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HWL R3 Rotterdam, Fixtures

Times GMT +2


Pool B India 4 Ireland 4
Pool B Netherlands 3 New Zealand 3


Pool B NZL New Zealand 7 India 0
Pool B Germany 3 Belgium 0
Pool A Korea 2 Chile 1
Pool A Netherlands 1 Japan 1

Rotterdam ready for HWL Semi Finals

16 top international teams set for action in the port city

In less than 24 hours the inaugural Hockey World League will take its next big step when the first of the Semi-Final tournaments kicks off in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The joint men’s and women’s event will feature 16 teams, eight of each gender, fighting for a spot both in the final Hockey World League round and qualification for the 2014 Rabobank Hockey World Cup.

For half of the field in both the men’s and women’s tournaments, Rotterdam will be their first appearance at the Hockey World League and their first taste of international hockey’s newest and most innovative event. For the other eight teams, the road to Rotterdam has varied as much as the terrain on a mountain road. Let’s take a look at the field of eight teams in both tournaments and see how they arrived in Rotterdam, and what to expect once they are there.

Men’s Field:

The men’s tournament in Rotterdam is expected to be a battlefield among some of the very top teams in world hockey. Earning a bye to the Semi Final Round were #2 Australia, #3 Netherlands, #6 New Zealand and #7 Spain. This will be the first major international event for the Australians and Dutch after their gold medal hopes at the London 2012 Olympic Games were dashed by the Germans. It will also be a critical outing for the Aussies, who are naturally favourites to medal in the upcoming World Cup, but first they have to get there.

While the top-four ranked teams were automatically qualified for Rotterdam, the rest of the field is packed with talent sides that should not be taken lightly. Leading the pack is #9 Belgium, a team that has been on a massive upward progression over recent years and contains the prolific goal-scoring talents of Tom Boon. Not far behind Belgium is hockey powerhouse India (#11) who will look to continue their success after a strong showing at last December’s Champions Trophy in Melbourne.

The eight team line-up us completed by 15th-ranked Ireland and 17th-ranked France. For the Irish, the event is a key test as they have played bridesmaids in recent seasons, just missing the cut off to the Champions Trophy and Olympics. Meanwhile, France booked their ticket just over two weeks ago after they came out on top of a tight race to earn the last spot in the entire men’s field.

Women’s Field:

All eyes will be on the top-ranked women’s Dutch team in Rotterdam. Reigning Olympic champions and future host of the 2014 World Cup, this will be a big dress rehearsal for the team – even if they are missing top star Naomi van As due to injury. New Zealand, ranked third, #5 Germany and #8 Korea will provide the toughest test for the hungry Dutch. Just like the men, the top quartet are making their Hockey World League debut in Rotterdam and will face a bevy of competition from the teams that have worked the last eight months to make it to the Semi-Finals.

The four teams that went through the qualification process of Round 1 and Round 2 tournaments is a log jam in terms of talent and World Ranking. Japan, ranked #9 in the FIH World Ranking, just barely missed the automatic qualification process, but atoned for it in their strong Round 2 showing. Meanwhile, back-to-back teams in the World Ranking, #12 India and #13 Belgium could easily vie for a spot in a medal game in Rotterdam. India had home field advantage in its Round 2 tournament and passed the test with flying colours.

Meanwhile, Belgium is the only team in all of the Hockey World League Semi-Finals to play in both a Round 1 and Round 2 tournament. It’s a reminder of just how far the Belgium national team program has come when one thinks that not long before London, the women were playing at the Champions Challenge II level. Rounding out the field is Cinderella Chile, ranked #18.

FIH.CH will be providing full coverage of both the men’s and the women’s tournaments. To find out more, please click the links below.

Rabobank Hockey World League Semi Final – Men

Rabobank Hockey World League Semi Final - Women

FIH site

McAleese, Michelsen ruled out of World League

Stacey Michelsen. Picture courtesy www.photosport

Black Sticks Shea McAleese and Stacey Michelsen are both late withdrawls from the World League Semi-Final in Rotterdam due to injury.

McAleese will travel home to New Zealand early next week after breaking his big toe in the men’s final training session before their opening game against Netherlands at 6am (NZ time) tomorrow.

McAleese has been ruled out of hockey for six weeks, and his spot in the team of 18 will be filled by Capital striker Jacob Smith, who travelled with the team as 19th man and was due to return home tonight.

Meanwhile, Michelsen did not travel with the Black Sticks Women due to a knee cartilage tear she picked up during the Four Nations tournament in April.

Aniwaka Roberts has taken her place in the team, with the women’s first pool game against India at 7pm tonight.

The top three men’s and women’s teams from the World League Semi-Final automatically qualify for the 2014 Hockey World Cup, although it is possible to earn qualification at the tournament with a lower ranking.  New Zealand can still qualify in other ways as well, with the next opportunity coming at the Oceania Cup in Taranaki this October.

CLICK HERE for more on the Black Sticks Men and Women at the World League Semi-Final

Hockey New Zealand Media release

Q&A with Black Sticks forward Julia King

Black Stick Julia King is a midfielder/striker from Auckland. Aged 20, she has 42 caps and although she has played in the team a lot in the last couple of years, this will be her first major event. She travelled with the team as a reserve player to the London Olympics. We caught up with her ahead of the first game...

Talk us through the day in a life of a Black Stick on tour?
We are waking up at 6.45 at the moment. The first thing we do when we wake up is a urine test to make sure we aren’t dehydrated. Then we have breakfast at 7.15am. We have been training in the morning for two hours and the stadium – sometimes Mark doesn’t need the full two hours, it just depends what’s required. If we don’t have a scheduled training, then Brad our trainer runs a fitness and stretching session. After lunch we tend to have some free time – yesterday we went into town. Then we have a scouting session before dinner where we analyse other teams, and then we may have another one after dinner.

What are the things that you miss most about home when you are on tour?
I miss my dog. Her name is Amber and she is a golden retriever and I take her on runs. I should also say that I miss family and friends!

Tell us one good thing about the person you are rooming with?
I’m rooming with Bob (Danielle Jones) and the best thing about her is that she always takes the key and is responsible for that, so I don’t have to worry about losing it!!

