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Japan & USA land places at Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014

Results at women’s Asia & Pan American Cups confirms latest teams for The Hague

USA have been confirmed as qualifiers for the 2014 Rabobank Hockey World Cup, which takes place in The Hague, Netherlands. (Photo: PAHF / Paul Winstanley)

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is delighted to confirm that the women’s national teams of Japan and USA have become the latest qualifiers for next year’s Rabobank Hockey World Cup in The Hague, Netherlands.

The news comes following the completion of the women’s continental championships that have been taking place in Asia (Kuala Lumpur, MAS) and Pan America (Mendoza, ARG).

Like all of the continental championships, the big prize on offer both at the Asian and Pan American Cups was direct qualification for next year’s showpiece event at The Hague’s hugely impressive 15,000-seat Kyocera Stadium. Japan grabbed that opportunity with both hands on Friday (27 September), defeating Korea in the tournament final to become Asian champions and seal their World Cup ticket.

USA’s attempt to win the Pan American continental championship ended in a final defeat at the hands of reigning world champions Argentina. However, with Argentina having already secured World Cup qualification thanks to a 3rd place finish at the recent Investec Hockey World League Semi Final in London (ENG), the door was then opened to the teams that finished outside the top three at the HWL Semi-Finals that had not yet qualified for the World Cup. With first reserves China and second reserves Japan having already achieved qualification, the place was immediately handed to third reserves USA.   

Japan and USA become the ninth and tenth women’s teams to qualify the 2014 Rabobank Hockey World Cup, with two more places up for grabs at the Oceania and African continental championships. The men’s and women’s Africa Cup of Nations tournament was scheduled to take place this week in Nairobi, but has been postponed due to the tragic events surrounding the terrorist incident in the Kenyan capital. 

More information about the women’s World Cup qualifiers and the qualifying process can be found below.

Rabobank Hockey World Cup – Women’s Qualifiers.

Netherlands: Hosts
Germany:  Continental Champions Europe
Japan: Continental Champions Asia
Australia: 1st place – Investec Hockey World League Semi-Final,  London (ENG)
England: 2nd place – Investec Hockey World League Semi-Final,  London (ENG)
Argentina:  3rd place – Investec Hockey World League Semi-Final,  London (ENG)
Korea: 3rd place – Rabobank Hockey World League Semi-Final, Rotterdam (NED)
New Zealand: 4th place – Rabobank Hockey World League Semi-Final, Rotterdam (NED) *
China: 4th place – Investec Hockey World League Semi-Final, London (ENG) **
USA: 5th place – Investec Hockey World League Semi-Final, London (ENG) ***

* Netherlands finished second in the Hockey World League Semi-Final event in Rotterdam.  As they are already pre-qualified as the host, this means that the highest ranked fourth place finisher from both Semi-Final events earns direct qualification to the Rabobank Hockey World Cup. This place goes to New Zealand, who were fourth in Rotterdam and currently sit third in the FIH World Rankings.
** China qualified as first reserve courtesy of Germany’s victory in the TriFinance EuroHockey Championships.
*** With second reserves Japan and the already qualified Argentina winning the respective continental championships in Asia and Pan America, the World Cup ticket was handed to third reserves USA.

World Cup Qualification - The Next Stage
The remaining places at the Rabobank Hockey World Cup for men will be filled by the winners of the final two continental championships. However, if any of the above listed teams also becomes continental champion it will open the door to the team that finished outside the top three at the Hockey World League Semi-Finals that has not yet qualified for the World Cup. This team can be found below.   

Belgium: 6th in Rotterdam / 4th reserve for World Cup

FIH Media release

Host Argentina wins the 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup

Rebecca Kanter

(Photo: Paul Winstanley Photography)

The 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup finished with Host Argentina being awarded the gold; United States the silver; and Canada the bronze. At the close of the tournament, the following awards were presented:

Player of the Tournament: Luciana Aymar (Argentina)

Top scorer of the Tournament: Carla Rebecchi (Argentina)

Goalkeeper of the Tournament: Claudia Schuler (Chile)

Fair Play (team): Guyana (accepted by Captain Chantelle Fernandes)

Argentina wins 2013 Pan American Cup; United States gets Silver

The final of the 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup was between host Argentina and the United States. The United States went on the attack early, but Argentina’s keeper Belen Succi came up with a big save. Argentina then went on the counter attack and earned the first penalty corner of the match, but could not convert.  Argentina continued to attack and the United States’ keeper Alesha Widdall made some terrific saves to keep the match scoreless. Succi soon did the same on the other end.  For the rest of the first half, both teams battled hard for the ball in the midfield. Play was mostly in Argentina’s attacking half of the field, but Argentina struggled to generate many shots. In the final minute of the half, Rosario Luchetti was given a yellow card. The match remained United States 0, Argentina 0 at halftime.

The second half of the final continued like the first ended with both teams fighting for possession and limiting each other’s attacking opportunities. Argentina was awarded the first penalty corner of the second half in the 42nd minute, but the play was blocked by the United States defense. Argentina kept up their attacking pressure. In the 45th minute Daniela Sruoga received a yellow card; and then five minutes later, the United States’ Rachel Dawson received a yellow card. Play continued to be mostly in Argentina’s attacking half. Argentina was awarded a penalty corner in the 53rd minute, but the shot went wide. Two minutes later, Argentina’s persistence paid off and Delfina Merino capitalized and put Argentina ahead 1-0. Argentina continued to pressure on attack, but United States’ defense continued to hold strong. Argentina won the 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup; and the United States finished with the Silver Medal.

Canada gets Bronze thanks to two goals from Thea Culley; Chile finishes in fourth place

The bronze medal match of the 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup was between Canada and Chile. Canada earned the first couple penalty corners of the match. And Thea Culley converted the second one in the 9th minute to give Canada the early 1-0 lead over Chile. A few minutes later Canada earned a couple more penalty corners, but the hard shots were blocked by Chile’s defense. In the 19th minute, Chile was awarded their first penalty corner of the match, but the pass out went back into midfield. Both teams continued to fight for possession in the midfield. In the 30th minute, Chile had another good attacking opportunity off a penalty corner, but it was blocked by Canada’s defense. Chile kept the ball in their attacking end and Chile’s Francisca Vidaurre hit a hard back-hand shot from the top of the Circle. With little time left for either team to score again, the match remained tied at halftime.

The second half started with play in Canada’s attacking end and Culley tipped in a shot off the goal post to give her team a 2-1 lead over Chile early in the second half. Play continued in Chile’s attacking half. Canada then tried to get off attacking plays, but Chile regained possession. Chile kept trying to enter their attacking end, but Canada defended well. Manuela Urroz had a nice one-on-one with the keeper, but Canada’s Jessica Barnett just tipped the shot out of play. Canada then rushed back on attack and earned a penalty corner. The shot went wide and the score remained Canada 2, 1 Chile. Play continued in Chile’s attacking half for most of the second half. Chile had a penalty corner in the final minutes, but again Canada defended well. Chile then took out keeper Claudia Schuler and made Sofia Walbaum a kicking back.  Chile kept up their attacking pressure, but could not manage to score. Thus, Canada came away with the 2-1 victory and the Bronze Medal in the 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup. Chile finished in fourth.

Behind keeper Selma Flores Ladron De Guevara, Mexico wins their second shoot out of the tournament for 5th place; Uruguay comes in 6th

Uruguay and Mexico played to decide 5th / 6th place in the 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup. In the first minutes of match Uruguay earned the first penalty corner. Uruguay’s shot hit the goal post. Uruguay’s keeper Rossana Paselle Decia, who earned her 50th international cap with the match, saved a hard Mexico shot to keep the match scoreless. In the 10th minute, Manuela Vilar Del Valle hit a hard penalty corner shot to put Uruguay ahead 1-0 over Mexico. Mexico countered on attack and seven minutes later, Jazel Salazar Miranda tied the match.  Paselle Decia made a great save to keep the match tied. For the rest of the second half, both teams fought hard for possession of the ball in the midfield. With either team unable to score again, the match remained 1-1 at halftime.

The second half of the match was a complete battle for possession. Play was mostly in the midfield as both teams struggled to get past the defense and attack the goal. With ten minutes remaining in the 2nd half, Mexico was awarded a penalty corner, but could not complete the play. Uruguay then rushed down into their attacking end. With three minutes remaining in the match, Uruguay was awarded a penalty corner. Mexico defended the play and regained possession.  With the match still tied 1-1 at the end of regulation, the match went into a penalty shoot out. Mexico’s Jazel Salazar Miranda, Dafne Carmona Sandoval, Marlet Correa Conejo, and Fernanda Oviedo Guadarrama scored four straight shoot out goals; while Uruguay missed two. Thus, Mexico won their second shoot out of the tournament to secure 5th place. And Uruguay secured 6th place of the 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup.

