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All the news for Sunday 28 July 2013

USA book 4-1 win over Korea, Netherlands beat Ghana 10-0

In pool A, USA and the Netherlands staked their claim to the quarter-finals

The Netherlands dispatched Ghana 10-0 (Photo: Frank Uijlenbroek)

Today's pool A matches both saw rain delays as a thunderstorm made playing impossible. On Pitch 2, the interruption benefitted the USA who came back to turn a 0-1 disadvantage into a 4-1 win over Korea with a supreme effort in the second half. Pitch 1 saw the Netherlands celebrating a massive 10-0 win over Ghana.

USA v Korea 4-1 (1-1)

The match between the USA and Korea started with slight advantages for the Asian representatives but the match was balanced for mc of the first half, with few opportunities at either end. Towards the end of the first 35 minutes, Cheon Eun Bi managed to set Korea ahead but the USA responded within a minute as Tara Vittese capped of a counterattack with the equalizer.

It was raining lightly at this stage, but when the teams came back after the break, the wind and rain picked up as lightning started to crisscross the darkgrey sky, and after only 1:12 minutes played, the teams returned to the halftime tents as the pitch became waterlogged. It was almost an hour until the match finally resumed, and the US girls clearly dealt better with the delay, as they came back with determination and verve.

They started pulling away halfway through the second half, when Anna Dessoye scored the USA's second, soon followed by Emma Bozek's conversion of a penalty corner rebound. Korea were struggling at this stage, the US girls had good control over the match, and Tara Vittese piled on another within a few minutes, scooping a penalty corner rebound over the line for the 4-1 final score.

When the final whistle sounded, the USA celebrated their three points enthusiastically, a well merited victory after their superior performance in the second half. In a pool with the Netherlands and Ghana, this could be a crucial victory on the way to the quarter-finals.

Voices after the match:

Steve Jennings, Coach USA: "I'm really proud of how our team played today, particularly in the second half where we scored a lot of goals. It feels really good to start up the tournament this way. It's phenomenal to be here, we're really excited to be here and to start right up with this win. We think game by game and always want to win. We're just trying to do our best in every match."

The Netherlands v Ghana 10-0 (2-0)

The Netherlands started their Junior World Cup campaign with a massive 10-0 win over Ghana. Dutch top scorer Lieke van Wijk contributed five goals. Although her team was clearly defeated, Ghana’s goalkeeper Joana Adjei played an outstanding match.

In their first-ever Junior World Cup appearance Ghana had to take on the reigning World Champions from the Netherlands. Although facing one of the strongest opponents in the tournament, Ghana started brilliantly. They managed to keep the Dutch from scoring on most occasions in the first half. Especially goalkeeper Adjei showed some tremendous saves to keep her team in this match.

However, Dutch Lieke van Wijk opened the scoring in the 10th minute when her penalty corner drag-flick hit the net underneath the crossbar. With 18:42 minutes remaining in the first half the match was interrupted due to heavy rainfall and thunderstorm occurring in Mönchenglachbach.

Play resumed after a break lasting almost 90 minutes. The Netherlands could have extended their lead but they failed to score from a series of penalty corners. It took them up to the 26th minute to double their lead. Maria Verschoor brought the ball into the circle where Lisanne de Lange, already expecting the ball at the far post, tipped it into the goal. The halftime score was 2-0.

In the second half Ghana struggled to cope with the pressure and the high pace of the Dutch. Although Ghana’s goalkeeper Adjei was still saving a lot of attempts, the Dutch started extending their lead. First, Lisa Scheerlinck added another field goal, then de Lange converted their 11th penalty corner to lift the result to 4-0.

Afterwards van Wijk made a hat-trick scoring from two penalty strokes and one more penalty corner extending the Dutch lead to 7-0. 8-0 and 9-0 goals came off penalty corners each with Scheerlinck and team captain Renske Siersema being the scorers. Dutch top scorer van Wijk added another one when she converted her third out of four penalty strokes securing the final result of 10-0.    

Voices after the match:

Raoul Ehren, Coach Netherlands: "We started a little bit nervous, the second half was much better from our side. We made more goals. This is a great event and a big experience for the girls. Normally, we travel for an event like a World Cup and now it's very close to home, so it's a good opportunity for a lot of people from Holland to watch the matches."

Edmund Odametey, Coach Ghana: "This is the first time and experience for the girls in an international tournament like this. Maybe we look at the next match an let's see if they can pep themselves up, to push themselves a little to play better. It's a game and it's past and gone and we focus on the next match. We are not top class, it's an experience for us. We want to play. We're learning."

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Argentina scores solid win, South Africa and China share points

Pool B sees 2009 Vice-Champions take the lead after the first round of matches

Argentina claimed a solid win over Canada in their opener (Photo: Frank Uijlenbroek)

The action at the ERGO Junior World Cup in Mönchengladbach kicked off this morning. Argentina, one of the favored candidates for the title, defeated their fellow Pan American opponents 4-0 for a comfortable lead in Pool B. Thanks to a last-minute goal from Quanita Bobbs South Africa still secured one point when drawing 3-3 with China.

Argentina v Canada 4-0 (3-0)

Argentina imposed themselves early, making good use of a penalty corner as Agustina Habif at the left post slapped a rebound into the net to lay the foundation for the Leoncitas' victory. Roberta Werthein went on to secure the lead, doubling the lead with a soft touch on a high ball into the circle in the 15th minute, and piling on another just as the first half ended.

In the second half, Canada had a greater share in play than in the first, but struggled to create danger. At the other end, Lauren Logush in the Canadian goal made a few great saves to contain the scoreline. The Canadians couldn't avoid a fourth goal however when Agustina Albertario batted a high ball into the circle into the back of the net with eight minutes on the clock.

The match ended with a well deserved win for the Leoncitas, despite a good performance from Canada. Argentina leave no doubt that they are a contender for the top in this tournament.

Voices after the match:

Santiago Capurro, Coach Argentina: "In the first World Cup match, a win was very important. The girls seemed pretty nervous, but all in all, they did a good job."

Ian Rutledge, Coach Canada: "Aside from the result, the performance was solid. We don't want to focus too much on the result, it was a nervous start, but I think the performance was good. The girls worked honestly, and their work was the most impressive aspect of the girls today and I think it will be better tomorrow. Germany always has good tournaments and it's great to be here."