You have Rafael Nadal as one of your most admired people on your profile. Did you watch the Roland Garos final?
No, unfortunately we missed it. We have been following the tennis, but we were playing England during that final game. We enjoy watching it and tend to take sides, obviously I was going for Nadal. We watched the highlights of Sharapova vs Williams, but to be honest we mainly just watch the guys!

If there is one thing that you personally want to achieve from this tournament, what would it be?
This is my first major event and I just want to prove myself in the team and get some more experience at this level.

World Cup Qualification is the goal for this tournament, even though there are other qualification paths. What would it mean for you to go to a World Cup?
It would be a huge honour. It is just another exciting opportunity to match and test ourselves against the best in the world.

Will you have you any supporters in the stands?
My Dad and Aunty are over here. It is nice knowing that there is a bit of support out there and having someone else that you can talk to quickly after the game and give you some feedback is really good.

The Black Sticks had some good wins against India at the end of last year. Does this give you confidence going into the first game?
You never know with India, we can never be complacent with them. They are a hard team to play, because they can be quite unpredictable so we aren’t overly confident.

How do you rate your chances at this year’s Ford National Hockey League?
With Katie Glynn and Krystal Forgesson in the team, they are two very experienced players to have in the side. We hope to be in the final, I know they are training and playing practice matches at the moment. They have named a squad, but this will be cut down to a team later on.

Hockey New Zealand Media release

'Co captains' have their jobs well sorted

By David Leggat

It's not written down, no little (c) beside her name, but there's no doubt who'll be calling the shots when New Zealand's World League semifinal hockey tournament starts in Rotterdam tonight.

Kayla Sharland and Emily Naylor are co-leaders of the New Zealand team, who will start warm favourites to qualify for December's finals in Argentina when they kick off their campaign against India tonight.

However, of the two it is midfielder Sharland, with 182 caps, who calls the shots. Defender Naylor, whose 216 international appearances make her the squad's most-capped player, is her sidekick.

"We never named them as co-captains," coach Mark Hager said of the 27-year-olds.

"When I started, someone in media named them as co-captains and it stuck."

Hager distinguished between the roles of the pair.

"They're different personalities, Emily is quieter and leads by example.

She's in control of the warmups, getting them prepared, whereas Kayla runs the onfield leadership side of it. She leads with her voice and positioning people."

During recent tournaments New Zealand have hosted, involving Argentina, Korea and the United States, Hager had a senior players' group involved in off-field processes, players like strikers Katie Glynn and Krystal Forgesson, midfielders Gemma Flynn, Stacey Michelsen and Anita Punt.

Hager believes spreading responsibility, and getting more engagement from a wider group of players, is beneficial.

"We feel there's a need to develop captains down the track. At some stage players are going to move on."

As world No 3 nation, New Zealand should be capable of finishing among the top three of the eight-team tournament, thus securing their place in Tucuman in December.

And yet former Australian star striker Hager admitted to a slight feeling of unease before the team flew to Europe last month.

"It's a little bit of an unknown. We're used to being all together last year prior to the Olympics, so it's a funny feeling."

He expected the three warm-up games against England - which produced a win, a draw and a loss - to have benefited the squad. India are ranked No 12 and New Zealand's other games are against No 5 Germany and No 13 Belgium.

The men's Black Sticks start their qualifying series against the formidable world No 3 Dutch early tomorrow with other pool games to follow against No 15 Ireland and No 11 India. New Zealand are ranked No 6, but hope the absence of a handful of key players, who were unavailable, will not hurt their chances.

All teams go into the crossover quarter-finals, which oddly means three pool round losses don't eliminate any team from the running for one of the three qualifying spots to go to Delhi in January.

The New Zealand Herald

Rotterdam is real test for Sardar's class and his leadership

K Arumugam

It was late 2006. Leading domestic team Indian Oil Corporation was to play their Senior Nehru Cup in a few hours time. Its new coach Joaquim Carvalho was a in a relaxed mood, sitting on the stands of Shivaji Stadium in New Delhi. His name was floating in the air as, as usual, just a big disaster had happened for Indian national team on the international circuit; reigning coach Rajinder Singh Jr. was not even traceable to the Indian Hockey Federation. He was half-hearted to continue, as players, in his own words, were not sensible.

“What will be top in your mind if you are asked to coach Indian team? I asked him to probe Joaquim’s mind.

“Selection of players”, Pat came reply.

“There are no match winners, fighters in the present team. I will, for instance, take Bharat Chhikara and Sardar Singh, and will turn both of them another Dhanraj Pillay of India”, former midfielder did not waste a second to reply in his assertive Bombaite style.

This conversion flashes across the mind as ‘Another Dhanraj Pillay’ leads India to a crucial World Cup Qualifier, which commences tomorrow at Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

Six to seven years down the line from the above conversation, much had happened. But one sparked. Sardar Singh grew, he has earned a name and fame for him.

A couple of years ago, even as the likes of Gagan Ajit and Deepak Thakur were the stars on the turf, no one would have predicted the kind of name Sardar would get.

Whether he is now ‘Another Dhanraj’ or not is a subjective matter, but what is sure is he is numero uno of contemporary Indian players.

A byword for fitness and gentlemanliness, he combined sports with his persona to carve niche for himself not only in the Indian arena, but also across the globe.

He now leads a team that had some exciting players -- like Manpreet Singh whom we can easily describe as Chhota Sardar – as he oozes enormous traits of his captain -- and equally experienced hands as that of him.

Sardar Singh in his prime time making, stardom spell, that is last two years, that incidentally coincided with the exit of Jose Brasa, was lucky to have somewhat easy tournaments except the last Olympics.

Return to Olympic fold in a different environ had helped him build his charisma.

Time and circumstance were extremely favourble for Sardar to derive his stardom, but now its another time, ideal time to prove that he is not only a star performer in a team of losers, but also a leader who can steer from top his team to success .

Azlan Shah Cups, Asia Cups, Asian Champions Trophies and the likes, which really count for Indian hockey and with that its star players, but what Indian hockey needs at this juncture – where our hockey is considered money bags, turns the world with its innovation Hockey India League – is real wins that count, real performance that will lift Indian hockey from mediocrity.

Semifinal League of HWL is a big stage. The format is just like the Champions Trophy but the reward for good show is, fame at home and ticket to the Hague, where in less than a year, the World Cup will be staged.