Woodruffe’s goal was Guyana’s first goal of the tournament, but Trinidad & Tobago comes away with 7th place; Guyana 8th place

To decide 7th/8th place of the 2013 Women’s Pan American Cup, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago played. In the 8th minute, Trinidad and Tobago received the first penalty corner of the match, but the play was broke by Guyana’s defense. Play was mostly in Trinidad & Tobago’s attacking half, but Guyana played strong defense to keep Trinidad & Tobago out of their attacking circle. Late in the half, Guyana had possession in their attacking half, but couldn’t get a shot off. Both teams continued to battle for possession in the midfield. In the 33rd minute, Guyana had another rare opportunity on attack and earned a penalty corner. The hard short was blocked by Trinidad & Tobago’s keeper, Anastasio Netto. Guyana earned another penalty corner and as time expired, Trisha Woodruffe put in the penalty corner goal to put Guyana ahead 1-0 over Trinidad & Tobago at halftime.

The second half also started with a penalty corner opportunity for Trinidad & Tobago. Guyana’s defense came out fast and did not allow Trinidad & Tobago to get a shot off. Guyana’s keeper Alysa Xavier made some big saves to keep Guyana’s lead. Guyana’s defense broke up another penalty corner and then rushed back on attack. Aliyah Gordon gave Guyana a two goal lead in the 43rd minute. Play was then back in Trinidad & Tobago’s attacking end, but Guyana’s defense continued to play hard; and stopped two penalty corner shots by Trinidad & Tobago. For much of the half, both teams fought hard for possession in the midfield and prevented each other from having many shot opportunities. In the 58th minute, Alanna Lewis put Trinidad & Tobago on the scoreboard after a hard penalty corner shot past Xavier. Five minutes later Dana-Lee De Gannes scored off a penalty corner to tie the match, 2-2. Soon after, Blair Wynne put in a penalty stroke to give Trinidad & Tobago the lead. Guyana had a great opportunity to tie the match with a penalty corner with less than one minute remaining. Guyana’s shot went just wide and Trinidad & Tobago came away with the 3-2 victory over Guyana.  Thus, Trinidad & Tobago finished in 7th place and Guyana 8th place, respectively.

Pan American Hockey Federation media release

Hail India, Champions of SOJC

by  Satwant Dhaliwal

India defeated Malaysia 3-0 to win the 3rd Sultan of Johor cup at the Taman Daya Stadium in Johor Baru. India who lost the final were deserving winners on a day Malaysia failed to find the spark that had seen them make the final with relative ease.

With skipper Fitri Saari marked out of the match by Harjeet Singh, Malaysia lacked ideas to penetrate the tight Indian defence.

India thus made up for last years defeat in the final against Germany where they were beaten 3-2.

The terraces were overflowing and even at the road shoulders the crowd was at least ten deep as the spectators turned out in numbers to cherr Malaysia on.

It was estimated that some 15,000 were at the Taman Daya Stadium to watch the match, with thousands glued to their televesion sets at home.

India had a first look at goal in the 5th minute as Satbir Singh took a snap shot which was well padded away by Mohd Hafizuddin Othman. India started gaining in confidence as Malaysia relied on counter attacks.

India were awarded a penalty corner in the 13th minute but Amit Rohidass attempt was charged down by Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin and off a quick counter Mohd Syamim Yusof nearly scored after evading three defenders but sending his shot wide of the post and keeper Harjot Singh was a relieved man.

India took the lead in the 22nd minute after a fine run on the left by Kothajit Singh whose cross came of the stick of Faiz Helmi and fell nicely for Amon Mirash Tirkey to score.

The Malaysian defenders were loose in their marking and that allowed Affan Yusof to move into the semi circle and his reverse stick hit went inches wide.

India forced three consecutive penalty corners in the 35th minute but the Malaysian defenders held firm but paid a heavy price as Muhammad Azri Hassan was yellow carded and Malaysia had to start the second half a man down.

India took advantage of their numerical advantage to force two penalty corners in the 42nd and 45th minutes. And off the second Amit Rohidass drag flick was palmed out by Hafizuddin.

Malaysia got their chance in the 47th minute when they were awarded a penalty corner. But Shahril Saabah was on the bench and a variation was used. Izad Hakimi had a slap shot that was saved by the keeper.

Another penalty corner in the 52nd minute for Malaysia was kept out by India and from a counter attack Ramandeep Singh outwitted Kavin Karthik for a clear run at goal. He relayed the ball to Affan Yusof who scored easily to make it 2-0 for India.

India created several chances to score, their forwards were missing sitters. But skipper Manprret converted their eight penalty corner in the 64th minute to make it 3-0 and the title was heading to the Indian shores.

India were worthy champions of the 3rd Sultan of Johor Cup. Below is the roll of honour for the tournament.

Champions: India
Runner Up: Malaysia
Third: Argentina
Fourth: Pakistan
Fifth Korea
Sixth: England

Most Outstanding Player: Mohd Fitri Saari (Malaysia)

Top Scorer: Mohd Shahril Saabah (Malaysia) - 8 goals

Most Promising Player: Harpreet Singh (INdia)

Best Goalkeeper: Lee Se Young (Korea)

Fairplay: England

Official Sultan of Johor Cup site

Argentina take Bronze

by  Satwant Dhaliwal

Argentina took third spot after defeating Pakistan 3-0 in a penalty shoot out at the Taman Daya Hockey Stadium.

The two teams just could not find a goal to separate them in regulation time, thus forcing a shoot out to determine the third spot in the tournament.

Pakistan had the first look at goal in the 11th minute when Muhammad Dilber was put through by Muhammad Suleman but hit his shot straight into the pads of Argentina keeper Tomas Matias.

And Argentina too came close in the very next minute, but Lautero Diaz skied his attempt with only Amin Yousaf to beat in the Pakistan goal.

At halftime the two teams trooped off at a stalemate with neither earning a penalty corner.

Pakistan were awarded the first penalty corner of the match in the 45th minute but Muhammad Tousiq sent his drag flick over the bar.

Argentina wasted a penalty stroke in the 62nd minute as the attempt by Carlos Ibarra was a weak one and virtually rolled onto the pads of keeper Amin.

Try as they did, the two teams failed to find the goal and it was the shootout that decided things.

Official Sultan of Johor Cup site

Korea finish fifth

by  Satwant Dhaliwal

Korea secured fifth spot in the 3rd Sultan of Johor Cup by hammering England 6-0 at the Taman Daya Hockey Stadium.

Korea opened scoring in the 6th minute through Seo In Woo. And they doubled their advantage in the 18th minute as You Seung Ju converted a penalty corner that gave England keeper Thomas Jolyon no chance whatsoever.

England had a chance to reduce the deficit as Stanley French created spacre in the semi circle in the 24th minute but skied his shot.

In Woo showed splendid skills to ghost past three defenders before pushing the ball past Jolyon in the 28th minute to make it 3-0 for Korea.

Korea did not ease up with the 3-0 lead, bearing in mind they had lost 4-3 after taking a 3-0 lead in the final preliminary round match.

You Seung Ju converted a penalty corner in the 44th minute to make it 4-0 while You Min Young scored the fifth in the 58th minute, his shot squeezing in beteen the post and Thomas in England's goal.

Ji Woo Cheon then got into the scoring act by scoring Korea's sixth in the 62nd minute.

Official Sultan of Johor Cup site

Just not enough


Malaysia’s Mohd Syamim Mohd Yusof (centre) tries to get past two India players in their Sultan of Johor Cup final match at Taman Daya Stadium yesterday. Pic Mohamad Shahril Badri Saali

MALAYSIA gave their best but it was not enough, and they went down 3-0 to a more matured India in the final of the third Sultan of Johor Cup at the Taman Daya Stadium yesterday.

However, the tournament has served its purpose, as Malaysia prepare for the Junior World Cup in New Delhi on Dec 6-15 with a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

"There is no shame in this defeat as my boys gave their best but it was not enough against a much more matured India.

"However, this tournament has shown me what I need to do in the remaining days leading to the Junior World Cup, and that is the most important lesson we will be taking from the  silver medal," said Malaysia coach K. Dharmaraj.

The Taman Daya Stadium was filled to the brim with hardly any space to swing a cat, as 10,000 fans swamped the 3,500 capacity stadium to cheer  Dharmaraj's men.

They were all around the stadium, which only has seating on one side, while the rest of them sat under trees, and stood around the perimeter fence.

The match progressed slowly, and only in the 12th minute, it actually started with a penalty corner won by India. Malaysia's runners took the corner apart, and a swift counter attack almost landed Malaysia the first goal but eight-goal hero Shahril Saabah missed a reverse stick attempt.

India drew first blood when Amon Mirash Tirkey's field attempt sailed into the goalmouth in the 22nd minute, and the match went into higher gear as Malaysia went looking for the equaliser.