South Africa v China 3-3 (0-2)

Thanks to a last-minute goal from Quanita Bobbs, South Africa secured one point when drawing 3-3 with China in Pool B. Earlier, China had given away a 2-0 and a 3-1 lead.

Although the South Africans have five players with senior experience in their team, the young Chinese girls were the dominant side in the first half. China won two penalty corners early in the match but failed to score from either of them. Their biggest scoring opportunity came in the 23rd minute when Liu Yuyue’s attempt hit the post. However, Sun Jing eventually took the lead for China a few seconds later.

South Africa created a promising scoring opportunity towards the end of the first half when Jacinta Jubb won her team’s first penalty corner. The flick was taken well but China’s goalkeeper Ye Jiao saved the ball with her glove.

Three minutes before the halftime whistle Lui Meng performed very well in the South African circle defeating several defenders and eventually goalkeeper Phumelela Mbande to double the Chinese lead.

Pushed forward by their fans, South Africa had a powerful start into the second half with team captain Izelle Lategan getting her team on the scoreboard. Shotly after, the African champions were close to equalising but the Chinese defence stood strong. Suddenly, it was China scoring against the run of play. Zhang Jinrong converted a penalty corner in the 51st minute to secure a convincing 3-1 lead.

However, South Africa struck back again when Suléke Brand scored from a penalty corner variation. The equaliser came from another penalty corner awarded in the last minute of the match. Bobbs, one of the five players with senior experience, smashed the ball into the goal with the final whistle.

Voices after the match:

Lindsey Wright, Coach South Africa: "This is the first major competition for my team. We are a real fighting team. We came from a goal down, the girls showed very good spirit today, and I'm very proud of them. Everbody's hockey career should have a moment in this stadium, because it has a lovely atmosphere."

Xu Dong Guo, Coach China: "Most of our players are under 18, so they have little experience, especially in international matches, so we are learning. We think we can do better."

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New Zealand hit double digits, Australia defeat India 6-1

Promising start for Junior Black Sticks and Jillaroos in Pool C

(Photo: FIH / Frank Uijlenbroek)

Pool C, also known as the Oceania pool, today saw New Zealand dominate the match against Russia, delivering a double digit win.

New Zealand v Russia 10-0 (5-0)

From the very beginning of their encounter with Russia, the Junior Black Sticks had firm control of the match, adding goals at a steady pace from the second minute until they hit double digits with a penalty corner conversion after regulation time had ended.

Dominating play throughout the match, New Zealand had scores of scoring chances, both from penalty corners and open play, and Sian Fremaux, Brooke Neal and Sophie Cocks were good for two goals each, while Philippa Symes, Erin Goad, Kimberley Tanner and Jennifer Storey each added one.

Russia visibly struggled with the pace and energy the Black Sticks were imposing, and had difficulty to challenge their more experienced and physically superior opponents. Having come into the tournament as the first replacement nation when France withdrew from participation, Russia were expected to find it hard keep up with some of the higher ranked teams in this competition, but the team will be hoping to find a better rhythm in the coming days.

Voices after the match:

Chris Leslie, Coach New Zealand: "First, it is good to get the matches on the way. We've done a lot of training, we've been in Germany for a few days now, so it's great to start the tournament. It's fantastic to start with a good result, nice to score lots of goals. We always come to tournaments to win, but we take it one game at a time. The focus was on playing Russia today, and now we move on and focus on India tomorrow. The tournament so far has been fantastic. Fantastic stadium and the weather has been good. The organisation has been fantastic. I'm very happy."

India v Australia 1-6 (1-3)

Australia produced a solid 6-1 win over India in their first match of Women’s ERGO Hockey Junior World Cup. The Jillaroos are ranked second in pool C now while India are currently third.

Kathryn Slattery took the lead for her Jillaroos when scoring from open play in the 17th minute. Slattery's lead was doubled by  Murphy Allendorf three minutes later. India took advantage when Australia were short in numbers as Amelia Spence was sitting on the sin-bin. Anupa Barla got her team on the score board making the result 1-2. However, it did not take long until the Jillaroos scored again. Madison Fitzpatrick lifted the result to 3-1 with four minutes remaining on the clock.

The second half saw Australia’s Broke Peris and Anna Flanagan, FIH Young Player of the Year, being on target. First Peris scored from a penalty corner followed by Flanagan’s penalty stroke goal.

The young Indian team worked hard to get back into the game but the strong Jillaroos team, containing five members of the Hockeyroos squad that recently won the Investec Hockey World League Semi-Final in London, did not give them much space. However, India were able to win two more penalty corners but both were saved by Elizabeth Duguid in the Australian goal.

With less than 90 seconds remaining on the clock, Peris added another goal securing a solid 6-1 win to start into the tournament with.

Voices after the match:

Neil Hawgood, Coach India: "For us, the result is qute bad, but the girls played a good game. We have failed to score more goals. Our only mistake was that we did not score timely. Our goal is to at least reach the semi-finals, and I think we can still do this."

Craig Victory, Coach Australia: "We still have a lot of work to do. We worked really hard. We need to sustain 70 minutes, but today we only worked for maybe 50 minutes. It's very important thatwe look from game to game. The atmosphere  here is fantastic and the stadium is lovely. We're excited to be here!"

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Germany cruise to the top in Pool D, Spain win against England

Germany and Spain are setting sails for the quarter-finals

(Photo: Frank Uijlenbroek)

In the European pool at the ERGO Hockey Junior World Cup in Mönchengladbach, Germany defeating Belgium 6-1 with Spain winning 5-0 over England. On Sunday, Germany will take on Spain while England will play against Belgium.

England v Spain 0-5 (0-2)

The last match on Pitch 2 for the day ended with a final scoreline not quite reflecting the course of the match. While Spain were the better team over stretches of the match, the difference was not five goals worth, but mostly the finishing: while Spain cleverly took advantage of their opportunities, England had a number of chances throughout the match but just couldn't make them count. Not even a penalty stroke could get the English on the scoreboard, with Josie Inverdale putting the ball just wide off the right post in the second half.

For the Spanish, Carola Salvatella built a foundation for success with two first half goals, first tapping in a long ball into the circle that snuck past several Englihs players, then finishing off a quick break.

