leaked two late goals as hosts Rugby and East Warwickshire battled back in style. However, the Premier Division outfit just held their nerve.

Fareham needed a 73rd minute golden goal to secure a 5-4 win over St Albans. Craig Peel scored on 66 minutes to send the game into extra time, and the same man also netted the crucial winner seven minutes later.

Two goals each from Simeon Bird and Kevin Haigh, plus one from Drew Burkin, helped Southgate to a 5-0 win over Chichester Priory Park.

And Brighton and Hove battled back from an early 1-0 deficit to win 5-1 at University of Cambridge.

England Hockey Board Media release

Futures Cup Day Four

Saxon Tigers under 16 girls celebrate winning the 2011 Futures Cup

A fantastic final day at the Futures Cup saw some highly entertaining hockey on display with 34 goals, including two hat-tricks, scored across the eight matches.

Congratulations to everyone who played, umpired, officiated, coached, managed, volunteered or supported the teams at the Futures Cup.  Thanks go to everyone involved, to Cannock Hockey Club as our hosts and to Man, a loyal supporter of the Futures Cup.

Despite losing their final match 1-0 to the Wessex Leopards, the Saxon Tigers under 16 girls won the Under 16 girls tournament at the Futures Cup after the Pennine Pumas and Mercia Lynx girls failed to take advantage.  The Tigers needed just a point from their match against the Wessex Leopards to guarantee the tournament victory but with just three minutes of the match remaining Leopards captain Amelia Andrew struck.  The goal from the young Firebrands player helped the Wessex Leopards finish the weekend on a high with their first win of the tournament.  Despite the Tigers’ defeat, they became 2011 Futures Cup Champions 70 minutes later when the Pennine Pumas and Mercia Lynx girls drew.  And it was another Amelia who struck three minutes from time in that match as Blackpool’s Amelia Beaman made it 2-2.  Going into the match, both sides knew they could win the tournament if they won the match by enough of a margin and the intent was clear early on.  Ecclesbourne pupil Naomi Cotterill, who plays her club hockey for Beeston, struck in the fourth minute for the Mercia Lynx but Eleanor Martin – City of York – levelled five minutes later.  The Mercia Lynx girls looked to be heading for victory, albeit only by enough to finish second, after Lydia Macdonnel’s strike before half time before Beaman’s goal cancelled out the Northampton Saints’ player’s effort as the clock ticked down.  The draw meant the Pumas finished second to the Saxon Tigers in the round robin table with Mercia Lynx third and the Wessex Leopards fourth, just a point behind.

WESSEX LEOPARDS     1     (0)     -     0     (0)     SAXON TIGERS
Amelia Andrew 67 (F)                                   -

PENNINE PUMAS     2     (1)     -     2     (2)     MERCIA LYNX
Eleanor Martin 9 (F)                                   Naomi Cotterill 4 (F)
Amelia Beaman 67 (F)                                   Lydia Macdonell 27 (F)

U16 Girls Final Standings

P     W     D     L     GF     GA     GD     Pts
1     Saxon Tigers     3     2     0     1     7     2     5     6
2     Pennine Pumas     3     1     1     1     6     6     0     4
3     Mercia Lynx     3     1     1     1     5     6     -1     4
4     Wessex Leopards     3     1     0     2     2     6     -4     3

In the Under 16 boys tournament a double from Marlow’s Jack Clee helped the Mercia Lynx to the 2011 Futures Cup title as they beat the Pennine Pumas 3-2.  Earlier in the morning, the Saxon Tigers had done all they could to get themselves to the top of the pile with a 5-1 win over the Wessex Leopards.  A hat-trick from Canterbury’s Harry Roberts temporarily put the Tigers in pole position on the day as Old Loughtonians’ William Godfrey and East Grinstead’s Christopher Norris chipped in with goals in either half.  Strikes in the first and seventh minutes from Roberts, plus Godfrey’s in the 13th had the Tigers well ahead by the quarter of an hour mark although Fareham’s Simon Cardy pulled one back for the Wessex Leopards midway through the first half.  Norris’ goal and Roberts’ hat-trick sealed all three points for the high scoring Tigers, who found the net 13 times in their three matches.  As it was, the victory was enough only for second place behind the Mercia Lynx boys.  In contrast to their Tigers opponents, the Mercia Lynx U16 boys scored just four times in three games, but it was the three crucial goals on Sunday that helped them to the title.  Melton’s George Thomson had the Lynx ahead inside ten minutes from a penalty corner and Sir William Borlase’s pupil Clee made it 2-0 before Ben Rhydding’s Harry Sherlock pulled one back before the break.  Clee made it 3-1 in the 59th minute but Windermere’s Thomas Maloney reduced the deficit again two minutes later. The Mercia Lynx boys hung on though and finished 3-2 winners, topping the table with seven points to the Saxon Tigers’ six.  The Wessex Leopards finished third on two points while the Pennine Pumas came fourth.