India were the better side in the first half, as Malaysia had to defend deep and the match went into half-time. But confusion broke out when the United States umpire awarded India a penalty corner a few seconds after the half-time hooter had blown.

Malaysia protested, but the umpire said he did not hear the hooter as the crowd were too noisy.

There consecutive penalty corners were awarded after that, but  the Malaysian runners took all three apart.

However, Azri Hassan was flashed the yellow card in that moment of mayhem and Malaysia would  re-start with 10 players after the break.

India pressed hard to increase their lead, but even after a total of eight penalty corners by the 45th minute, they could not score as Malaysain goalkeeper Hafizuddin Othman brought  out saves after saves.

Malaysia finally got their act together and won their first two penalty corners of the match in the 46th and 50th minutes, but the ball refused to go in.

And even though Malaysia were the better side in the second half, a mistake in the 55th minute saw Yousuf Affan converting a one-two with Ramandeep Singh for a 2-0 lead.

India skipper Manpreet Singh nailed the third goal in the 64th minute and it was all over for Malaysai.

RESULTS --  Final: Malaysia 0 India 3; Third-Fourth: Pakistan 0 Argentina 0 (Argentina win shoot-out 3-0); Fifth-Sixth: South Korea 6 England 0.

New Straits Times


India beat Malaysia 3-0 to win Sultan of Johor Cup

JOHOR BAHRU: A dominant India triumphed in the 3rd Sultan of Johor Cup with a thumping 3-0 victory over hosts Malaysia in the title clash of the under-21 hockey tournament on Sunday.

Amon Mirash Tirkey (22nd), Affan Yusof (52) and Manprret (64th) were the goal-scorers for India who made up for last year's defeat in the final against Germany.

India were the deserving winners on a day when Malaysia failed to find the spark that had seen them make the final with relative ease.

The visitors created a lot of opportunities and had an early chance in the 5th minute when Satbir Singh took a snap shot but it was padded away by Mohd Hafizuddin Othman.

The initial forays gave India the confidence and they were awarded a penalty corner in the 13th minute but Amit Rohidas's attempt was charged down by Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin.

In a quick counter-attack, Mohd Syamim Yusof nearly scored after evading three defenders, but he sent his shot wide of the post, much to the relief of keeper Harjot Singh.

India drew first blood in the 22nd minute after a fine run on the left by Kothajit Singh whose cross came off the stick of Faiz Helmi and fell nicely for Tirkey to score.

The Malaysian defenders were loose in their marking and that allowed Affan Yusof to move into the semi circle and his reverse stick hit went inches wide.

India forced three consecutive penalty corners in the 35th minute but the Malaysian defenders held firm. However, they paid a heavy price as Muhammad Azri Hassan was yellow carded and Malaysia had to start the second half a man down.

India forced two penalty corners in the 42nd and 45th minutes and off the second, Rohidas's drag flick was palmed out by Hafizuddin.

Malaysia got their chance in the 47th minute when they were awarded a penalty corner. But Shahril Saabah was on the bench and a variation was used. Izad Hakimi had a slap shot that was saved by the keeper.

Another penalty corner in the 52nd minute for Malaysia was kept out by India and from a counter attack, Ramandeep Singh outwitted Kavin Karthik for a clear run at goal.

He relayed the ball to Yusof who scored easily to make it 2-0 for India.

India created several chances and finally skipper Manpreet converted their eight penalty corner in the 64th minute to make it 3-0 as India sealed the title.

The Times of India

Mithapur’s Mandeep delivers on his potential on the big stage

Indervir Grewal

Chandigarh - He has come a long way from being the wiry enthusiastic kid in his academy to now the goal-scoring boy-wonder of the Indian team.

Mandeep Singh, the thin springy forward with his bright white patka and a knack for being in the right place at the right time, has become a familiar figure for hockey fans in India.

“He wasn’t the kind of scorer he has developed into now, but he had potential. From the beginning he had great clarity and was good at making quick decisions. He was good at creating gaps and over the years he has worked hard on his receiving and finishing,” said Avtar Singh, one of the coaches at Surjit academy, Jalandhar, where Mandeep has been a trainee for the last five years.

Mandeep, who hails from Mithapur village in Jalandhar district, started playing hockey at the age of five, trying to emulate his elder brother and uncles. After a few years of informal training in his village and one year as a trainee in Khadur Sahib Academy, Tarn Taran, he got into Surjit academy.

“He would practice before and after the training sessions the basics we would teach such as receiving in the gaps, one-on-one play, shooting from different angles,” added Avtar. Still just 18, Mandeep has become a regular name on the score-sheets at the senior level in the past one year. But the novelty of scoring has not faded for him – visible in his celebrations, which are a strange mix of flamboyance and amazement. Few would forget his ‘rhino’ celebrations in the inaugural Hockey India League, in which, playing for Ranchi Rhinos, he was the second highest scorer with 10 goals. And though his confidence grew with each goal, the look on his face after scoring showed the same boyish enthusiasm of a humble kid who couldn’t believe he had scored. “It was a symbol for the rhino which the team management came up with and our fans loved it. We got amazing support from the Ranchi crowd.”

That was the breakout tournament for Mandeep – he was adjudged the upcoming player of the tournament – and soon after he made his senior debut in the FIH Hockey World League Round 2.

Manpreet the guide

Though Mandeep has impressed everyone with his unusually mature performances in the senior team, he admits Manpreet Singh, who is from the same village and a pass-out of the same academy, helped him in handling the pressure.

“I was nervous in the beginning to play in the senior team. But Manpreet helped me a lot. He would always tell me to play without fear and give my best.”

And he has been improving since his debut – he scored two goals in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup (March), four goals in FIH Hockey World League Semifinals (June) and 6 goals in the recently concluded Asia Cup, where India missed out on gold.

“Our objective was to qualify for the World Cup by winning the Asia Cup. Though we had qualified before the final we were really disappointed to not win,” he said.

The Tribune

18-yr-old goalie takes Indian junior hockey to new levels

Nitin Sharma

Earlier this month, when the Indian junior team left for Malaysia to take part in the Sultan of Johor Cup, former Chandigarh Hockey and Football Academy trainee Harjot Singh spent some time on the phone with injured drag-flicker Gurjinder Singh and sought tips from him. A fortnight later, the 18-year-old goal-keeper stood on the winning podium along with his team-mates and skipper Manpreet Singh after the 3-0 title win over hosts Malaysia. Harjot was seen talking with Indian team's foreign coach Greg Clarkk and Indian junior coach Baljeet Singh Saini. "I wish Gurjinder was also playing here. He is one of the best drag-flickers in the junior circuit," shared the young goalie.

Harjot, who was the first choice goal-keeper for the Indian junior team in the tournament. also made some fine saves in the league matches against England, Argentina and arch rival Pakistan. "It feels great to win the tournament and that too by winning the final against the hosts. In the last match, they made a comeback against us and this time I made it a point that we will not concede many goals. Our defenders also did well and the win will boost our confidence. We had prepared hard for this tournament and our efforts did not go waste. I was a bit nervous when we left for Malaysia as it was my second international tournament. But now this performance has lifted my confidence a lot," said the lanky goalie, who made three crucial saves against Malaysia in the finals.

A product of Chandigarh Hockey and Football Academy, Singh was also a part of the academy's team which toured Malaysia in 2010. Fondly called as `Joty' by his team-mates, Harjot also starred in Chandigarh's title triumph in junior nationals as well sub-junior nationals from 2007 to 2010. Last year, Harjot made a move to the World Series of Hockey, where he played for Chandigarh Comets, but returned to the Hockey India fold early

Indian Express

Pakistan fail to finish on podium

India triumphed over Malaysia 3-0 in the final to clinch the title. PHOTO:

KARACHI: Pakistan failed to win the bronze medal at the Sultan of Johor Cup after being outplayed by Argentina 3-0 in a penalty shoot out during the third-place play-off game yesterday in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Just a day after defeating the same opponents comfortably 4-1, Pakistan looked off-colour with an ordinary display to finish fourth in the event.

The regulation time that witnessed dull proceedings failed to yield a goal from either side, forcing a shoot out to determine the bronze medallists.

Pakistan, however, created some chances in the beginning with Mohammad Dilber coming close to score in the 11th minute, but his shot was valiantly blocked by Argentina goalkeeper Tomas Matias.

Argentina soon launched a counter attack, bringing momentum in the contest but failed to break the deadlock as the stalemate continued.

With no penalty-corner earned in the opening session, Pakistan won their first chance in the 45th minute, but Mohammad Tousiq was off target.

Argentina came very close to taking the lead with just eight minutes remaining, but Carlos Ibarra wasted the penalty stroke with a weak attempt that hit Pakistan goalkeeper Amin Yousaf’s pads.