In the second half, it was Patricia Maraña made good use of a penalty corner, quickly followed by the Iberians fourth goal when Berta Bonastre too advantage of a moment of confusion in the English defense to drive a pwrful hit into the boards from the middle of the circle. As the English grew more and more agitated, Maria Tost piled on the last goal for the final 5-0 scoreline with a straight hit from the top of the circle.

Spain thus take an important victory in pool D, in which the places in the semi-finals are expected to be most hotly contested, and England will need to recover uikly from today's disappointment to stay in the race.

Voices after match:

England coach Craig Keegan: "We stuck to our game plan. We have a very young team, it is their first experience at this level and it was tough. Our goal was playing in the Top 8. That is still achievable and we will continue to fight.

Spanish coach Jorge Donoso Bailon: "This result is a surprise to me because England have a strong team. I think we were strong in defence and this was the key today. When we defend well, we are also attacking strong. Finishing fifth here in Mönchengladbach would be great, reaching the semi-finals would be a dream for us."

Belgium v Germany 1-6 (1-3)

Pushed forward by an enthusiastic and noisy crowd, host nation Germany defeated Belgium 6-1 in their first encounter at Women’s ERGO Hockey Junior World Cup. The German Juniors - also known as C-Unit - played with a lot of passion.

Lea Stöckel opened the scoring in the fourth minute. The hosts had good control of the match, doubling their deserved lead in the 16th minute when Jana Gonnermann finished good work from Charlotte Stapenhorst. The young Red Cheetahs struggled to challenge the much more experienced home team.

Sabine Knüpfer’s strike in the 24th minute gave the German C-Unit a convincing 3-0 lead. However, Belgium’s Red Cheetahs also got on the scoreboard a few seconds before halftime. Silke Steenackers won possession in the German circle and defeated goalkeeper Lisa Schneider in an one-on-one.

Germany won a penalty stroke at the beginning of the second half when Marilena Krauss was tackled in the circle. Team captain Rebecca Grote took the shot and converted without problems lifting the result to 4-1.

Belgium were short-handed for ten minutes after Pauline Leclef was sent off with a yellow card because of a sliding tackle. Germany took immediate advantage when Knüpfer contributed her second goal today making the result 5-1 in the 43rd minute. Seven minutes later Krauss extended the lead to 6-1.

Germany created a few more scoring opportunities from penalty corners in the last ten minutes but Belgium’s goalkeeper Elena Sotgiu performed very well.

Voices after the match:

Marc Herbert, German coach: "A good start into this tournament was very important to us because the girls were very excited the days before it started. Especially scoring early was an advantage. Now we will get prepared for taking on Spain."

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South Africa U21 hockey girls draw with China at the death in Germany


Quanita Bobbs scored the equaliser. Photo: PLATE PICTURES.

The South Africa U21 women’s hockey team came back from a 2-0 half-time deficit against China and a 3-1 deficit with 19 minutes left to draw their opening Junior World Cup match 3-3 thanks to a last-minute goal by Western Province’s Quanita Bobbs at Mönchengladbach’s Hockey Park in Germany Saturday morning.

Argentina, silver medallists to The Netherlands at the 2009 JWC in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA, won the other Pool B match 4-0 against fellow Pan American region country Canada.

The top two teams in the four-team Pool B will go through to Thursday’s quarter-finals.

Bobbs’s last-minute goal secured one point for SA after China had given away a 2-0 and then a 3-1 lead.

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) reports that the Chinese were the dominant side in the first half.

China won two penalty corners early in the match, while their biggest scoring opportunity came in the 23rd minute when Liu Yuyue’s attempt hit the post. However, Sun Jing eventually took the lead for China a few seconds later.

South Africa created a promising scoring opportunity towards the end of the first half when Jacinta Jubb won her team’s first penalty corner.

The drag-flick was well taken but China’s goalkeeper Ye Jiao saved the ball with her glove. Three minutes before half-time Lui Meng beat several defenders - and SA goalkeeper Phume Mbande - to double the Chinese lead.

Pushed forward by their fans, South Africa had a powerful start in the second half with captain Izelle Lategan bringing her team onto the scoreboard. Afterwards the African champions were close to equalising but the Chinese defence stood strong.

Suddenly, it was China scoring against the run of play. Zhang Jinrong converted a penalty corner in the 51st minute to secure a 3-1 lead.

However, South Africa struck back again when Suléke Brand scored from a penalty corner variation. The equaliser came from another penalty corner, awarded in the last minute of the match. Bobbs smashed the ball into the goals for the 3-3 final score, much to the delight of the South African camp.

South Africa play further Pool B matches Sunday at 10 am (SA time) against Argentina before their last Pool B clash next Tuesday, July 30 against Canada at 2 pm (SA time).

The 16 teams, who are in four Pools of four, then go into the cross-pool playoffs next Thursday, which include the quarter-finals, before next Friday’s top-eight playoffs that include the semi-finals.

Next Saturday’s matches feature the bottom-eight teams in playoffs before next Sunday’s final classification matches for the 16 teams. Sunday’s fare also includes the gold and bronze medal matches.

Other than those mentioned in Pool B, the Pool A line-up features Ghana, South Korea, The Netherlands and the USA. Pool C features Australia, India, New Zealand and Russia, while Pool D has Belgium, England, Spain and Germany in its ranks.


Bronwyn Kretzmann, Erin Hunter, Nicole la Fleur, Quanita Bobbs, Sherry King, Suléke Brand, Taryn Mallett (vice-capt), Tarryn Glasby (all Western Province); Izelle Lategan (capt), Liné Malan, Tanya Britz, Nicole Walraven (all Free State); Jacinta Jubb, Lilian du Plessis, Phume Mbande (all Northern Blues); Tiffany Jones (North West); Toni Marx (Eastern Province); Nika Nel (Southern Gauteng).

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US Women’s Under 21 National Team Creates Presence on Opening Day of Junior World Cup

MONCHENGLADBACH, Germany - July 27, 2013 - The commencement of the Junior World Cup in Mönchengladbach’s Hockeypark Stadium began in a remarkable fashion for the U.S. Women’s Under-21 National Team. Team USA took the pitch against Korea, one of the most successful teams in Women’s Junior World Cup history, having participated in all editions thus far and finishing on top in 2001 and 2005. Despite Korea’s previous impressive record at the tournament, Team USA was able to break a 1-1 halftime score and finish the game 4-1.