Sardar is a star performer, but it is yet to be concluded is he a match winner or turned `Another Dhanraj’ which hardly make any sense to us unless the Team India win.

It is therefore his prime responsibility now to see his wards pool their best, and he helps them energise and enterprise to their full potential at Rotterdam where no team who travelled thus far is weak or light.

Next World Cup is India’s target now. Either it has to finish third here, or later go on to win the Asia Cup for their road to The Hague. Pushed to corner it can count on HWL Finals, but that is total risky.

Therefore, the nation expects India to go for the kill now, as other chances will become critical and tougher if India does not ensure a berth through Rotterdam, a tall order but a team led by such a tall player as Sardar can scale up to.

This is the situation in which Sardar is ensconced now, let us see what will be in store for us in the current fortnight.

But here is one man whom we believe will not belie our hopes. Come on Sardar, its your time.

Rotterdam is real test for Sardar’s class and leadership.

Note 1: Bharat Chhikara, second only to Sardar in terms of physical fitness and contribution to success, was not wile and guile enough to sense which side the wind blows. Bharat's great career was curtailed due to IHF-HI politics.

Note 2: Sardar was indebted to Joaquim for giving him break; willingly had foregone a tournament because of WSH loyalty which Joaquim advocated, but was bullied by the other side, which proved goldmine-turning point of his career.

India start as favourites against Ireland in FIH WL R3 opener

ROTTERDAM: With their eyes firmly set on next year's World Cup, a new-look India will start as overwhelming favourites against minnows Ireland in their opening match of the men's competition of the FIH World League Round 3, on Thursday.

However, it won't be easy for the Indians as they have been grouped along side mighty Netherlands and New Zealand apart from Ireland in Pool B of the World League Round 3 (Semi-final), which is a qualifying tournament for next year's World Cup in Hague.

While Pool A consists of Australia, Spain, Belgium and Germany.

Currently ranked 11th in the world, eight-time Olympic champions India enjoy an upper hand over 15th ranked Ireland who will start the game as underdogs in the event to be held from June 13-23.

The Indian team for the World League Round 3 is a fine combination of youth and experience with senior drag-flicker Sandeep Singh and forward Shivendra Singh making their comeback into the national squad.

Sandeep, who was left out of the Indian squad for the FIH Hockey World League Round 2 held here earlier this year, returned to the national side along with Shivendra, who last played for India in last year's London Olympics.

Sandeep, incidentally, was a part of the Indian squad that went to The Netherlands in April for an invitational tour.

Star mid-fielder Sardar Singh will lead the 18-member Indian team, while drag-flicker V R Raghunath has been named his deputy.

However, India will miss the services of midfielder Danish Mujtaba and Gurvinder Singh Chadi, both of whom have been ruled out of the tournament due to injuries.

While Gurvinder continues to be in the sidelines because of a prolonged ankle injury, Danish is suffering from a ligament tear.

The Times of India

England ready for Investec Hockey World League challenge

Head Coach Jason Lee has selected 18 athletes ahead of the Investec Hockey World League which starts next weekend.

England Women’s Head Coach Jason Lee has selected the 18 athletes who will contest the Investec Hockey World League Semi Final in London from 22-30 June. Among the athletes selected there are eight London Olympic bronze medallists who will be playing back on home turf in front of thousands of supporters at the University of Westminster Sports Ground in Chiswick.

Commenting on the squad he has selected for the six day tournament, which is also a World Cup qualifier, Lee said, “Choosing the final 18 athletes for this tournament was difficult because we have a whole training squad who are challenging for a place. I think the selected athletes have a great mix of experience and youth and they’ve gelled really well in a short space of time. We had some training games against New Zealand [FIH world #3] last week and the way we played in those fixtures has definitely given us a good confidence boost going into the tournament. However, with the likes of South Africa and Australia in our Pool we are under no illusions how challenging the week will be.”

Sky will be showing highlights and live footage throughout the six days of action and the FIH will provide live streaming of every game. Tickets are still available across the six days of the tournament and advance tickets start from £15 for adults and £5 for U18s. Click here to find out more.

Despite a number of retirements since last summer and the switch back to England from Great Britain, London 2012 stars still make up nearly half of the selected squad members. England Captain, Reading’s Kate Walsh (292 combined caps) and Alex Danson (183 combined caps) lead the way with nearly 500 international caps between them. Leicester’s Nicola White and Hannah Macleod, alongside Ashleigh Ball will provide the fire power up front. The line-up also includes Holcombe’s new signing Laura Unsworth and Bowdon Hightown’s Sally Walton in defence with Surbiton’s Georgie Twigg in midfield.

Also selected are five athletes who were part of the training squad in the build up to London 2012. Reading’s Susie Gilbert, Sam Quek and new signing Susannah Townsend will play alongside another of Holcombe’s recent acquisitions Maddie Hinch and Bowdon Hightown’s Kirsty Mackay who are the two goalkeepers for the tournament.

The squad includes four athletes who made their debuts in South Africa at the Investec Challenge in February where the team clinched bronze. Loughborough Students’ Giselle Ansley, Beeston’s Hollie Webb, MOP’s (NED) Sophie Bray and Surbiton’s Sarah Haycroft were all new additions to the centralised training programme in April. An even more recent addition, and completing the 18 strong squad, is Bristol Firebrands’ Lily Owsley. At just 18 years old the youngster, who is currently taking her A Level exams, impressed coaches earlier this year at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival, where she won bronze with the Great Britain Under 21s.

Commenting on the selection England Captain Kate Walsh said, “It feels like there’s a great balance in the squad; about half is made up of Olympians and that experience sits really well alongside the athletes who joined us on the centralised programme in April. Quite a few of the girls have only had a small taste of senior international tournaments, but with the National Age Group Squads and the Single System in place everyone has had the opportunity to play at an international level. The group has performed well over the last few months and we are looking forward to giving our all in front of a home crowd as we pursue World Cup qualification.”

England have been drawn in Pool B and will face strong opposition from Australia, South Africa and Spain who sit sixth, 11th and 15th in the FIH world rankings. The home side are the top ranked team at fourth and will be in action on all six days.

Match One v South Africa

First up is South Africa. Despite being ranked seven places below England, the Southern hemisphere side always prove to be strong contenders and this is likely be a close encounter with open attacking hockey.