However, Argentina excelled in the penalty shootout, scoring three goals next to Pakistan’s nil scoresheet.

Meanwhile, India triumphed over Malaysia 3-0 in the final to clinch the title.

The hosts, who enjoyed a comfortable ride to the final, missed the spark proving themselves a mismatch for India in the epic battle.

Amon Mirash Tirkey, Affan Yusof and captain Manprret were the goal scorers.

In the fifth-sixth position match, South Korea hammered England 6-0.

The Express Tribune

HI announces Rs 1 lakh each for members of India U-21 squad

NEW DELHI: The Hockey India announced a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh for each member of the India U-21 team that won the Sultan of Johar Cup in Johar Bahru, Malaysia on Sunday.

India beat Malaysia 3-0 to win the final of Sultan of Johor Cup.

The support staff will also be awarded with a cash prize of Rs 50,000 each while Harjit Singh will get an additional cash award of Rs 100,000 for getting the Most Promising Player award.

Also, HI will give a cash award of Rs. 1,00,000 to Indian women's team goalkeeper Savita who won the 'Best Goalkeeper' award at the recently concluded 8th Women's Asia Cup held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"I congratulate all the players and support staff for making everyone proud by winning this prestigious tournament. This is just the beginning for the Junior Men who are setting their target on winning the FIH Junior Men's World Cup to be held in New Delhi from 6-15 December 2013," HI secretary general Narinder Batra was quoted as saying in a press release.

The Times of India

ACT, VIC & QLD through to Men's finals race


NT def SA 4-2

NT Goals: Tarrant Haami-Jones 35m PC, Adrian Locckley 37m PC, Coby Tribe 62m PS, Will Gilmour 70m FG
SA Goals: Daniel Cox 14m PC, Tom Wickham 32m FG

An impressive display by the NT Stingers see them come from behind to defeat the SA Hotshots 4 – 2 in the opening match on day two of competition.  The Hotshots were completely outplayed conceding three second half goals.

The first 10 minutes saw both teams have an equal share of possession with no real opportunities to score, except a wide shot from the Hotshots at the five minute mark.  A penalty corner was then awarded to the Hotshots which they converted and saw the Stingers trail 0 – 1 at the 21 minute mark.

The Stingers launched several attacks but some ineffective crossing and missed traps let them down.  However, they kept persisting and were eventually awarded with two penalty corners within four minutes.

The Hotshots looked content on maintaining their one goal lead until a great run of play saw Tom Wickham get on the end of a pass inside the attacking circle.  With only three minutes to go and the Hotshots on fire the Stingers mounted one last attack and were awarded with a penalty corner.  After converting with their third penalty corner an exciting halftime concluded with the Hotshots keeping their noses in front 2 – 1.

The second half maybe began too quickly for the Hotshots as they were caught off guard from an Adrian Lockley strike that leveled the scores 2 – 2.  The tails were up for the Stingers as they absorbed all the challenges from the Hotshots.

With 14 minutes to go a penalty stroke was awarded to the Stingers and they looked set to take the lead but an unfortunate miss from Lockley kept scores level at 2 – 2.  Sloppy defense from the Hotshots gave the Stingers another penalty stroke and this time Cody Tribe was given the responsibility and he did not disappoint.

The complete momentum shift in the game saw the Stingers’ pressure get the better of the Hotshots and a two goal deficit became a one goal lead 3 – 2.  In the dying a seconds an impressive shot from (player) finished off a 3 – 0 second half and the Stingers ran away with a 4 – 2 victory.

QLD def NSW 4-3

QLD goals: Jamie Dwyer 24m PC & 35m PC, Scott Boyde 44m FG, Jake Whetton 55m FG
NSW goals: Matthew Johnson 8m FG, Tristan White 9m FG, Matthew Butturini 48m FG

The QLD Blades have continued their unbeaten start to the 2013 AHL competition with a hard fought win against the NSW Waratahs 4 – 3 today at the State Netball and Hockey Centre.

Both sides began the match with a similar intensity usually seen in the State of Origin games in Rugby League.  The frantic pace and precision passing was evident early and the Waratahs were able to find a large amount of space and converted two early goals.  NSW possibly identified the strength of QLD team of pressuring the ball carrier in which Blades coach Matthew Wells touched on pre-game.

Lob passing enabled the Waratahs to run into the open space which gave them the opportunity to get on the scoreboard early and unsettle the Blades.  However, the professional outfit of the Blades continued to persist and they were able to capitalise on a brilliant shot from Kane Posselt in which Jamie Dwyer deflected into the goals.

The fiery encounter saw players from both teams given yellow cards.  The Blades were able to string a number of passes together and keep possession and gain some confidence after being jumped early.  With NSW looking like taking a one goal lead into the halftime break the Blades were awarded four consecutive penalty corners. Robert Hammond converted the forth penalty corner and took the wind out of the Waratahs sails.

As scores were tied up at 2 – 2 both teams found the goals midway through the second half.  The Blades were able to get on the end of some smooth transitional play and edged ahead thanks to a spectacular reverse shot from Jake Whetton.

NSW needed an answer quickly as time was running out and with some entries into the attacking circle and a penalty corner they were unable to a get around the determined QLD outfit.  With three minutes to go in the game the intensity went up a level and NSW surged forward without any success.  The game ended with QLD completing a stunning come from behind victory against the NSW Waratahs.

ACT def Tas 7-2

ACT goals: Aaron Kershaw 13m PC, Troy Sutherland 22m FG & 59m FG, Adam Baxter 35m PC & 53m PC, Daniel Hotchkis 55m FG, Ian Davidson 66m FG
TAS goals: Angus Boulton 21m FG, Jeremy Edwards 50m FG

The TAS Tigers were again embarrassed on the scoreboard this time against the ACT Lakers 7 – 2 in the 2013 AHL championships.

Arriving late which delayed the start of the match the Tigers were ready to make an impact.  The opening five minutes saw the Tigers dominate possession and not allow the Lakers to get any clean passes.  The Lakers had an opportunity to sneak a goal against the run of play but were denied by the crossbar.

Moments later a penalty corner was awarded to ACT which they took full advantage of thanks to the drag flick of Aaron Kershaw into the top corner.  The Tigers to their credit did not drop their heads as the strong attacking play was not mounting to quality opportunities.  Then Angus Boulton leveled the scores and gave the Lakers something to think about.

Seconds later the Lakers quickly put the ball in their attacking circle and a goal keeping error allowed too much space for Troy Sutherland to deflect his first goal of the afternoon into the open net.  The Tigers again were put on the back foot but did their best to assert some physicality on the game.

A one goal deficit going into the halftime break would not have been too discouraging but the Lakers managed to win themselves a penalty corner on the halftime whistle which Adam Baxter converted.  Glenn Turner was proving to be a handful for the TAS defense as he continually put himself in dangerous positions.

Coming back from halftime the Tigers were in need of a spark and it did not come.  The Lakers were able to negate the attack from the Tigers and bully them into rushing their passes.  With 20 minutes to go the Tigers were able to maneuver their way into the attacking circle and patiently draw Lakers defenders to get the space they wanted and score thanks to Jeremy Edwards.

This sparked a run of play from the Lakers which saw three goals scored in quick succession to Adam Baxter, Daniel Hotchkis and Troy Sutherland.  This attacking dominance was then followed by an unbelievable defensive display by Lakers defender Adam Baxter.

A second half meltdown saw the Tiger concede four goals which means that in two games the Tigers have let through 14 goals.  If they want to make any impact in the competition this year the Tigers must tighten up their defense.  The Lakers are now two wins from two matches and looking as if they will seriously challenge for the championship.

VIC def WA 4-0

VIC Goals: Gordon Zull 8m FG, Russell Ford 61m PS & 68m FG, Chris Ciriello 65m PC

The VIC Vikings have conquered the WA Thundersticks in their second match of the 2013 AHL championships 4 – 0 to record the first clean sheet of the championships.

In the opening 10 minutes the Vikings were doing their best to guard space and keep the Thundersticks at bay. The pressure saw the first attacking chance for VIC go through the net thanks to the quick stick work of Gordon Zull.

WA regrouped and nullified the VIC attack to some extent.  The defense of the Thundersticks was holding firm as the Vikings were awarded two penalty corners which they dismissed.  With play consistently moving from end to end it was hard to gauge an accurate read on which team had the ascendency.

The Vikings were awarded a penalty corner just before the halftime whistle which they were unable to convert.  This showed a solid defensive game from the Thundersticks as they were able to hold off a late charge from the Vikings.  Although VIC entered the halftime break leading 1 – 0 WA would have be pleased they have been able to repress the penalty corner tactics from the Vikings.

After the break the Vikings came out with more intent.  It seemed as if they were running harder and presenting more than the first half.  As a result the first 10 minutes of the second half really belonged to the Vikings however, the Thundersticks were holding firm.