Although first half Cup play bantered back and forth from end line to end line, Korea held more ball possession. Korea was able to maneuver past Team USA’s defensive line and score when Eun Bi Cheon used a deflection from the bottom left corner in 29th minute mark pulling the team ahead 1-0.

The U.S. wasted no time in responding to the competition’s goal. Tara Vittese (Cherry Hill, N.J.) found the back of the cage in 30th minute with a rapid restart and baseline pass from Maxine Fluharty (Millsboro, Del). With only a few minutes into the second half lighting and thunder belted from the sky creating a delay in the match.

“We caught a lot of momentum during the timeout for the lighting delay,” said Steve Jennings head coach of the U.S. U-21 National Squad. “It gave us time to become really relaxed, settled and calm, having fun instead of being in a stressed environment. We didn’t really talk too much hockey at that point, just a few key points, and once we got back on the field we were really ready to go.”

Once the rain cleared the USA goals poured in. Anna Dessoye (Mountain Top, Pa.) started a flow of scoring in the 48th minute by breaking the tie with a hard shot past the keeper. The next beautiful goal came from Emma Bozek (Cortlandt Manor, N.Y.) in the 57th minute with a reserve chip after rebounding an initial corner shot. Vittese closed the game in the 60th minute defeating the Koreans in the first round of Junior World Cup pool play.

Once we took a 2-1 lead, I think we grew in confidence,” said Jennings. “The Koreans played with more panic in their game and that just played more and more in our hands and we were able to capitalize. It was a great result today.”

“Beating a team with such a great history at the Junior World Cup such as Korea puts us in a good place at the start of the tournament,” said Vittese. “We look to continue this type of play as we move forward in the Cup.”

Team USA will take the pitch again on July 28 against the Netherlands and will finish pool play against Ghana on July 30. The quarterfinals will be played on Thursday, August 1, the semi-finals on August 2 and the gold and bronze medal match on August 4.

To support and track Team USA’s progress at the Junior World Cup follow our Twitter handle @USAFieldHockey for further updates.

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Ghana 0- 10 Netherlands

Rasheeat Kadiri

Emilia Fosuaa vrs Holland's Leurink

The junior female hockey team suffered a humiliating 10-0 defeat against the Netherlands in their opening match of the ongoing FIH U-21 women's world cup on Saturday.

The Black Sticks met a stiff opposition from a versatile and highly experienced Dutch side. The first half was halted after eleven minutes for about an hour due to a very heavy downpour by then, the Black Sticks were down by a goal.

The first half ended 2-0, with goalkeeper Joana Adjei putting up some splendid saves to prevent the prolific Dutch side from scoring more goals.

The second half saw Ghana conceding lots of fouls which saw the Netherlands eighteen short corners and four penalty strokes. Only two of the ten goals were scored from open play, while three were scored via penalty strokes with the remaining resulting from short corners. The other pool A match saw the USA beating Korea by 4-1.

Ghana will play Korea while USA meet defending champions Netherlands. Both games will be played at the Warsteiner Hockey Park in Monchengladbach, Germany on Sunday July 28.

Meanwhile despite the walloping Ghana's goalkeeper Joana Adjei was adjudged the player of the match.

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Junior Black Sticks trounce Russia 10-0 in opener

Brooke Neal in action

The Junior Black Sticks Women reached double digits against Russia in their opening game of the 2013 Junior World Cup in Monchengladbach, Germany last night.

A 5-0 lead at half time stretched to 10-0 with the Junior Black Sticks absolutely dominating play throughout the match with opportunities coming from the 18 penalty corners they were awarded and clever open play. Sian Fremaux, Brooke Neal and Sophie Cocks were good for two goals each, while Philippa Symes, Erin Goad, Kimberley Tanner and Jennifer Storey each added one.

“We knew little about the Russian team so the focus was on how we would stick to our game plan. It was a strong performance from our strikers inside the attacking circle putting the Russians under constant pressure,” said Junior Black Sticks Women’s coach Chris Leslie.

It was very hot conditions and players on both sides were noticeably affected in the second half but New Zealand’s defence stayed strong. Neale and Storey were rock solid at the back and Fremaux, Cocks and Julia King dominated play.

The Kiwis play India at 1am tomorrow morning (NZ time) before taking on Australia in the final pool game at 7.30pm this Tuesday (NZ time).

“We will be looking to convert more of our penalty corners when we play India and the focus will be on moving the ball quickly and accurately,” said Leslie.

The Junior Black Sticks are part of the Owen G Glenn Future Black Sticks Programme which offers international competition, training camps and quality coaching experience to the next generation of Black Sticks.


Full time: 10-0 win to NZ
Half time: 5-0 NZ
NZ goal scorers: Sian Fremaux 2, Brooke Neal 2, Sophie Cocks 2, Phillippa Symes, Erin Goad, Kim Tanner and Jennifer Storey

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Jillaroos win Junior World Cup opener

Australian U21 women see off India 6-1 as New Zealand dispatch Russia 10-0

Australia’s U21 women, the Jillaroos, saw off India in their opening match of the Junior World Cup in Monchengladbach, Germany, on Saturday night. A 6-1 win came courtesy of a quickfire double midway through the first half and goals either side of half time with Brooke Peris also netting late in the game.

In between, India refused to lie down and threatened on a number of occasions but the result demonstrated Australia’s superiority.

The match began after an interruption following torrential rain, which flooded the pitch and caused the delay of the match preceding Australia’s.

After finally getting underway, the opening spell witnessed Australia threaten but find themselves thwarted on several occasions before a devastating period midway through the half saw the game swing in the Jillaroos’ favour as two goals in as many minutes put them 2-0 ahead.

Kathryn Slattery’s (WA) close range finish on 17 minutes broke the deadlock and her strike was quickly followed up by one from Murphy Allendorf (QLD), whose goal doubled Australia’s advantage.  India were not about to lie down though and following a sustained period of pressure, which forced Australia goalkeeper Elizabeth Duguid into a string of saves, Anupa Barla converted to half the deficit.