Match Two v Australia

On Sunday England face Australia; the Hockeyroos may feel they have a score to settle after their last meeting resulted in defeat as England clinched bronze at the Investec Challenge.

Match Three v Spain

Tuesday sees the final group stage games and a match against Spain, who in similar style to England, have a new coach and a new line-up.

In the other Pool Olympic Silver medallists from London and world number two side Argentina will undoubtedly have their sights set on World Cup Qualification and a place in the final on Sunday. Standing in their way will be closest rivals and Beijing Olympic silver medallists China (FIH world #7), the USA (FIH world #10) and Italy (FIH world #17), who finished top at their World League Round 2 tournament in Spain earlier this year.

Following the conclusion of the pool matches the all important World Cup qualification games will be on Thursday 27 June with the semi-finals and final placing matches on the Saturday and Sunday.

England Hockey Board Media release

Malaysia’s South African Tour end with another defeat


On target: Tengku Ahmad scored for Malaysia against South Africa.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia ended their fourth and final Test match against South Africa with a 3-1 loss at the Randburg Hockey Stadium on Tuesday night.

South Africa, who are drawn in Group B with Malaysia for the World League semi-finals which will be held in Johor Baru from June 29 to July 7, won the series 3-0.

The Africans won the first two Test matches 2-1 and 3-1 while the third match ended in a 4-4 draw.

On Tuesday, South Africa took the lead in the 15th minute with a penalty stroke by Wade Paton after Clint Panther was brought down in the semi-circle.

Pierre de Voux doubled their lead in the 55th minute when he beat reserve goalkeeper Khairulnizm Ibrahim.

Malaysia narrowed the deficit with a well taken reserve stick goal by Tengku Ahmad Tajudin two minute later but South Africa made it 3-1 in the dying minutes through Julian Hykes.

The win ensures that South Africa will have the psychological advantage over Malaysia in the World League semi-finals. The other teams in Group B are England and Pakistan.

Group A comprises world No. 1 Germany, South Korea (world No. 8), Argentina (No. 10) and Japan (No. 16).

Malaysia, who are world No. 13, will open their campaign against world No. 5 Pakistan on June 29 and world No. 12 South Africa the following day.

Malaysia will wrap up their fixtures against world No. 4 England on July 2 before the quarter-finals begin on July 4.

The semi-finals will be on July 6 and the final on July 7.

The top four teams will qualify for next year’s World Cup in The Hague, Holland.

The Star of Malaysia

Greenshirts’ Abbottabad drills end today

By Fawad Hussain

KARACHI: Probables for the national hockey team will conclude their two-week training camp in Abbottabad today. The camp, in which 26 players took part, was set up to prepare players for the upcoming Hockey World League (HWL). 

Pakistan team’s head coach and manager Akhtar Rasool was pleased after targets set for the first phase of the camp were achieved.

“It was a productive first phase of the camp,” Rasool told The Express Tribune. “We worked on various aspects that included fitness and skill enhancing drills. These were the main focus of the first phase. However, the players were also given match practice.”

Meanwhile, Rasool was hopeful regarding the squad’s performance in the upcoming world event.

“All the players have improved their fitness and they are in rhythm. The high altitude has also helped them to gain further strength.

“The presence of a high profile coaching team, which includes Hanif Khan and Tahir Zaman, has proven beneficial, and after the end of the first phase of the camp, I feel optimistic.”

Pakistan will face hosts Malaysia, Germany, England, and South Korea in the HWL that will be played from June 29 to July 7 in Johor Bahru. The event will also serve as qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup in the Netherlands.

Final squad to be announced next week

The head coach said the second phase of the training camp will start on June 18 and will continue until the team’s departure for Malaysia.

“Also, the final squad is likely to be named on June 18. We’ll prefer fitness and current form irrespective of seniority of players before finalising the team.”

It should be mentioned that the team management recalled five senior players, including Mohammad Waseem and Shakeel Abbasi, who were rested during the Azlan Shah Cup in which the team finished last.

A few players from the Pakistan junior squad, which is currently touring Europe, will also be considered for selection.

The Express Tribune

Canadian Sr Nationals Day One Recap

Ontario and CAN U21 come out firing in Brampton

Today saw the opening matches of the 2013 Senior National Championships from the brand new water-based  turf in Brampton, ON.

Game 1: Ontario vs. Ontario U23: 5-2 (1-2)

The opening of the 2013 Field Hockey Canada Senior National Championships began with the home teams facing off on the new water-based turf in Brampton. This marks the first field hockey national championship hosted at the Cassie Campbell Sportsplex.

Both teams took some time to get comfortable on the pitch and despite breakaways on both sides, the game remained scoreless until the 32nd minute. Tegan Stairs notched the first goal off a rebound to put the juniors up 1-0, while an own goal only a minute later gave the team a 2-0 lead. That cushion lasted until the 35th minute when University of Toronto standout Kaelan Watson scored on a penalty corner. The straight strike ricocheted into the goal to cut the juniors' lead to one, at 2-1 entering half time.

Following the break, the experience of current national team members Kate Gillis and Angela Lancaster sparked some offensive runs, testing the Ontario junior backfield. The senior side earned two more second-half goals on penalty corners from Kaelan Watson, while Katelynn Roganowicz was able to add two free play goals. The Ontario seniors provided an offensive explosion in the second half, showing their experience -- scoring five unanswered goals to win their first match 5-2.

Goal Scorers

ONT Sr: Kaelan Watson (3), Katelynn Roganowicz (2)

ONT U21: Tegan Stairs, Adrienne Houle

Game 2: Canada U21 vs. Guyana: 11-0 (4-0)

The Canadian Junior National Team provided an outstanding showing for their opening match of the Senior Nationals campaign, capitalizing over Guyana by an impressive 11-0 score line. The Canadians took 16 minutes to settle in before Sarah Keglowitsch put in a a loose ball to give them a 1-0 lead. It didn't stop there as the Canadian side went on to earn four penalty corner goals and seven field goals.

Syndey Veljacic's reverse stick shot from the top of the circle in the 55th minute along with Priya Randhawa's break away finish were two highlight goals of the game. Caashia Karrington and Karli Johanssen were also very successful on drag flicks, netting two and one penalty corner goals, respectively.