The attack was immense from the Vikings as they kept pressing up the ground into their attacking circle with no real reward for effort.  The Vikings eventually hit their straps with a penalty stroke closely followed by a penalty corner which was converted by Chris Ciriello.

The Vikings were flexing their muscles in the second half with three goals in eight minutes which was capped off with a remarkable strike from Russell Ford.  The second half showed that the Vikings look like the team to beat after the attacking power was well and truly on display.  Last year’s grand finalists, WA Thundersticks, are in desperate need of win to make an impact at this year’s championships.

Men’s round three – Tuesday 1st October 2013 (Melbourne)
11:30am – QLD v SA
1:30pm – NT v NSW
3:30pm – WA v TAS
5:30pm – ACT v VIC

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Hockey Australia media release

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Defending champions out of finals race


ACT def TAS 3-0

ACT Goals: Jenna Cartwright 19m FG, Shelley Watson 31m FG, Edwina Bone 50m PC

The ACT Strikers lived up to their name today with a strong attacking presence for most of the game against the Tassie Van Demons.  ACT moved the ball around swiftly and always looked dangerous as they regularly penetrated the circle.

The Tasmanian defence was under constant pressure and without the fine work of goalkeeper Amelia Gibson they could have been a goal or two down much earlier.

The sustained pressure from the Strikers paid dividends eventually with Jenna Cartwright drilling a neat reverse goal from the spot to give ACT the lead.

Van Demon Louisa Jacobson was strong and smart in defence and held up several ACT attacks.  But eventually ACT broke through again and Shelley Watson netted a second goal taking a 2 nil lead at half time.

World Young Hockey Player of the year, Anna Flanagan was the general on the field for ACT and rewarded her strikers high work rate with pinpoint passes.  She executed a slick penalty corner variation - a spin - to allow Edwina Bone to slot home ACT’s third goal.

Jenna Cartwright constantly troubled the Van Demons defence with her speed and determination.

Other than short bursts during the match and some individual skills from Brigit Ikin and Julie Reid, TAS were under too much pressure to get their game going.

SA def NT 5-0

SA goals: 15m OG, Courtney Rudd 29m FG, Karri McMahon 42m PC, Holly Evans 53m FG, Georgie Parker 63m FG

With their key striker Brooke Peris missing, NT was always going to struggle up front despite the high work rate and best endeavours by Candice Olivieri. 

SA got their first score in the board from an own goal, always unfortunate for the defenders.  Courtney Rudd followed up with a fine goal to take SA to the half time break 2 up.

SA controlled the game and the experienced trio of Karri McMahan, Holly Evans and Georgie Parker, with 17 years of AHL between them, each all slotted home a goal for a convincing, comfortable win.

WA def VIC 4-1

WA goals: Penny Sqibb 25m PC, Shayni Nelson 34m PC, Jess Esselmont 37m FG, Caitlon Pascov 55m FG
Vic Goals: Carla Bond 69m PC

The defending champions VIC Vipers struggled for the second day and the win put the WA Diamonds clear on top of their pool.

What started out as a tentative game seeing sawing between the 25 yard lines, ended up a fast tough game with the Vipers fighting it out to the very end. 

It was closer to half time before the Diamonds’ Penny Squibb powered a penalty corner strike into the net, assisted by the VIC defence.  VIC tried to answer the score by immediately earning their own penalty corner but the chance went begging. 

The Diamonds cleverly spread the Vipers defence and got the upper hand by the half time break with a second successful penalty corner strike from Captain Shayni Nelson. 

Midfielder Kary Chau worked tirelessly for the Vipers, throwing herself on the line at times.

WA got straight to back to business after the break with striker Jess Esselmont  taking on the keeper and winning – taking the Diamonds lead to 3 – 0. 

A superb cross into the circle allowed Caitlin Pascov to deflect in WA’s fourth goal.

It was looking like the Vipers would end up scoreless until some desperate drives forward earned them a penalty corner which Carla Bond confidently powered home for a consolation goal.

NSW 2 drew with QLD 2

QLD: Madonna Blyth 12m PC, Alyssa Kerr 38m FG
NSW: Hollie Webster 35m FG, Casey Eastham 50m PC

As expected, an evenly matched contest was fought out between arguably the two powerhouses of Australian women’s hockey.

In the match before them the NSW and QLD Under 13 Girls teams fought a similar battle with the QLD U13’s holding onto a one goal advantage. Their senior counterparts weren’t so fortunate and had to make do with a draw.

The match built to a crescendo with QLD and VIC going goal for goal.  Maestro Madonna Blyth struck first from a penalty corner and QLD continued strongly looking for the next opportunity. 

The Arrows were just as keen and shortly before half time their chance looked good with what would have been a perfect penalty corner deflection, bit it was deflected again away from the goal.  Then right on half time Hollie Webster scored the vital equaliser for NSW.

Back on the pitch, within minutes the Scorchers took the lead again through Alyssa Kerr so the chase was on again for NSW.

The Arrows transferred from side to side and tried various means to shake off QLD and midway through the last half found success, and the equaliser, from the stick of Hockeyroos star Casey Eastham.

Strikers Jade Close for NSW and Jordyn Holzberger for the Scorchers continued to work tireless, and so did defenders in Jodie Schulz QLD and Georgina Morgan NSW.  But the frantic last minutes failed to find a winner for either team.

Both in equal points in the pool, QLD currently edge out VIC on goal difference.

Round three – Tuesday 1st October 2013

11am - WA v ACT
1pm - NSW v NT
3pm - SA v QLD
5pm - VIC v TAS

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Junior Black Sticks Men named for World Cup

Jared Panchia (

Junior Black Sticks Men’s head coach Grant Edwards has named a strong team to compete at the Junior World Cup in India at the end of the year.

The Junior Men’s World Cup takes place from December 6th-15th in India, with the Junior Black Sticks set to take on the world’s best Under 21 sides.

Following a recent training camp, the wider squad of 30 has been narrowed down to 18 along with four non-travelling reserves for the Junior World Cup.

Head coach Grant Edwards has included a diverse range of talent in his team, including three National Squad members (Kane Russell, George Muir and Jared Panchia) along with other exciting young up and coming players.

“It’s a very strong and well balanced team. We have a good mix of international experience with some exciting newcomers,” Edwards said.

“Our biggest strength is certainly our conditioning – the guys are extremely fit and the physical aspect is a big part of our game. We have good strength in our defensive organisation as well as talented forwards.”

Already with 18 caps for the Black Sticks, 19-year-old Jared Panchia is looking forward to a shot at the Junior World Cup title but knows it will be tough.

Panchia is in good form and recently played for the championship winning Auckland side in the Ford National Hockey League.

“We have a really strong team and most of us have already played together which is a big positive. The fact that we know our teammates so well gives us an advantage and we’re very competitive as a team,” he said.

“Through training and playing NHL and also with the Black Sticks I’ve learnt so much and my game has really developed and that will help a great deal going into this campaign.”

The Junior Black Sticks will head on a warm-up trip to Australia before departing for the Junior World Cup in India which starts on December 6th.

The Junior Black Sticks are part of the Sir Owen G Glenn Future Black Sticks Programme which offers international competition, training camps and quality coaching experience to the next generation of Black Sticks.














Richard JOYCE

North Harbour





Sanjay LALA

North Harbour


Oliver MacINTYRE









George MUIR

North Harbour























Nicholas WOODS








North Harbour











Hockey New Zealand has just formed a partnership with SportsLink International who will be arranging a supporters tour for this tournament for all the family and friends who wish to travel to India. Some of you may have had family travel with SportsLink International last year to the Sultan Johor Cup in Malaysia.

Packages for the event will be available by the end of the week on our website. Please let your family and friends know that this will be coming, so they can keep an eye out for it.

Hockey New Zealand Media release

Junior World Cup hockey squad named

Junior Black Sticks men's coach Grant Edwards has named three national squad members in his side for December's World Cup in India.

The New Zealand side will be headlined by Auckland striker Jared Panchia, Southern defender Kane Russell and North Harbour midfielder George Muir, who are all capped at senior level.

The junior men's hockey World Cup takes place from December 6 to 15 in New Delhi.

After a recent training camp, the wider squad of 30 has been narrowed down to 18 along with four non-travelling reserves.

Edwards was excited by the potential of the squad for India.

"It's a very strong and well balanced team. We have a good mix of international experience with some exciting newcomers," he said.

"Our biggest strength is certainly our conditioning - the guys are extremely fit and the physical aspect is a big part of our game. We have good strength in our defensive organisation as well as talented forwards."

Already with 18 caps for the Black Sticks, 19-year-old Panchia is looking forward to a shot at the Junior World Cup title but acknowledged it would be tough.