Madison Fitzpatrick (QLD) restored the Jillaroos’ two goal cushion with a stunning penalty corner flick shortly before half time and Brooke Peris (NT) made it 4-1 just six minutes into the second half.

World Young Player of the Year Anna Flanagan (ACT) kept her cool to convert a penalty stroke to extend the Jillaroos’ lead to 5-1 before Peris grabbed her second late in the game as she finished well following an Australian counter-attack.

The result leaves the Jillaroos second in the pool following New Zealand’s 10-0 win over Russia, who are Australia’s opponents on Sunday evening (11:30pm AEST).

Kathryn Slattery 17 (F)
Murphy Allendorf 19 (F)
Madison Fitzpatrick 31 (PC)
Brooke Peris 41,69 (PC,F)
Anna Flanagan 46 (PS)

India 1 (1)
Anupa Barla 27 (F)

Pool C Standings (after one match each)
1. New Zealand (3pts)
2. Australia (3pts)
3. India (0pts)
4. Russia (0pts)

Jillaroos squad v India

Murphy Allendorf (Mount Gravatt, QLD)
Mathilda Carmichael (Willoughby, NSW)
Jane Claxton (Adelaide, SA)
Elizabeth Duguid (Darwin, NT)
Madison Fitzpatrick (Cabarita Beach, QLD)
Anna Flanagan (Canberra, ACT)
Jordyn Holzberger (Ipswich, Queensland)
Karri McMahon (Berri, SA)
Emily Smith (Crookwell, NSW)
Amelia Spence (Taroona, TAS)
Jade Warrender (Orange, NSW)

Substitute Used
Lily Brazel (Newington, NSW)
Kate Gilmore (Red Hill, ACT)
Nina Khoury (Newtown, NSW)
Brooke Peris (Darwin, NT)
Kathryn Slattery (Como, WA)
Audrey Smith (GK) (Wynnum, QLD)

Substitute Not Used
Georgia Nanscawen (Melbourne, VIC)

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England U21s disappointed

England Under-21 Women were left disappointed after losing out 5-0 to Spain in their opening match of the ERGO Junior World Cup in Monchengladbach, Germany, on Saturday.

Despite playing strongly in many areas, England couldn’t stop Spain notching up a big win which could prove crucial later in the competition in one of the tightest groups of the tournament.

Head Coach Craig Keegan said: “We’re all very disappointed with the result. However, the scoreline doesn’t paint the true picture.

“Our structure and game plan were both executed well, which can be seen by the high number of circle penetrations created (almost double that of Spain). However, naïve defending against the potential of counter attacks was our downfall.

“I anticipate this being a very tight group, so now we must pick the girls up and prepare for tomorrow’s game against Belgium.”

Spain took the lead after just five minutes when Carola Salvatella tapped in after England’s defence was found wanting, and she doubled their lead on 19 minutes from a quick break.

England battled for a way back into the game, but instead Spain extended their lead on 39 minutes with Patricia Marana scoring from a straight strike into the bottom right corner.

And a minute later, a fourth goal followed with a powerful drive from the middle of the circle from Berta Bonastre.

Josie Inverdale fired wide with a penalty shot shortly after, and instead Spain added to their tally on 59 minutes, Maria Tost scoring with a long ball into the let from the top of the circle.

England go in search of victory against Belgium tomorrow (3.30pm UK time).

England (0) 0

Spain (2) 5

Carola Salvatella 5 19 (F, F)
Patricia Marana 39 (PC)
Berta Bonastre 40 (F)
Maria Tost 59 (F)

Women’s U21 ERGO Junior World Cup

Pool A: USA, Korea, Netherlands, Ghana
Pool B: Argentina, Canada, South Africa, China
Pool C: New Zealand, Russia, India, Australia
Pool D: England, Spain, Belgium, Germany

England Hockey Board Media release

India lose 1-6 to Australia in Junior WC opener

MONCHENGLADBACH: A lacklustre India start their campaign in the women's Junior World Cup on a disappointing note, losing 1-6 to formidable Australia in a Pool C match on Saturday.

Australia were by far the dominant side today and scored through Kathryn Slattery (17th minute), Murphy Allendorf (20th), Madison Fitzpatrick (31st), Brooke Peris (41st, 69th) and Anna Flanagan (46th). Anupa Barla (27th) scored the lone goal for India.

India will take on New Zealand in their second pool match tomorrow.

The Indians started the match on a bright note and managed to deny the mighty Aussies any early inroads.

It took Australia 17 minutes to breach India's citadel when Slattery scored from a field effort.

Australia doubled their lead three minutes later through Allendorf before Anupa Barla pulled one back for the Indians in the 27th minute.

But four minutes later Fitzpatrick converted a penalty corner to make the halftime scoreline to 3-1 in favour of Australia.

Australia asserted their supremacy after the change of ends and converted another penalty corner in the 41st minute through Peris to extend their lead.

Barring the first 15 minutes, the Indians looked ordinary and played catch-up hockey for most part of the match.

Australia made the scoreline 5-1 soon through FIH Young Player of the Year, Flanagan who neatly converted a penalty stroke.

Peris rounded off the tally for Australia scoring her second goal of the day in the penultimate minute of the match.

Meanwhile, in the other Pool C match of the day, New Zealand crushed Russia 10-0.

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Ireland fall to Netherlands in Hamburg

Andrew Meredith's Green Machine suffered their second defeat at the Hamburg Masters in Germany as they fell 4-0 to Olympic Silver Medalists Netherlands this afternoon.

Ireland put in an improved performance against Netherlands this afternoon. In the opening quarter Ireland had the best of possession and scoring opportunities but the final touch seemingly appeared elusive. On 15 minutes Netherlands caught Ireland with a quick counter attack, following a high press leaving Jonker with a 2-v-1 finish to open the score at 1-0.  The game ebbed and flowed thereafter with the score line remaining until half time.

Netherlands showed their immediate intent from the start of the second half and took a 2-0 lead  on 36 minutes when Jonkers followed up on a rebound off David Fitzgerald in the Ireland goal from close in.  Van der Weerden made it 3-0 with a penalty corner drag flick in the 45 minute and Jonker rounded off a 4-0 victory & completed his hattrick in the 57 minute when he hit home at the back post from a reverse side-line pass.