WESSEX LEOPARDS     1     (1)     -     5     (3)     SAXON TIGERS
Simon Cardy 18 (F)                                   Harry Roberts 1,7,65 (F,F,F)
William Godfrey 13 (PC)
Christopher Norris 39 (F)

PENNINE PUMAS     2     (1)     -     3     (2)     MERCIA LYNX
Harry Sherlock 31 (F)                                   George Thomson 10 (PC)
Thomas Maloney 61 (F)                                   Jack Clee 23,59 (F,F)

U16 Boys Final Standings

P     W     D     L     GF     GA     GD     Pts
1     Mercia Lynx     3     2     1     0     4     2     2     7
2     Saxon Tigers     3     2     0     1     13     3     10     6
3     Wessex Leopards     3     0     2     1     5     9     -4     2
4     Pennine Pumas     3     0     1     2     7     15     -8     1

At the Futures Cup, the under 18 tournaments last an extra day to encompass a 3rd/4th playoff and final.  Following the conclusion of the Under 18 girls tournament pool stage on Saturday, the Mercia Lynx U18 girls met their Pennine Pumas counterparts in the battle for third on Sunday.  After a goalless first half, Belper’s Kathryn Lane struck midway through the second period to give the Mercia Lynx a valuable lead.  And as the match entered its final ten minutes Reading’s Alice Freeman made it 2-0.  Following that match, the much anticipated re-match between the Wessex Leopards girls and the Saxon Tigers.  On Saturday, when the two sides met in the pool phase, the Tigers stormed into a seemingly unassailable 3-0 lead only to be pegged back by three second half strikes from the Wessex Leopards.  In Sunday’s final, it was the Wessex Leopards started with a bang as Laura Bevan and Olivia Chilton had the girls in blue 2-0 up inside six minutes.  Gloucester’s Bevan netted the second of what would become her hat-trick midway through the first half and captain Rebecca Van-Berkel made it 4-0 before half time.  The Saxon Tigers may have drawn hope from the Leopards’ comeback the day before but there was to be no heroic fight back this time, although Sevenoaks’ Lucy Wood did pull a goal back in the 43rd minute.  The title, however, was to be the Leopards’ and Bevan made sure as she completed her hat-trick in the 56th minute.

3rd/4th Playoff

MERCIA LYNX     2     (0)     -     0     (0)     PENNINE PUMAS
Kathryn Lane 54 (F)                                   -
Alice Freeman 61 (PC)                                   


WESSEX LEOPARDS     5     (4)     -     1     (0)     SAXON TIGERS
Laura Bevan 4,17,56 (F,F,F)                                   Lucy Wood 43 (F)
Olivia Chilton 6 (F)                                   
Rebecca Van-Berkel 26 (PC)                                   