"We have a really strong team and most of us have already played together which is a big positive.

"The fact that we know our team-mates so well gives us an advantage and we're very competitive as a team."

The Junior Black Sticks will head to Australia for warmup games before departing for India.

Junior Black Sticks squad:

Robert Creffier, Kim Kingstone, Jared Panchia, Ben Radonovich, Michael Ritchie (Auckland), Nick Elder, Oliver MacIntyre, Kane Russell, Jeremy Morris (Southern), Richard Joyce, Sanjay Lala, George Muir (North Harbour), Angus Hazlett, Ben Smith (Canterbury), Harry Miskimmin, Benedict van Woerkom (Capital), Matt Rees-Gibbs, Nicholas Woods (Midlands).

Non-travelling reserves: Chad Whitehead, Zac Woods (Midlands) Sam Greaney (Central), Brennan Alexander-Parker (North Harbour)


Double hockey success for table-topping Beeston

BEESTON'S men enjoyed a fantastic double success on the weekend to go top of the England Hockey Premier League and then progress in the NOW: Pensions Hockey Cup.

On Saturday, the English champions maintained maximum points as they won 3-1 away to East Grinstead in Sussex to go top of the Premier table for the first time this season.

Richard Lawrence opened the scoring for the Bees with a 19th minute low penalty corner flick and the score remained the same as both sides searched out weaknesses and opportunities in a tight first half.

Beeston increased the lead on 43 minutes when they transferred the ball from the left to the right at speed. David Ames picked up the move and fired a ball into the Grinstead circle for Sam Ward to deflect home.

The visitors had a simple chance to go further ahead in the 50th minute but it was not to be.

But Ward was on hand seven minutes later to collect a ball, turn and fire home to blast the Bees into an impressive 3-0 lead at Saint Hill.

East Grinstead scored a consolation goal in the 70th minute with their seventh penalty corner, when Ashley Jackson's flick deflected in, after hitting Lawrence's stick.

Beeston's England half-back, Tim Whiteman, said afterwards: "To take three points at Grinstead is not an easy task but I felt we were always in the driving seat.

"George Pinner in goal was outstanding and we played good hockey in phases and probably have a few more gears left in the engine.

"We now need to target a win at home next Sunday, against Surbiton, in our last league game before we move to Barcelona for round one of the Euro Hockey League."

A day later, meanwhile, Beeston's men cruised into the last 32 of the England Hockey Cup with a 12-1 win over Rugby and East Warwickshire at Trent College.

Beeston raced into a three-goal league thanks to a hat-trick from Sam Ward.

Lawrence crashed home a fierce reverse side hit in the 26th minute before Rugby pounced on a Beeston error and Jack Dierden pulled one back.

Jonny Ruiz, on his Beeston debut, made it five and Mo Gandhi scored in the 33rd minute to send Beeston into an unassailable position at half time. Tom Wilson also made his first start for Beeston.

Beeston added another six in the second half through David Ames, Sam Ward, Sam Dixon, Charlie Brooke and Lawrence.

Beeston meet Surbiton on Sunday at 2pm at Highfields Hockey Centre. Both teams then fly out to Barcelona to compete in the Euro Hockey League.

Reading secured a comprehensive 3-0 victory over Beeston's women with West Bridgford Olympic medallist Helen Richardson scoring twice and Susie Gilbert adding the other in the Investec Women's Hockey League Premier Division.

In the NOW: Pensions Conference North, West Bridgford Hockey Club's men lost 4-2 at home to Bowdon, while Boots Ladies lost 4-1 at Brooklands Poynton

The Nottingham Post

Maryland moves to 10-0 following 4-0 win versus UMass

Roisin Upton scored the game's lone goal to lift the Huskies to the win. Connecticut Athletcs

No. 2 Maryland 4, No. 7 Massachusetts 1

AMHERST, Mass. — Maryland overcame a tough first half to win at Massachusetts 4-1 on Sunday. Sophomore Anna Dessoye scored her first of two goals with 35 seconds to play before halftime to open the scoring.

Maryland (10-0, 2-0 ACC) was held scoreless through the first 34 minutes. The Terrapins’ powerful offense threatened throughout the first half until Dessoye punched through. She dribbled it to the left side of the circle, then sent a high shot into the right side of the cage. The Terps would lead the Minutewomen (7-4) 1-0 at the break.

Redshirt freshman Emma Rissinger made it a two-goal lead for the Terrapins in the 46th minute when she brought it in, then tucked it past the UMass goalkeeper. Four minutes later, Dessoye added her second goal for a 3-0 lead. Alyssa Parker sent a pass from the right side in front of the goal then Dessoye finished it off.

Lindsay Bowman of the Minutewomen put them on the board with just under 11 minutes to play off a rebound.

Senior Hayley Turner finalized the score at 4-1 when she sent in Parker’s pass with less than a minute to play.

Senior goalkeeper Natalie Hunter notched three saves, all in the second half, as the Minutewomen took nine shots in the second period.

No. 3 Connecticut 1, No. 10 Princeton 0

STORRS, Conn. – Sophomore back Roisin Upton scored her fifth goal of the season late in the second half to lift Connecticut past defending national champion Princeton 1-0 on Sunday afternoon at the George J. Sherman Family Sports Complex in Storrs, Conn. With the win, UConn improves to 9-0 on the season while the Tigers slip to 5-3.

The Huskies improve to 13-7 all-time against Princeton and won their first game against the defending national champion since defeating Old Dominion 3-0 on Oct. 9, 1999.

UConn is also 4-0 against ranked teams this year and 3-0 against opponents ranked in the top-10. The Huskies are 20-7 in their last 27 games against ranked teams.

Upton’s game winner came at the 62:20 mark. UConn created three consecutive penalty corner opportunities in a two-minute span and, after failing to capitalize on the previous two, Upton cashed in on the third. She dribbled the ball from the top of the circle to the right wing and struck a shot that was redirected by a Princeton defender and into the top left-hand corner.

Upton, the reigning Big East Defensive Player of the Week, is now tied for second on the team with five goals and leads the squad with five assists. The game winner was the first of her career.

UConn All-American goalkeeper Sarah Mansfield was outstanding once again and lowered her goals-against average to 0.97 en route to registering the 23rd shutout of her career.

No. 4 Virginia 2, Liberty 0

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Virginia earned its second consecutive shut out, blanking Liberty 2-0 on Sunday in Lynchburg, Va. in the first meeting between the two teams.

Senior forward Elly Buckley scored both of the goals for the Cavaliers. Junior goalkeeper Jenny Johnstone made one save in the team’s fourth shutout of the season and the second of the weekend including Friday’s 3-0 victory at Wake Forest.

Virginia improved to 11-1 while Liberty fell to 5-4.

The score was knotted at 0-0 until Buckley took a hard shot on goal that deflected off the pads of the Liberty goalkeeper. Buckley rounded up the rebound and fired off a second shot, breaking the deadlock 23 minutes into the second half.

Liberty, trailing by a goal with five minutes remaining in the game, pulled its goalkeeper to add an extra attacker. Virginia quickly got the ball down into the attack zone and earned a penalty corner opportunity. Buckley converted the chance, firing off a shot past the line of defenders and into the empty net to give UVa. an insurance goal with three minutes left in the game.

No. 6 Stanford 2, No. 11 Albany 1

ALBANY, N.Y. – Dulcie Davies made a season-best 16 saves and Stanford scored twice in 29 seconds to earn a 2-1 victory on Sunday at No. 11 Albany.

Kasey Quon tapped in a rebound off a penalty corner in the 38th minute to give Stanford (7-2, 1-0 NorPac) a 1-0 lead early in the second half. Less than half a minute later, Jessica Chisholm added a second for the Cardinal, finding the net on a deflection off a long feed from outside the circle.

Albany’s (9-1, 0-0) Paula Heuser scored 44 seconds after Chisholm at 38:46 to cut Stanford’s lead in half. However, the Cardinal defense held strong and kept Albany off the board to secure the victory.

No. 8 Penn State 4, Indiana 0

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Penn State won its Big Ten opener for the fourth consecutive season on Sunday, as the Nittany Lions cruised to a 4-0 win against Indiana. The victory improves the Blue and White’s record to 7-3, winners of six consecutive games.

The Nittany Lions scored twice in the first half off goals from Ashtin Klingler and Abby Fuhrman and then added two more goals in the second courtesy of Taylor Herold and Klingler to cement the victory. Klingler and Herold are now tied for the team lead in goals with seven apiece.

The Nittany Lions got off to its best start of the season, as Klingler scored the opening goal within five minutes of action off a penalty corner set piece. Klingler has now scored in five of the last six matches. On the Blue and White’s fifth penalty corner of the match, Fuhrman fired a shot from the right side of the circle past the keeper to double Penn State’s lead to 2-0 in the 20th minute. The score marks the first goal and point of Fuhrman’s, a senior defender, Nittany Lion career. Assisting on the play was Laura Gebhart, picking up her ninth assist of the season.