With pitch temperatures reaching 40 degrees, this was always going to be a difficult match against a full strength Dutch side.  Ice vests, chilled towels and heads in ice buckets have been the norm for this tournament which even by Hamburg standards is at the upper end of heat and humidity.

Prior to the match, Mitch Darling was given a presentation by Ireland Manager, Peter Jackson and the President of the Hamburg Hockey Federation in recognition of his 100th Senior International Cap.

Hamburg Masters, Germany

Netherlands 4
(Jonker x3, Van Der Weerden)

Ireland 0

Ireland Starting XI: Fitzgerald, McCandless, Harte, Jackson (Capt), Cargo, Darling, Cole, Shimmins, Sothern, Good, Bell

Hamburg Masters Fixtures

25th July 2013 Ireland 0-6 Germany
27th July 2013 Ireland 0-4 The Netherlands
28th July 2013 Ireland v England (12:00 local time)

Irish Hockey Association media release

Germany put six past England at Hamburg Masters

Barry Middleton in acton for England

After a disappointing loss yesterday England’s fortunes didn’t improve today with another 6-1 defeat, this time against hosts and world number one side, Germany. The defending Olympic champions were in fine form as they outplayed England for most of the game. The only goal for England came from captain Barry Middleton in the 55th minute, but with four goals already to their name, a German victory was inevitable.

England Head Coach Bobby Crutchley reflected on the performance after the match, saying, “We were more competitive today, but the quality of our play was poor both on the ball and in defence. It was clear to see that Germany were the better team; our individual hockey just wasn’t good enough, and we lost the one on one battles across the pitch.”

Speaking about the squad overall and the difference in results since the World League earlier this month, Crutchley added, “The quality of opposition out here is significantly higher; Germany and the Netherlands are two of the best teams in the world. We still have a lot to learn and being such a new group there are bound to be inconsistencies. When our level drops at the moment it drops substantially and we have been punished for that out here playing against such strong opposition.”

George Pinner returned in England’s goal, replacing Patrick Smith, while Richard Smith was forced to watch from the sidelines after aggravating a knee injury he picked up earlier in the week at a training session.

The first half only saw two goals against England in the 9th and 25th minute. Germany’s first came from Oskar Deecke who got his stick to the ball for the faintest of deflections after it was played in at speed from outside the circle. Then in the 25th minute, Mats Grambusch made it 2-0 as he scored from a penalty corner routine. The initial ball out was miss-trapped, but was quickly played back into danger and an ensuing scramble resulted in Grambusch getting his stick to the ball first to fire it home from close range.

England did have some good possession throughout the half and made some good inroads into Germany’s defence, but the final pass lacked consistency and often caused the play to breakdown. The visitors had to settle for a two goal deficit as the teams went in for the break.

Germany’s third goal came just after half-time in the 39th minute. Pinner saved an initial shot, but FIH World Young Player of the Year Florian Fuchs was first to the rebound and flicked the ball over Pinner who had no chance of getting to the second attempt. Just three minutes later Germany made it 4-0 with a good pass across the front of goal from Martin Haner, which Marco Miltkau guided home for his first of two.

A torrential downpour hit the ground in Hamburg mid way through the second half and players were forced off the pitch as the match was suspended for 30 minutes. Following the enforced break England captain, Barry Middleton, grabbed a consolation goal in the 55th minute, pouncing on a loose ball in the German circle and firing home from 10 yards to make it 4-1.

Any thoughts of a late England comeback were quashed moments later when Miltkau got his second of the day. In similar style to earlier goals Miltkau was fastest to react to a loose ball after Pinner had made an initial save.

The sixth and final goal came from Pilt Arnold. A great ball in from outside the circle split the English defence down the middle and Arnold deftly guided the ball over Pinner with an open stick deflection to make the final score 6-1.

England will be looking for their first victory at the tournament when they play Ireland tomorrow morning at 11:00 (UK time).

Barry Middleton 55 (FG)                                                   

Oskar Deecke 9 (FG)
Mats Grambusch 25 (PC)
Florian Fuchs 39 (FG)
Marco Miltkau 42, 58 (FG, FG)
Pilt Arnold 66 (FG)

England Hockey Board Media release

Scotland Senior Women lose out to Belgium

Scotland Senior Women were defeated 3-1 by Belgium today in Wellington in the first of two internationals taking place between the two sides this weekend.

After a fairly even first twenty mins it was  Gibson in the Scots goal ,was required to pull off two fine saves. It was however Scotland that took the lead. Fine work by Bell down the right enabled her to cut the ball for the unmarked Kidd .She found the net showing fine composure.(20 mins)

After a fairly even first twenty minutes, Scptland goalkeeper Amy Gibson was called upon to make two fine saves to keep the scores deadlocked at 0-0.

The Scots took the lead when fine work down the right flank from Ali Bell allowed her to cut the ball back to an unmarked Nikki Kidd who found the back of the net with some composure to make it 1-0 to the visitors in the 20th minute.

However, Belgium were back level eight minutes before half time; some poor defending in the Scottish defence allowed the Belgium forward Charlotte De Vos to skirt round the advancing Gibson, leaving her with the simplest of tasks of passing the ball into the goal to make it 1-1.

Scotland went behind at 2-1 with just two minutes of the first half remaining; a superbly taken penalty corner gave Gibson no chance as Anne-Sophie De Scheemaekere found the goalkeeper's top right hand corner.

Scotland started the second hald well, winning two early short corners but Kidd on both occasions wasn't able to test the Belgium goalkeeper. Scotland pushed forward for an equaliser with both Bell and Sam Judge having good attempts at goal.

Scotland continued to press but could not find the net and it was Belgium who rounded off the scoring nine minutes from time when Jill Boon's fierce strike from just outside the circle was deflected high into the roof of the net.

Following the match, Scotland Senior Women Head Coach Gordon Shepherd said, "The players have worked hard in training and have responded positively against strong opposition throughout the match today. On the whole this was a much improved performance from the tests against Ireland. Belgium are a strong, skilful outfit but Scotland matched them in every department."

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Scotland U18s within touching distance of retaining European spot

Scotland U18 Boys boosted their chances of retaining their place in the EuroHockey U18 Championship with a 1-1 draw against hosts Austria in Vienna earlier today.