Four Canadians netted two goals a piece, while three additional goal scorers added to the final 11-0 score. The Guyana team struggled to handle the Canadian offensive pressure, while unforced errors, and adjusting to the pitch seemed to be the biggest hinderance.

Goal Scorers

CAN U21: Sarah Keglowitsch (2), Karli Johansen (2), Sydney Veljacic (2), Jess Buttinger (2), Priya Randhawa (1), Holly Stewart (1), Caashia Karrington (1)

Game 3: British Columbia vs. Alberta 8-0 (5-0)

The BC senior squad asserted themselves in day one, grabbing three points from Alberta in an 8-0 victory, which was the only game of the day for both teams. The BC squad boasts 13 of 15 players with international experience – several of whom will be heading to Europe for a tour with the Canadian National Team immediately after the tournament.

Forward Stephanie Gardiner got the blue team on the board in the 10th minute despite several early attempts that were spoiled by Alberta veteran keeper Burgundy Biletski. Gardiner notched her second in a free play attempt only two minutes later, while Poonam Sandhu and Hannah Haughn also tallied to make it 5-0 entering the break.

Alberta were anchored by the speed of Amanda Kurianowicz and Brittany Seidler up front, as well as the distribution skills of national team member Marian Dickinson. Biletski continued to stymie several BC attempts but Sandhu and Gardiner were each able to find their third goals of the game, while Crystal Poland notched the final goal to give BC the 8-0 final score.

Goal Scorers

BC: Poonam Sandhu (3), Stephanie Gardner (3), Hannah Haughn (1), Crystal Poland (1)

Game 4: Canada U21 vs. Ontario U23 2-2 (2-1)

The juniors sides for both Canada and Ontario faced off for each team’s second game of the day. Canada was on the board in the third minute of play when Holly Stewart capitalized on a loose ball in front of Ontario's Emily Corbett. Canada maintained a lot possession but unforced errors in their outletting kept them off the board for nearly 23 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Ontario U23 side was able to battle their way into the circle to earn a short corner, on which Adrienne Houle tipped in a low shot from Alison Lee. Houle's goal gave the Ontario side a tying goal and resulting burst of energy, while Canada looked to regroup. At the 26 minute mark, Vancouver Island's Sarah Keglowitsch gave Canada the go-ahead goal when she received the ball in tight and in the same motion turned and fired the ball past Corbett. Canada led 2-1 at the half and continued much of their attack and possession in the second half.

Canada's best attempt to extend their lead to three came on a rush by Priya Randhawa down the left side. The speedy forward beat the last defender and was able to slip a reverse stick pass under a sliding Corbett and across the open goal mouth. Keglowitsch was there but her one-timer hit the post and stayed out of the net.

At the other end of the pitch, a series of rushes boosted by the speed of Tegan Stairs and Houle led to a few penalty corner attempts for Ontario. The tying goal, however, came in free play when Canada's Rachel Donohoe attempted to break down a rushing play of attack. The ball managed to ricochet forward and slip past Bea Francisco's pads to tie the game at 2-2.

Goal Scorers

CAN U21: Holly Stewart (1), Sarah Keglowitsch (1)

ONT U23: Adrienne Houle (1), Tegan Stairs (1)

Play resumes tomorrow morning at 8:30am EST with BC Blue taking on Guyana – you can find the full schedule here. Follow us on Twitter @FieldHockeyCan for the latest updates!

Field Hockey Canada media release

City council votes in favour of U of T turf

By Lori Ewing The Canadian Press

Adam Vaughan and the Toronto Heritage Preservation Board are trying to designate U of T back campus as a heritage site to protect the field alongside Hoskin Ave. from being turned into the field hockey venue for the upcoming Pam Am games. Torstar News Service

TORONTO – The Pan Am Games field hockey project is a go, spelling the end of a bitter feud that had Olympic athletes facing off against a literary icon.

Toronto city councillors voted 30-12 on Wednesday not to block the $9.5 million project to replace the grass on the historic back campus with two artificial turf fields.

Ground breaking will go ahead July 1 as scheduled, and the city avoided what some councillors said may have turned into an almost-$10 million liability suit.

“Literally, the contract is signed with the contractor,” city manager Joe Pennachetti told council. “The shovel is going in the ground July 1 and that’s the issue.”

Councillor Adam Vaughan filed a petition with 5,200 names to have the grass behind Hart House designated a heritage site, with concerns over the project ranging to environment sustainability, heritage and history issues, and access to the field. Even Canadian author Margaret Atwood, a U of T alumnus, had waded into the fray. Atwood was vocal in her support of keeping the field grass.

“This is a very significant green space in the downtown,” Vaughan said. “It was set up and designed to frame the university buildings in a particular way, in a pastoral setting, and that will be lost as a result of this decision.”

Scott Sandison, an Olympian in field hockey, circulated his own petition, collecting 2,200 names over the last three days.

“Pretty good considering they started their petition in November,” Sandison said. “I think it was the community coming behind the idea of how important sport is, and just voicing their concerns and how important this facility is.”

Sandison’s passion for the Pan Am project, he said, was a result of growing up in Toronto without access to decent field hockey facilities.

“It hits home. For so many years we didn’t have anywhere to train. Now the next generation will,” said Sandison, one of several Olympians who watched the proceedings unfold at city hall. “For me to be part of that in some way, and to have that legacy. . . first and foremost we’re going to have a facility built for field hockey and other sports in the community.

“I just know how important it is to all of the athletes now who are coming up through the system and who will come up through the system in the next 10 years playing on this turf, and having a chance to first see the Pan Am Games being played here, and then being able to play on that same facility and think about ‘One day I can be out there and I can be competing in those Games.’”

Ken Pereira, a 20-year veteran of Canada’s field hockey team, plus Vicky Sunohara, a three-time Olympian in women’s ice hockey, and volleyball player John Barrett were among other Olympians in attendance.

Former governor-general Adrienne Clarkson, who opposes the artificial turf, was also there.

While Coun. Rosario Marchese suggested the new field hockey facility in Brampton — the only one of its kind in Ontario — should be the host venue for the Pan Am Games, Pereira said the picturesque U of T location was ideal.