U18 Girls Final Standings

1. Wessex Leopards
2. Saxon Tigers
3. Mercia Lynx
4. Pennine Pumas

In the Under 18 boys tournament, the Saxon Tigers boys ran out victors with a hard fought win over the Mercia Lynx, who had squeezed into the final on goal difference ahead of the Wessex Leopards.  The Leopards put that disappointment behind them on Sunday as they ran out 4-0 winners over the Pennine Pumas in the third place playoff.  All four goals in that match came before half time.  Team Bath Bucanners’ Craig McAuliffe put the Wessex Leopards on their way in the 14th minute and Cheltenham’s Bertie Wyatt added a second four minutes later.  There then followed two goals from penalty corners as Havant pair Albert Thornton and Daniel Faulkner struck to put the game beyond the Pennine Pumas.  In a highly entertaining final, most of the goals came in the second half, following a superbly entertaining end to the first half.  With the score at 0-0 two minutes from half time, the Mercia Lynx were awarded a penalty stroke which Barford Tigers’ Navraj Degun successfully converted.  No sooner had the Lynx taken the lead than East Grinstead’s Luke Taylor converted a penalty corner for the Saxon Tigers, meaning the sides went in level at the break.  Five minutes into the second half Old Loughtonians’ James Alberry put the Saxon Tigers in front for the first time in the game but Cannock’s Arjan Drayton Chana levelled on his home ground for the Mercia Lynx.  In an end-to-end encounter the Tigers were back in front two minutes later when Bromley & Beckenham’s Robert Farrington scored.  Despite their best efforts the Lynx boys could not strike back and with three minutes remaining Farrington’s clubmate Harrison Sellers made sure of the Tigers’ victory with a goal from a penalty corner.

3rd/4th Playoff

WESSEX LEOPARDS     4     (4)     -     0     (0)     PENNINE PUMAS
Craig McAuliffe 14 (F)                                   -
Bertie Wyatt 18 (F)                                   
Albert Thorton 28 (PC)                                   
Daniel Faulkner 33 (PC)                                   


SAXON TIGERS     4     (1)     -     2     (1)     MERCIA LYNX
Luke Taylor 34 (PC)                                   Navraj Degun 33 (PS)
James Albery 40 (F)                                   Arjan Drayton Chana 52 (F)
Robert Farrington 54 (F)                                   
Harrison Sellers 67 (PC)                                   

U18 Boys Final Standings

1. Saxon Tigers
2. Mercia Lynx
3. Wessex Leopards
4. Pennine Pumas

England Hockey Board Media release

No. 2 UNC downs No. 1 ODU

Van Sickle scores overtime goal to lead Tar Heels past Monarchs

NORFOLK, Va. -- Junior Caitlin Van Sickle scored on a pass from senior Katelyn Falgowksi less than two minutes into overtime to give No. 2 North Carolina a 3-2 win against No. 1 Old Dominion on Sunday afternoon at Powhatan Field in the regular-season finale for both teams. UNC ends the regular season 18-1, while ODU is 18-2.

The Tar Heel victory avenged the team's only loss of the season, a 3-1 decision to ODU in Chapel Hill on Sept. 16.

After helping the U.S. to the gold medal at the Pan American Games in Mexico on Friday, Fagowski flew back Saturday to meet the team and started for the Tar Heels on Sunday. Her assist on the gamewinner was the 58th of her career, tying the UNC mark set by Joy Driscoll from 1994-97.

The Lady Monarchs scored first, in the 10th minute of play, when Kathryn Kirk tallied a goal off an assist from Emma Batten on a breakaway. The score sat at 1-0 through the rest of the first half.

Carolina finally answered in the 45th minute of play when the Tar Heels converted a penalty corner, the team's first of the second half. Senior Teryn Brill stopped the ball then passed it to Van Sickle, who blasted a shot that was tipped in by senior Jaclyn Gaudioso Radvany to tie the score at 1-1.

Just over three minutes later, ODU scored on its own penalty corner to take the lead again at 2-1. In the 61st minute, UNC evened the score at two on a give-and-go from senior Elizabeth Stephens to junior Kelsey Kolojejchick, who put the ball in from the left side of the cage.

The game went into overtime at 2-2, but UNC scored quickly -- on its second corner of the extra period to capture the victory.


No. 9 Stanford tops No. 7 Michigan

Roundup: No. 2 UNC takes down top-ranked Old Dominion

No. 9 Stanford defeated No. 7 Michigan on Sunday, as the Cardinal picked up their sixth win against a ranked opponent. Stanford Athletics

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- No. 9 Stanford stands three victories away from setting a single-season school record. More impressively, the Cardinal's latest win might have secured a spot in the postseason. Notching arguably its biggest victory to date, Stanford blanked No. 7 Michigan 3-0 on Sunday morning.

Taking down its sixth top-20 opponent while improving to 8-2 in games played away from home, Stanford (15-2, 6-0 NorPac) completed a sweep of its two-game road trip to conclude the regular season. Sunday's win against Michigan, the co-Big Ten leader ranked No. 8 in the RPI, was especially important for Stanford, ranked No. 4 in the RPI.