Fergus Sandison was the Scottish goalscorer, opening the scoring in the fifth minute before the Austrians got back on level terms through Franz Lindengruen in the 18th minute.

Scotland will now retain their place in the Championship if Austria lose or draw with France. If Scotland win or draw against Belgium, they will retain their place regardless of the Austria-France result.

Scotland Team Manager Elanor Cormack, "Disappointed not to get the win but the players played well enough for the majority of the match. We had our chances but couldn't quite get the win. We're still hopeful of getting the results that matter tomorrow."

Please visit the EuroHockey website for fixtures, results and pool standings.

Scottish Hockey Union media release

England U18s to battle for Bronze

England Under-18 Boys will battle for bronze in tomorrow’s final match of the EuroHockey Youth Championship after they suffered a disappointing 3-1 defeat to Spain in the semi-finals on Saturday.

Jonny Ruiz’s 52nd minute goal from a penalty corner was not enough to salvage a place in the final, but the damage had already been done.

Head Coach Jody Paul said: “We’re obviously disappointed to have been given the opportunity to reach the final and not taken it. We were guilty in the first half of leaving the ball too exposed to the Spanish defenders.

“When we raised the intensity in the second half we threatened, but we didn’t maintain that throughout the whole game. But we’re now looking forward to finishing on a high against Holland.”

England began well enough and controlled the tempo for the first 15 minutes, but were stung on 17 minutes when Liam Samford deflected a hard Spanish shot into his own net.

Even after that the Spanish threat from their tricky forwards was managed well enough by England, but the lead was doubled in messy style on 28 minutes.

The ball was hit into the circle and the first shot was deflected away by Dan Darby in the England goal. The second shot was also deflected onto the bar, and the rebound was then fired home by another Spanish forward.

Gleeson cleared that effort, but yet another rebound was flicked past him into the net by Jan Lara.

After half time England had chances to reduce the deficit and a penalty flick from James Simpson was deflected wide by the Spanish goalkeeper.

But on 45 minutes Spain got their third goal, again through Lara who smashed home a rebound with a reverse stick shot.

Seven minutes later Ruiz finally got England off the mark when he flicked past the Spanish goalkeeper, and England had another change shortly after when the ball was cleared off the line, but they couldn’t capitalise.

A flurry of late yellow cards hinted at the desperation of both sides to take something from the final few minutes, but there was to be no further scores.

England (0) 1

James Ruiz 52 (PC)

Spain (2) 3

Own Goal 17
Jan Lara 28 (F)

England Hockey Board Media release

It’s UP vs Punjab in Federation Cup final

Principal Correspondent

Penalty corner expert Diwakar Ram scored two fine goals as Uttar Pradesh beat Karnataka 5-2 in an eventful semifinal match and booked a place in the final of the Alchemist Federation Cup hockey tournament at the Shivaji Stadium here on Saturday.

Punjab outsmarted Tamil Nadu 5-1 to set up a title clash with Uttar Pradesh.

In a high-voltage encounter, which witnessed nine players being booked for various infringements, Karnataka displayed its good teamwork to take a 1-0 lead through Kusha’s goal. Deepak Singh found the target to level the scores.

The match swung heavily in favour of Uttar Pradesh seven minutes into the second half. Diwakar’s powerful shot along the carpet beat Karnataka ’keeper Mahan Gowdan on the right.

A heated exchange resulted in the suspension of three players, including two from Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh made the most of the opportunity.

Diwakar utilised another short corner, this time a low shot to the left of Gowdan, to make it 3-1.

The match was suspended for half-an-hour due to a spell of heavy rain. When action resumed, pools of water on the pitch affected the pace of the contest. With its tail up, Uttar Pradesh pumped in two more goals as Karnataka struggled to find its rhythm.

In the other match, Tamil Nadu made a fine start by drawing first blood through its captain Adam Sinclair. But Punjab, which came out with a robust gameplan in the second half, banked on Varun Kumar’s brace to record a comprehensive win.

The results (semifinals): Uttar Pradesh 5 (Diwakar Ram 2, Deepak Singh, Sarabjit Singh, Sunny Sonkar) bt Karnataka 2 (Kusha, Umesh); Punjab 5 (Parvinder Singh 2, Varun Kumar 2, Rajin Kandulna) bt Tamil Nadu 1 (Adam Sinclair).

The Hindu

Punjab to meet UP in Federation Cup final

NEW DELHI: Punjab will take on Uttar Pradesh in the final of the Alchemist IHF Federation Cup hockey tournament at the Shivaji Stadium on Sunday.

While UP rode on vice-captain Diwakar Ram's (22nd, 39th, 42nd minutes) hattrick to beat Karnataka 5-2 in the first semifinal, Punjab spanked Tamil Nadu 5-1 in the second last four match.

Apart from Ram, Sarabjit Singh (58th) and Sunny Sonkar (61st) scored a goal each for UP. For Karnataka, Kushal J P (11th minute) and Umesh K R (65th) were the goal-getters.

In the other semifinal, it was Tamil Nadu who went ahead in the fourth minute with a goal from Adam Sinclair.

But thereafter it was all Punjab as the scored goals at will to thrash Tamil Nadu's hopes.

Parvinder Singh (9th, 70th minutes) and Sendhil Kumar (43rd, 58th) scored two goals apiece while Rajin Kandulna (60th) found the net once for Punjab.

The Times of India

Changing coaches won’t do, change the system: Nobbs

Indervir Grewal

Chandigarh - Michael Nobbs has finally got some time to relax after a tough couple of years. After being relieved as the national hockey coach, he has been conducting coaching clinics at the National Institute of Sports (NIS) in Patiala.

He also has been reassessing his stint as India coach.

“I am starting to accept now that what I had to deliver was impossible. All the previous coaches, including foreigners, who were very successful before coming to India could not deliver either,” said Nobbs, who was in Mohali for a training session with an academy of the Punjab Sports Department on Friday.

“It is not the coach. It is the system that needs to be changed. They need to focus on the aspects that will deliver,” the Australian told the Tribune.

Coaching concerns

As the former national coach engaged with the trainees, demonstrating (for them) a few drills, his eyes lit up and that habitual tugging of his cap became even more conspicuous. Nobbs, who shared his research material with the coaches at the academy, said that coaches in India were not up to speed with the modern methods used around the world.