“I kind of knew the area, but when I went there and I saw where it would be, surrounded by those historic buildings, I thought it would be so amazing to play there,” said the two-time Olympian and five-time Pan Am Games medallist. “It would be so easy for people to walk by and see it and stop and watch. That area at U of T, there’s so many people walking through, on their way to classes or other places, they can stop and check it out. That’s what I think is really cool.”

The councillors debated over several heated — and at times humorous — hours. Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti called arguing over grass a waste of time, and asked “What are we smoking? Are we smoking this grass today?”

Coun. Gord Perks argued about the importance of having “green spaces that allow us to breathe” and spoke about picnics and dog walking.

“These athletes take what they do very serious,” Mammoliti argued back. “When councillor Perks starts talking about picnicing in the area, having sandwiches, lying down, perhaps even sleeping there for the night, those athletes will tell you they want this thing taken seriously.”

The facility will be the site for field hockey and para soccer at the 2015 Games, as well as an eastern hub for field hockey and a venue for U of T intramural sports.

“Just like anything you’re going to have your people that like it and people that don’t, but guaranteed the majority of students want that surface more than what’s there now,” Pereira said. “I would say a large percentage would pick the artificial turf.”

U of T officials, several councillors and Pan Am Games organizers have argued the grass field in its current state is barely useable because of its poor condition. A city inspection this week showed the field had ruts. A couple of councillors referred to it as a “mud pit.”

Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong called city hall a “buzz kill.”

“We’re trying to kill, we’re trying to break an agreement that’s going to cost millions of dollars when what we should be doing is endorsing it, endorsing the Pan Am Games,” Minnan-Wong said. “These Pan Am Games are moving forward, it needs the city’s help, and it just seems whenever the city gets involved in something it turns to crap. We should be promoting this, we should be celebrating this, we shouldn’t be killing this, this is an agreement we should be honouring.”

Counc. Mark Grimes, who is the city’s lead for the Games, told council that it was simply “too late to come forward with this. Grimes called it “the 11th hour and 59th minute.”

Metro News

England to take on the Netherlands in Wakefield

Wakefield Hockey Club

England will lock swords with Olympic silver medallists the Netherlands on home soil as preparation for the EuroHockey Championships in Belgium in August.

The NOW: Pensions Nations Cup is a three-match series at Wakefield Hockey Club delivering against England Hockey’s pledge to host more top-flight international hockey. With a number of recent international events being played further south, this also helps make top-flight hockey accessible to new audiences.

The matches will take place on Thursday 1st, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th August with spectators also able to enjoy watching England U21s take on Malaysia U21s as a warm-up to the main event. This will provide the U21s with a great opportunity to start their preparation for the Junior World Cup later in the year and to get a taste of what it might be like playing in a full senior international. Tickets will provide access to both matches in the day and there will be a real northern welcome with refreshments available as well as entertainment, including the Fun Zone for younger fans to test their hockey skills.

Barry Middleton, England Men’s Captain, said, “It’s great to be playing top-flight hockey in my home county of Yorkshire. The Netherlands are a high class side and it is sure to be a good contest ahead of the EuroHockey Championships. We hope that there’ll be plenty of home support behind us and that this is the start of many NOW: Pensions Nations Cup events.”

Chris Partridge, Wakefield Hockey Club President, added, ''Wakefield Hockey Club is delighted to host this series of prestigious international matches in August. The Club has had strong links with the Netherlands since 1998, through our sister club in MHC Muiderburg, and we always look forward to all forms of international opportunities.

This event is a great chance to increase the profile of hockey in the north and we thank England Hockey for entrusting these games to our club. The Club is confident that the hockey supporters from the north of England and beyond will turn out in big numbers to experience these great matches."

Morten Nilsson, CEO of NOW: Pensions, stated, “As Principal Partner of England Men’s Hockey, we are delighted to help bring fans this great opportunity to watch the national team. The NOW: Pensions Nations Cup is sure to be an exciting, hard fought series and we hope that it will be one of many successful tournaments for the England Men’s Squad over the coming years.”

The Full Match Schedule is as follows –

Thursday 1 August 2013

17:30 – England U21s v Malaysia U21s
20:00 – England v Netherlands

Saturday 3 August 2013

14:00 – England U21s v Malaysia U21s
16:30 – England v Netherlands

Sunday 4 August 2013

12:00 – England U21s v Malaysia U21s
14:30 – England v Netherlands

England Hockey Board Media release

Scotland play host to Wales in two warm-up internationals

Ian Moodie FIH HWLR2

Scotland Senior Men will play host to Wales at Peffermill, Edinburgh this weekend with two international matches on 15 and 16 June.

With a number of players recovering from injury, Scotland Men Head Coach Derek Forsyth has drafted in a number of fringe players into the side for the matches against their Welsh counterparts, including Inverleith goalkeeper David Forrester and club team-mate Chris Duncan, Western Wildcats shot-stopper Gavin Sommerville, Clydesdale’s Fraser Hirst and Grove Menzieshill pair Paul Martin and Michael Ross.

Scotland Team Manager Eugene Connolly said, “We have injuries to Alan Forsyth, Michael Bremner, Dan Coultas, William Marshall and Chris Nelson, so the players we have brought into the squad have opportunity to impress at this level and possibly force their way into Derek’s thinking for the European squad in August. We also want to assess the two goalkeepers during this weekend’s matches.”

“The games against Wales and England A next weekend give us a chance to consider the wider squad and start planning for the warm-up internationals against Czech Republic and Spain in July. Ideally, we want to be in a position to take a group of players on these two trips that will more than likely play in Vienna when the European competition starts.”

Scotland and Great Britain veteran Graham Moodie also returns to the fold to join brother Ian in the senior squad, while THC Hurley striker Kenny Bain will win his 100th international cap in the second of the two games.

The Scots will play Wales in the EuroHockey Nations Championship II in Vienna, and the two encounters this weekend will give the coaching staff the benefit of assessing a key opponent ahead of their clash in the Austrian capital this coming August.

“Our focus is the performance, but the results also matter”, continued Connolly. “We want to be competitive so the players will be targeting wins from these two games, particularly to lay a marker down before we face Wales again later in the summer.

“It should be a fantastic weekend for hockey with the senior women also playing South Africa at Peffermill and hopefully we will see a good crowd and good weather for the occasion.”