Herold got in on the scoring action 12 minutes into the second stanza, as she scored off a rebound just to the right of the cage for her seventh goal of the season to increase the Lion lead to 3-0.

A little more than a minute later, Klingler scored her second goal of the match, shooting from the left of center into the left corner of the cage to give Klingler, a senior, her first multi-goal match of the season and fifth of her career.

The shutout is Penn State’s fourth of the season, all coming in the previous six matches. The Nittany Lions have now outscored its opponents 17-4 during their current six-match win streak. Kylie Licata is now tied for the Big Ten lead in shutouts with four.

No. 9 Boston College 3, Northeastern 0

DEDHAM, Mass. – Boston College earned a 3-0 victory against Northeastern on Sunday afternoon. The Eagles (8-2) tallied their fourth shutout of the season as the Huskies (3-6) could not get on the board.

The first two BC goals were scored on corners by freshman midfielder Emily McCoy, bringing her season total to seven, tying for the team lead with junior midfielder Emma Plasteras.

After the two teams played almost a full half without a goal, McCoy put the Eagles on the board with 1:30 to go. Plasteras inserted to McCoy, who nailed the ball past NU goalie Becky Garner to put BC on top.

In the 53rd minute of the game, Plasteras inserted to senior back Hannah Mulvey for the stick stop. McCoy took a straight shot again for her second score of the game.

The Eagles pressured NU to keep in the ball in their offensive end and with 14 minutes to go in the game, on the free hit going in, freshman Leah Frome knocked in her first career goal as the Eagles swarmed the cage. Plasteras tallied her third assist of the day on the score and leads the team with nine on the season.

The Eagles outshot the Huskies, 10-8, and took five corners to NU’s four. Sophomore goalie Leah Settipane tallied two saves on the day while Garner had four.


Field Hockey Extends Win Streak to Five Straight

The Lions defeated Miami (Ohio) by a final of 2-1 in the second meeting in program history

Brittany Grzywacz has now scored the gamewinner in 5-of-6 PSU victories

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Penn State claimed a tough 2-1 win over Miami (Ohio) in the team's first neutral site match of the season. After a tough 1-3 start to the year, The Lions have now reeled off an impressive five consecutive wins to move to three games over .500 for the first time this season.

After trailing 1-0 early, PSU's Ashtin Klingler (Selinsgrove, Pa.) leveled the match in the 33rd minute and then Brittany Grzywacz (Collegeville, Pa.) scored the game-winning goal in the 49th minute off a penalty stroke to seal the Blue and White's sixth win of the season.

For the first time in the last five matches, the Nittany Lions found themselves trailing on the scoreboard. Miami's Alyssa Logan got the action started early, scoring the opening goal on the RedHawks' first shot of the contest in the fourth minute to give Miami an early 1-0 advantage. The goal snapped Kylie Licata's (Mountain Top, Pa.) streak of 158-straight minutes without allowing a goal.

The goal woke up the PSU attack, as the Nittany Lions began putting pressure on the RedHawks' cage. Grzywacz and Klingler each had shots turned away by the Miami defense in the ninth minute off the Lions' first penalty corner of the match.

After seven shots and three penalty corner chances, Penn State found the back of the net with just minutes left in the opening frame. Taylor Herold (Fredericksburg, Va.) sent a cross from the right side of the circle to Klingler, who finished with a shot into the cage to knot the game at 1-1. The goal gives the senior her fifth of the season, good enough for third on the team.

The Penn State goal in the 33rd minute allowed the Blue and White to go into the halftime break level with Miami rather than trailing. After the first 35 minutes, the Nittany Lions outshot the RedHawks 8-4, while attempting three penalty corners to Miami's one.

Beginning the second half, Penn State pressured the Miami backline while the team searched for the go-ahead goal. Grzywacz, Klingler and Jenna Chrismer (Mountain Top, Pa.) all had scoring efforts that resulted in nothing in a two minute span.

13 minutes into the final stanza of regulation, the Blue and White earned a penalty stroke, resulting in Grzywacz stepping up to the spot and scoring her sixth goal of the season to put Penn State in front by a score of 2-1. The goal ties the reigning Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week with Herold for the team lead in goals scored on the season with six.

After the Grzywacz goal, the Nittany Lion defense clamped down on the RedHawk attack and shut down Miami to deliver PSU a hard-fought 2-1 win. The Lions limited Miami to just one shot in the remaining 21 minutes, which was not on target.

Grzywacz and Klingler have now each scored in the same match on four occasions this season, with PSU winning all four contests. Grzywacz's game-winning goal was the senior's fifth of the year, which leads the team and Big Ten.

The victory pushes Penn State's record to 6-3 on the season and extends its winning streak to five-straight matches. The Lions outshot Miami by a total of 16-7, marking the eighth out of nine matches the Blue and White have recorded more shots than its opponent.

The Nittany Lions will stay the night in Bloomington and open up Big Ten play tomorrow against the Hoosiers in a match that is scheduled to start at noon. The Blue and White hold a 15-3 record against Indiana in the all-time series and has won the last four matches.

Penn State Athletics

Field Hockey Loses Defensive Battle Against Penn

By Theresa Hebert

It was a goalie’s game on Saturday afternoon when Harvard field hockey (3-3, 1-1 Ivy) faced Penn (6-1, 2-0) at home, but only one of the keepers escaped unscathed. With less than ten minutes left in the first half, a shot from Penn sophomore attack Elizabeth Hitti ricocheted off the post and gave the Quakers a lead they never relinquished.

“It came off a penalty corner [and] we tried to outlet it [but] it was just a failed outlet,” Crimson goalkeeper Jenn Hatfield said of the lone goal. “When the corner came it was a drag flick to the top left corner of the cage; my stick side. I made an attempt at it [but] it hit the post, pulling me out of position and went straight to the other side. It was a tipper wide open on the opposite post.”

It was the only goal of the game as Penn held on to win 1-0.

Hatfield was the highlight of the Harvard defense as she had 10 saves in the game. She has played every minute so far this season, allowing a league-low 1.6 goals per game.

Despite the defensive support, the Crimson offense struggled to put balls on net as the side’s woes from the first two games of the 2013 season returned. In those contests, Harvard was outscored 5-1.

For the Quakers, Carly Sokach was a force behind the net with 12 saves, diving and leaping all over the circle to help keep the Crimson scoreless. This was Sokach’s second shutout in the past three games, bringing her average goals against to 1.86.

Both teams remained scoreless in the second half.

“We made two technical changes in the second half which I think went pretty well,” Crimson coach Tjerk van Herwaarden said. “We were able to push strongly in the second half where we were really present in their circle more than they were in ours.”

The Crimson was able to limit Penn to only six shots in the second period, compared to 10 in the first, likely resulting from the adjustments van Herwaarden made at halftime.

Harvard saw several breakaways by sophomore back Elizabeth Jacobson, senior forward Rachael Rosenfeld, and junior midfielder Caitlin Rea. Freshman Marissa Balleza led the Crimson with seven shots, but it was a group offensive effort as six different Harvard players had shots on net.

“There wasn’t anyone that really stuck out,” van Herwaarden said. “It was a team effort.”

A timeout called late in the second half gave Harvard a chance to strategize and create a scoring opportunity, but the team was unable to connect.

“We should have capitalized on one of the chances that we created, and unfortunately that didn’t happen,” van Herwaarden said. “Eventually that’s what the game is all about…We called a timeout and bumped a player up to try and really get some offensive play done, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.”

A last chance offensive push gave the Crimson a chance to tie up the game with less than three minutes left. Freshman forward Sarah Finnemore passed the ball off to junior forward Noel Painter in the circle and Painter fired a shot towards the net, but Sokach was able to block the shot to secure a Quaker win.

For Penn, this was a continuation of its winning ways as it came out on top for the fourth consecutive game, while the loss for Harvard ended the team’s previous two game winning streak.

The Crimson will look to get back on track as Ancient Eight play continues on Saturday against Brown.

“We’re really excited to make adjustments and improve, specifically just playing our style,” Hatfield said. “We need to keep moving the ball, keep the ball speed up and we need to finish. We need to take advantage of when we’re open, and we’re going to shoot, and we’re going to score, and we’re going to finish.”

The Crimson

Disciplined aggression helps Penn field hockey shut down Harvard

Elizabeth Hitti's goal in the first half proved to be all the Quakers needed

By Jennifer Yu

Sophomore attack Elizabeth Hitti notched Penn’s only goal with eight minutes remaining in the first period. Hitti now has three goals and two assists this season. Raquel Macgregor

Even away from Ellen Vagelos Field, Penn field hockey continues adding on to its string of successes.