“I have been teaching international coaching techniques at NIS for the last few days. The syllabus there needs updating in all areas. The basic fundamentals are good but they are using really old resources (books from the 1980s and even before that) from a time when hockey was played on grass.”

Building the second tier

The 59-year-old, who confesses to have fallen in love with India, wants to see hockey flourish once again here. He believes that an immediate step towards that goal would be to build the second tier, a pool of replacements for the national team.

“The national team can’t be sustained with the current system. We only depend on the national camp to train the next generation. But there is a huge discrepancy between the national team and the rest of the country.”

“Whenever a new player came into the team, it took us 12 months to develop him physically and mentally to bring him up to the level of other players,” he added.

“But most of the times the coach doesn’t have so much time for a new player. The youngsters never have a fair chance of competing with the existing players; they can’t cope at that level so we are left with the same bunch to choose from.”

Specialist trainers and scientific methods

This ‘vicious cycle’, Nobbs said, can only be broken by improving the training system in the academies. He said that there was a need for using modern coaching techniques and scientific methods like exercise physiology, sports medicine, biomechanics and sports psychology.

“The national coach doesn’t have time to develop new players. It is to be done at the lower level by the specialists. For example, most of the youngsters are physically not up to the international level. It is the job of a physical trainer and a dietician.”

Nobbs said that the change will take a lot of work but it is not impossible.

“They can start by improving the system at the higher level (17-21 years) so that there is a sufficient pool of replacements. Once there is a path built into the national side, younger kids will feel motivated. This will make it easier to bring change at the grassroots level.”

Talent scouting

Nobbs, who was with the trainees for over two hours, believes there is a lot of potential in India which goes unnoticed because of a lack of a talent identification program.

“The current process is limited to the Nationals, where the selectors usually watch the semifinals and the finals. But what about talented players from weaker teams that don’t reach the final stages?”

“Scouting should be done by young players, who have just been out of the system and know modern hockey, not by sexagenarians!” said Nobbs. “Former players like Rajpal Singh or Arjun Halappa should be asked to identify exceptional players from their regions.”

The Tribune

MHC slammed over controversial rulings


KUALA LUMPUR: The Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA) have slammed the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) over their controversial rulings for the Razak Cup hockey tournament scheduled for Sept 5-15.

The perennial problem is, as usual, the eligibility of players.

A circular sent to all affiliates states that all players shall represent the states where they have been working for more than one year or residing for more than five years.

In the latest circular it has been stated that national players can play for any state they choose.

KLHA secretary V. Rajamanickam said the circulars are ridiculous as importance has not been given to a player born in one state but playing for another state for umpteen years.

For example a player born in Kedah but playing for Pahang should be allow to represent the latter.

“There are just too many circulars and very little concrete decision taken by the competitions committee. I want to know which rules are being applied.

“Last year they said players must represent the state they were born in and if they want to play for another state, they have to get a release.

“The question that we have asked time and again is what about a player born in one state but had made another state his home since young. Then you have those who have been working in KL for 10 or 15 years. Which is their home state then?,” said Rajamanickam.

Rajamanickam said that each year the competitions committee make ad hoc decisions and then change it as they like when someone makes a fuss.

“And usually the fuss-makers are those who have not done anything for the game and are from states that do not even have a league of their own,” he said.

“I have sent a proposal to the committee and I hope they study and look at implementing it according to the MHC constitution.

“For example if a player is playing in the KLHA league for a particular club which is an affiliate of KL, then the player belongs to KL.

“It is very straightforward. The competitions committee should be mindful of the various issues in this particular ruling and act accordingly.

“Then once they get an endorsement from the MHC council they can implement it.”

“There is also confusion over the number of players to be registered for the competition. One page says it is 25 and then another states 22.

“Then there is the closing date for entries. It is learnt that the closing date is on Aug 26 which is 10 days prior to the tournament.

“So how are players who are dropped going to find an alternate team to play in the short period of time?”

A competitions committee meeting is slated for next week and hopefully the members will rethink on the eligibility ruling and resolve it once and for all.

The Star of Malaysia

Gene Muller Steps Down as General Manager

Gene was a central figure in building a high performance team and environment

Vancouver, BC - Field Hockey Canada today officially announced the departure of General Manager, Gene Muller.  “My decision for moving on from the role is to focus on my young family,” said Muller.  “I leave at a time when Field Hockey Canada has strong leadership in both the Women’s and Men’s National Programs. I have met so many amazing individuals across our country and I wish nothing but the best for our hockey community and its athletes.”

“Gene was a central figure in building a high performance team and environment,” commented Ian Baggott, Chair of Field Hockey Canada.  “We are grateful for his time with us and are fortunate Gene will remain in Canada (Winnipeg) and has offered to be a resource to us in the future.”

Muller will stay on until August 9th and will be running the sessions for the National Women’s Program while Ian Rutledge and Robin D’Abreo are coaching the Canadian Junior team at the Women’s Junior World Cup.

Field Hockey Canada media release

SA U21 men’s hockey team named for Senior Interprovincial Tournament

SA Hockey Association CEO Marissa Langeni has released the names of the players who will represent the South Africa U21 team at the 2013 National Men’s Interprovincial Tournament to be held at Hartleyvale Hockey Stadium in Cape Town from August 25 to August 31

Head coach Darryn Gallagher's team will be captained by Dylan Swanepoel of Western Province with Mohamed Mea of KZN Coastal his deputy.

At the conclusion of the IPT in Cape Town an SA U21 team will be selected for the Men’s Junior World Cup finals, to be played in Delhi, India in November.


Richard Curtis (KZN Coastal), Rene de la Peyre (Northern Blues), Dylan Swanepoel (capt, Western Province), Matt Brown (Southern Gauteng), Daniel Bell (WP), Mohamed Mea (vice-capt, KZN Coastal), Adrian Abrahams (WP), Ross Gonsalves (Northern Blues), Marc Fourie (WP), Chad Cairncross (Eastern Province), Daniel Sibbald (KZN Coastal), Ross Hetem (KZN Coastal), Grant Glutz (Northern Blues), Keenan Horne (WP), Ignatius Malgraff (North West), Andrew Manson (KZN Coastal), Damien Kimfley (KZN Inland), James Drummond (WP).

SA Hockey Association media release