Scotland Men: David Forrester (Inverleith), Graham Moodie (Edinburgh University), David Forsyth (Glynhill Hotel Kelburne), Paul Martin (Grove Menzieshill), Russell Anderson (Brooklands), Ian Moodie (Western Wildcats), Kenny Bain (THC Hurley), Ian Scholefield (Qui Vive), Gareth Hall (Glynhill Hotel Kelburne), Wei Adams (Royal Penguins), Callum Duke (Edinburgh University), Ross Stott (Grove Menzieshill), Fraser Hirst (Clydesdale), Chris Grassick (Surbiton), Derek Salmond (Inverleith), Gavin Byers (Grove Menzieshill), Nicholas Parkes (Surbiton), Gavin Sommerville (Western Wildcats), Gordon McIntyre (Beeston), Michael Ross (Grove Menzieshill), Chris Duncan (Inverleith).
Match Schedule:

Saturday 15 June, 16.00, Scotland v Wales, Peffermill Edinburgh
Sunday 16 June, 12.30, Scotland v Wales, Peffermill, Edinburgh

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Dublin to host Women's Masters Home Nations

Four years after Ireland first participated in the women's masters home nations in Swansea, with one Over 40s squad of 13, they host the tournament, fielding teams at O40s, O45s and O50s level.  The tournament will take place in UCD / Railway /Pembroke on 14th - 16th June.

The O40s and O45s tournament will take place in Pembroke. 

Fixtures are as follows:

Over 40s:

14/6/13 Ireland v Wales 3.30pm
15/6/13 Ireland v Scotland 6.30pm
16/6/13 Ireland v England 11am

Over 45s:

14/6/13 Ireland v Wales 6.30pm
15/6/13 Ireland v Scotland 1.30pm
16/6/13 Ireland v England 2pm

The O50s/O55s tournament takes place at UCD on the Friday afternoon and Railway over the Saturday and Sunday.

Fixtures are as follows:

Over 50s:

14/6/13 Ireland v Wales 3.30pm (UCD)
15/6/13 Ireland v England 10.30am (Railway)
15/6/13 Ireland v Scotland 3.30pm (Railway)
16/6/13 Ireland v England O55s 1pm (Railway)

The Squads:

The Ireland O40s are captained by Gillian Garrett, an Old Alex player, who has recently been plying her trade as an umpire but returns to the pitch to lead the Irish O40s in the Home Nations.  Ex international Tara Browne is one of the two goalkeepers, with ex international forward Richelle Flanagan also on the squad.  Ards defender Lynn Mills brings current playing experience to the team having recently played in both the Irish Senior Cup and Irish Hockey League semi-finals.  All 4 Provinces are represented on the team, with Ben Epstein as coach.

The Ireland O45s field an experienced Masters team, many having played at O40s level.  Ex international Alison Thompson (Vance) is one of the goalkeepers and ex international Joanne O'Grady brings guile to the midfield.  Linda Jenkinson and Tracey Skoyles make for a sound defensive unit while Joan Dobson, Annie Lawlor and Roly Burke bring senior club experience to the midfield.  Julie Doak and Kathy Shaw (Johnson) provide a forward threat.  Ross Canning coaches the O45s.

At O50s level ex international Maggie Hunter (Browne) joins the squad, commanding the midfield, along with ex international Orla Bell.  The O50s have ex international forwards Carolyn Burns (Shankey) and Cathy Walsh, as well as ex international defender Orla Galvin, who along with captain Helen Johnston, provides an experienced defence.  Sue Vincent, Dee Wallace and Angie Boran bring pace to the side.  Leinster make up the bulk of the squad, coached by Stuart Malcolm.

Food will be provided at Railway and Pembroke throughout both Saturday and Sunday, with all support welcome.

Ireland O40s: Tara Browne (GK, Galway), Joanne Robinson (GK, Grosvenor), Emma Glanville (Galway), Shelly Lyons (Pegasus), Lynn Mills (Ards), Kerry Johnson (Pembroke), Noreen Dockery (Old Alex), Clodagh McMoreland (Yeats County), Noreen Daly-Gillis (Cork Wanderers), Julie Bell (Belfast Harlequins), Nichola Thompson (Lurgan Ladies), Clara Chamberlayne (VC, Pembroke), Gillian Garrett (C, Old Alex), Alison Gillan (Holywood), Hazel Agar (Old Alex), Caroline Sharkey (Loreto), Ashling Schutte (Pembroke), Richelle Flanagan (Old Alex).

Coach: Ben Epstein

Assistant Coach: Deirdre McDermott

Manager: Ailish Langan

Ireland O45s: Sinead Guilfoyle (GK, Pembroke), Alison Thompson (GK, Portadown), Linda Jenkinson (Loreto), Judy Judge (Cork COI), Mairead Lyons (Three Rock Ladies/Barnes), Tracey Skoyles (Naas), Joan Dobson (Cork COI), Jane Salter (Glenanne), Annie Lawlor (Pembroke), Roly Burke (Hermes), Jean Erskine (Newcastle), Julie Fisher (North Down), Julie Doak (Knock), Kathy Shaw (Kilorglin), Alison Pigot (Pembroke), Jacqui Freyne (Clonmel), Claire Bell (Belfast Harlequins), Joanne O'Grady (Suttonians).

Coach: Ross Canning

Manager: Nikkey Cullen.

Ireland O50s: Helen Roche (GK, Railway), Orla Galvin (VC, Old Alex), Helen Johnston (C, Railway), Maura O'Neill (Three Rock Ladies), Bronwyn O'Donnell (Loreto), Dee Mooney (Loreto), Maggie Hunter (Lisnagarvey), Dymphna Hill (Cork COI), Pat Stewart (Grosvenor), Orla Bell (Pembroke), Angie Boran (Botanic), Maureen Flavin (Hermes), Siobhan Forde (Galway), Carolyn Burns (Rainey), Cathy Walsh (Cork COI), Dee Wallace (Ballyclare), Sue Vincent (Loreto), Ann Kirwan (Genesis).

Coach: Stu Malcolm

Manager: Julie Wilson.

For more details of the schedule. click here

All the best to those competing over the weekend!

Irish Hockey Association media release

Cam Vale appointed as Hockey Australia Chief Executive

Vale joins from North Melbourne Football Club

Hockey Australia is delighted to announce that Cam Vale has been appointed as its new Chief Executive following an extensive and highly contested recruitment process.