Michigan controlled play with edges in shots (19-5) and penalty corners (10-6), but it was Stanford that executed perfectly to claim the win.

Hope Burke, Shannon Herold and Becky Dru found the cage for the Cardinal.

Goalkeeper Ale Moss came up huge with nine saves.

No. 2 North Carolina 3, No. 1 Old Dominion 2 OT
NORFOLK, Va. -- Junior Caitlin Van Sickle scored on a pass from senior Katelyn Falgowksi less than two minutes into overtime to give No. 2 North Carolina a 3-2 win against No. 1 Old Dominion on Sunday afternoon at Powhatan Field in the regular-season finale for both teams. UNC ends the regular season 18-1, while ODU is 18-2.

The Tar Heel victory avenged the team's only loss of the season, a 3-1 decision to ODU in Chapel Hill on Sept. 16.

After helping the U.S. to the gold medal at the Pan American Games in Mexico on Friday, Fagowski flew back Saturday to meet the team and started for the Tar Heels on Sunday. Her assist on the gamewinner was the 58th of her career, tying the UNC mark set by Joy Driscoll from 1994-97.

No. 3 Maryland 5, Rutgers 0
COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- No. 3 Maryland (15-3) shut out Rutgers 5-0 Sunday in its regular-season finale. Senior Jemma Buckley led the Terrapins with her fourth career hat trick.

Freshman Steffi Schneid scored her first career goal and sophomore Ali McEvoy also scored in the win, as the Terps did not allow the Scarlet Knights (5-13) a penalty corner.

Buckley opened the scoring eight and a half minutes in when she drilled in a shot off of a corner set up by freshman Katie Gerzabek and junior Harriet Tibble. Schneid added her goal just over 10 minutes later when she scored off of her own rebounded shot in the 19th minute to give Maryland a 2-0 lead at the break.

Just six minutes into the second period, Buckley struck again, off of a corner set up by Gerzabek and Tibble once again. She added her third goal nine minutes later when Tibble found her for a chip shot from the right side for a 4-0 Terps lead in the 50th minute. McEvoy added the Terrapins' fifth goal in the 67th minute off of her own rebounded shot.

Tibble, the ACC's assists leader, notched a career-high three assists, while Gerzabek had two.

No. 5 Syracuse 3, Bucknell 1
SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Behind a 34-2 shot advantage, Syracuse (16-3) closed the regular season with a 3-1 win against Bucknell on Senior Day at J.S. Coyne Stadium. The Orange received goals from three different scorers as Syracuse honors its four seniors (Martina Loncarica, Nicole Nelson, Heather Susek and Erika Wachter) prior to the game.

The Orange dominated the Bison throughout Sunday's contest, earning 12 penalty corners during the game and limiting Bucknell to just two corners. Syracuse consistently tested Bison goalkeeper Erica Perrine, who made 16 saves.

No. 8 Penn State 4, Michigan State 1
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Penn State (13-5, 4-2) earned a 4-1 victory against the Michigan State Spartans on Sunday afternoon to close out the 2011 regular season. With the win, the Nittany Lions have clinched a tie for second place in the Big Ten standings.

All of Penn State's goals came in the first half. Sophomore Whitney Reddig, freshman Taylor Herold, freshman Laura Gebhart and sophomore Brittany Grzywacz each scored goals for the Nittany Lions. Junior Kelsey Amy also had a big game as well, contributing two assists and applied pressure on MSU all day with her six recorded shots. Redshirt junior Ayla Halus made three stops in the cage.

No. 10 New Hampshire 4, Harvard 3 (OT)
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Tenth-ranked New Hampshire slide by Harvard on Sunday, earning a 4-3 victory in overtime as Whitney Frates scored 7:22 into overtime.

Frates started the scoring, grabbing an unassisted goal 7:59 into the first period to give the Wildcats a 1-0 lead. The Crimson countered every goal, as neither team had more than a one-goal lead throughout. New Hampshire led 2-1 after the first period and Harvard pushed across the game-tying goal that forced overtime at 64:42 when Catriona McDonald scored her second goal of the game to knot the score at 3-3.

Frates then supplied the game winner, putting a shot into top right corner following a penalty. It was her final of eight shots (seven on goal), a total that was double any other player in the game.

Katherine Nagengast got the win in goal, stopping seven shots.