Vale will join Hockey Australia from North Melbourne Football Club, where he has held the role of Chief Operating Officer since March 2010, also serving as Interim CEO from June 2012 until February 2013, and previously as Chief Financial Officer in 2008 and 2009. He succeeds Mark Anderson, who left Hockey Australia in April.

An experienced sports administrator, Vale’s expertise in strategic leadership, high performance sport and commercial growth, position him well to lead Hockey Australia as it looks to build hockey’s profile, attract more Australians to the sport and remain a world leader on the pitch.

Announcing Vale’s appointment, Stuart Grimshaw, who led the recruitment process as President of Hockey Australia, said: “We are thrilled to have attracted someone of the calibre of Cam Vale to the position. Cam is highly regarded in sports administration and the depth of his experience across a range of areas, including strategy, finance and commercial revenue will be a real asset to the organisation.

“Hockey Australia has made outstanding progress in recent years and as we continue to strive for gold medals on and off the pitch, Cam’s passion for the role and his ambition for the organisation will undoubtedly feature heavily as we look to raise the bar right across the sport in Australia.”

Cam Vale said: “I am excited about the amazing opportunity to become CEO of Hockey Australia. To lead an organisation as successful as Hockey Australia and build on its success is a huge honour.”

Prior to joining North Melbourne Football Club, Vale served as Chief Financial Officer at Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club from October 2004 until December 2007 and before that was Finance Manager at St Kilda Football Club.

He joins Hockey Australia at an exciting time for the sport. At international level, the Kookaburras and the Hockeyroos are set to embark on their respective World Cup qualification campaigns at the Hockey World League in Europe this month. At grassroots level, almost 10,000 5-12 year olds picked up a hockey stick for the first time last year through the Hookin2Hockey program.

Vale’s start date with Hockey Australia is yet to be confirmed.

Hockey Australia media release

OBITUARY: Kathiravale dies at 83

FORMER double international S. Kathiravale died at 5am yesterday. He was 83.

He leaves behind wife, S. Sarasvathi and sons, Ananthavel, Sivakumar and Sivapalan.

Kathiravale achieved the rare distinction of being an international football referee and hockey umpire.

Accredited by Fifa, the world governing body for football, and the International Hockey Federation (FIH), Kathiravale was often in the spotlight, making headlines in newspapers.

"My father passed away due to old age. He was very passionate about hockey and football. We will miss him a lot," said Ananthavel yesterday.

During his 48-year involvement in the sport, Kathiravale started as a linesman in local football tournaments before graduating to become an international referee.

Already an international hockey umpire then, he became a Fifa-accredited referee in 1971 and the news of his promotion was published in the official bulletin of the world body.

A Class One FA of Malaysia (FAM) referee, Kathiravale was in charge of the Malaysia Cup final between Perak and Kelantan in 1970.

The no-nonsense official was also in-charge of the 1978 Bangkok Asian Games football final where South Korea and North Korea were declared joint champions after a 0-0 draw.

He took charge of 33 international matches throughout his tenure and had also served FAM's referees committee in various positions.

His service to football was recognised by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and he was awarded the AFC Distinguished Service Awards (Gold) last month.

As a loyal servant to hockey umpiring for 42 years, Kathiravale's most cherished moment was officiating the 1974 Teheran Asian Games final round-robin match between Pakistan and India. Pakistan won 2-0.

He was also one of local umpires in the 1975 Kuala Lumpur World Cup.

In a press statement yesterday, the Selangor Hockey Association extended its condolences to his wife and family and mourned the loss of a sportsman, a friend and a mentor to all who had contributed so much to hockey and football not only in Selangor but nationally and internationally.

He was cremated at the Loke Yew crematorium yesterday.

New Straits Times

Double international official passes away at age 84


Lived for sports : S. Kathiravale was associated with hockey and football for more than 40 years. Lived for sports : S. Kathiravale was associated with hockey and football for more than 40 years.


IT’S rare to find double internationals among athletes. It’s rarer still to find an official who is a double international – and a top notch one at that.

S. Kathiravale, who passed away yesterday after a bout of illness, was one such official who excelled as a football referee and an international hockey umpire.

He was 84. He leaves behind wife S. Sarasvathi and three sons – Anandavale, Dr Sivakumar and Sivapalan.

What made Kathiravale stand out was his vast knowledge of the two sports and his ability to pass on that knowledge to others.

He loved both sports and his selfless dedication to football and hockey is well known to all in the circle.

And many of the older sports journalists – from the 1970s and 1980s – will readily testify to having gained an insight of the games they cover after brief meetings with Kathiravel, who was always full of sport anecdotes.

His ability to remember the rules of the game and its interpretations singled him out from the rest.

On top, he was known to be an extremely friendly person who is always willing to help anyone who wants to know hockey and football.

Kathiravale was born in 1921 in Seremban, Negri Sembilan. He was a teacher for 31 years until he retired in 1990.

His eldest son, Anandavale, an officer with CIMB, followed in his footsteps and is a retired international hockey umpire.

Kathiravale was an international FIH umpire for 11 years from 1968-1979 and a FIFA football referee for 10 years from 1971.

He was then a FIFA referee instructor from 1986-2000.

Among the highlights of his career in sports included officiating the finals of two different sports at the Asian Games.

He was one of the umpires in the final between India and Pakistan at the 1974 Teheran Games.

Then, in the Bangkok Games in 1978, he was one of the senior linesmen in the final between South Korea and North Korea.

His other proud moments included officiating in the two Asian Cup finals. The first was the men’s final between Iran and South Korea in 1972 and the other was the inaugural women’s final in 1975 between Thailand and New Zealand.

In 2011, he was inducted into the Olympic Council of Malaysia’s Hall of Fame. He was also one of the two Malaysian umpires who officiated in the 1975 World Cup in Kuala Lumpur.

His association with Malaysian hockey lasted almost 42 years.

He has served not only as an umpire but also as a technical official, tournament director and instructor.

Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) secretary general Tan Sri P. Alagendra described his demise as a big loss for Malaysian sport.

“Many people live on sports but only a few like Kathiravale live for sports,” said Alagendra.

The Star of Malaysia