On the road for their second Ivy match of the season, the Quakers shut out Harvard, defeating the Crimson, 1-0.

Penn (6-1, 2-0 Ivy) and Harvard (3-3, 1-1) were neck-and-neck throughout the game in nearly all departments — Harvard took 17 shots to Penn’s 16 and made 10 saves to Penn’s 12, and each team took five corners. Penn’s offensive intensity and discipline on defense ultimately allowed them to net the win against its conference foe.

The deciding goal came with eight minutes left in the first period, as sophomore attack Elizabeth Hitti found the back of the net. Hitti now has three goals on the season.

The offense’s aggressiveness was key to the victory. Hitti’s goal came at the end of a sequence during which Penn took five shots in under a minute. After freshman attack Jasmine Cole’s shot bounced off the post, Hitti was able to find the ball off the rebound and put it in.

“In that time period we did a really good job of maintaining possession in the offensive end,” coach Colleen Fink said. “[The goal] was a great finish to a couple minutes of offensive pressure.”

While senior captain and attack Julie Tahan did not score, she was a crucial offensive presence.

Tahan led the team with four shots, three of which were on goal. Hitti and Cole also had three shots apiece.

While the Quakers succeeded on offense, their win would not have been possible without their equally strong defensive performance.

Defense became especially important in the second period, during which Harvard upped its attack.

While the Crimson took nine shots to Penn’s six in the second period, junior goalkeeper Carly Sokach kept Harvard out of the net, preserving the win. It was Sokach’s second shutout performance in the past three games.

The Quakers continued to rely on staunch defensive discipline in the closing minutes of the game, as Harvard launched a final offensive attack that could have been deadly in the one-goal game.

“While we were on defense the last two or three minutes of the game, we played really smart defensively,” Fink said. “To see them being really smart in that type of situation in the game, up one, on the defensive end of the field — that was really important.”

While it is certainly still early in the season, Penn has quickly jumped up in the standings and established itself as an Ivy threat. The Red and Blue have now won four straight and sit atop the Ancient Eight with Princeton. At 6-1, they are also off to the program’s best start since 1993.

“This was a really rough, tough road win,” Fink said. “To be able to come from a really evenly matched game with a win on the road is obviously very critical in terms of overall standing in the Ivy League and rewarding for the team.”

The Daily Pennsylvanian

Field hockey topples No. 8 Stanford

By Tyler Piccotti and Jesse Dougherty

Syracuse midfielder Alyssa Manley got the best of Stanford yet again.

Last year, she scored two goals when the two teams met on Oct. 12 in Amherst, Mass.

On Saturday, she scored the game-winning goal 33 minutes into the first half to propel the No. 5 Orange (8-1, 0-1 Atlantic Coast) to a 3-1 victory over the No. 8 Cardinal (7-2) in Albany, N.Y.

Syracuse’s penalty corner unit struck first. Emma Russell and Jordan Page set up Laura Hahnefeldt, who finished by firing a laser to the back of the cage.

Fifteen minutes later, Manley made it 2-0 by poking in a rebound off of Leonie Geyer’s initial shot from the circle.

Stanford made the score 2-1 on a penalty corner of its own in the second half. Alex McCawley tipped home a pass from Kelsey Harbin with 10:17 remaining to break the shutout.

But that was all the offense the Cardinal could muster.

The Orange added an insurance goal with six minutes remaining. Russell took a pass through the circle from Brooks and knocked it home for her sixth goal of the season.

The three goals were the most given up by Stanford, which entered the contest with the country’s top scoring defense, in any game this season.

Syracuse returns home to J.S. Coyne Stadium next weekend for a two-day doubleheader. The Orange will face No. 4 Virginia Saturday at 1 p.m. before hosting Monmouth Sunday at 2 p.m.

The Daily Orange

U18 & U16 Girls Inter-District event: Day 1 Results

Day 1 of the Scottish U18 & U16 Girls Inter-District saw teams from East, Midland, North, South, South West and West complete the first set of fixtures at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre.

In glorious sunshine in the west, an excellent day's hockey was enjoyed by players, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators alike.

The action is not finished though; a full day's schedule is planned for tomorrow to determine the winners of each event.

Please download the U18 & U16 Girls Inter-District Schedule for more info.

U18 Inter-District Day 1 Results:

West (Carla MacNiven 22’ FG) 1-1 South West (Drew Berry 34’ FG)

Midland (Jessica Ross 27’ FG, Christina Farrar 34’ FG) 2-1 South (Lucy Inglis 22’ FG)

East (Iona Armour 33’ PC) 1-0 North

Midland (Jessica Ross 18’ PC, Christina Farrar 22’ PC) 2-1 South West (Drew Berry 40’ FG)

South 0-2 East (Kerry Anne-Hastings 15’ PC, Eilidh Thomson 35’ FG)

North 0-2 West (Fiona Burnet 4’ FG, Lara Tomkins 30’ FG)

East (Phoebe Crosthwaite 38’ FG) 1-0 South West

South (Kirsty Millar 2' FG, 38' PC, Lucy Ramsay 19' FG, Emily Newlands 33' FG) 4-0 North

U16 Inter-District Day 1 Results:

West (Iona MacKillop 7’ FG, MacKenzie Brown 30’ PC) 2-0 South

Midland (Sophie Pettegree 9’ FG, 36 PC, Katie Stott 26’ PC, Emily Dark 38’ PC) 4-0 South West

North 0-4 East (Hanna McKie 8’ FG, Katherine Holgate 24’ FG, Robin Robeson 31’ FG, Ella Watt 36’ FG)

West (Iona MacKillop 6’ FG, Oli Crawford 13’ FG, Catriona Booth 23’ FG, 35’ PC) 4-0 Midland

East (Laura Swanson 6’ PC, Jasmine Banks 9’ PC, Robin Robeson 13’ FG, Hanna McKie 20’ PC, 25’ FG, Claire Hilton 23’ PC, Rebecca Trainer 32’ FG, Ella Watt 34’ FG) 8-1 South West (Naomi Cowan 36’ FG)

North 0-1 South (Iona Kellett 28’ FG)

Midland 0-2 East (Ella Watt 30’ FG, Jasmine Banks 35’ FG)

West (MacKenzie Brown 13' PC, Oli Crawford 16' FG 2-0 North

Scottish Hockey Union media release

Alto car as prize for attracting spectators to Surjit Hockey Tournament

IP Singh

The organizers of annual Surjit Hockey Tounament have offered an Alto car as a prize for watching the hockey matches and have also engaged popular singer and Punjabi film actor Diljit Dosanjh for attracting maximum viewers to the matches.

Under slogan "Watch Surjit Hockey - Win Alto Car & Listen Diljit Dosanjh," Surjit Hockey Society has offered Maruti Alto for the spectators of the 30th Indian Oil Surjit hockey Tournament which is starting from Oct 9 at local Olympian Surjit Hockey Stadium, Burlton Park, Jalandhar.

The car has been sponsored by USA based Tutt brother, a leading farmer & transporter family there. Ranbir Singh Tutt handed over the keys of the Maruti Alto Car to Jalandhar DC Varun Roozam, who is also President of Surjit Hockey Society and Iqbal Singh Sandhu, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Jalandhar- and Secretary of the Society. Surjit Hockey Tournament is the only tournament in the world where prizes like Car is provided for the spectators who come to witness the matches.

Roojam said that in this 10 days hockey bonanza, apart from the cash prizes to be given in lacs to the players, the spectators, who would come to witness the tournament matches would also get prizes like Car, motor Cycles, Refrigerators etc. He informed that the spectators would get daily lucky coupons till Oct. 18 at the entry gate of the stadium while players/officials would be issued the lucky coupons on the day of their first match. The lucky draw for the ALTO and other prizes will be held soon after the final whistle of the final match, Roozam added.

Tournament organizing secretary Iqbal Singh Sandhu, SDM Jalandhar-I, said that no gate money would be charged from the spectators who would come to witness the hockey matches. Famous Punjabi Folk Singh and Actor Diljit Dosanjh would entertain the spectators from 5.30 onwards, before the start of final match on October 18.

The Times of India

Kolhapur hockey stadium to get artificial turf

KOLHAPUR: Minister of state Satej Patil on Sunday said the Major Dyanchand Hockey Stadium will be within a year equipped with an artificial turf, a facility that could be a boost to hockey and its players in the city. Patil was speaking at the inauguration of the state-level Nehru hockey competition.

The Major Dyanchand Hockey Stadium in the city is still under construction and matches are played on the sand turf.

Patil said, "We are committed to bring excellence to the sport through the artificial turf. I would like to appeal to budding players to look at hockey as a career prospect rather restricting it to a hobby. The state government absorbs national and international players in government jobs under the sports policy. The youth should be aware of such policies."

Former Olympian and chief guest at the inaugural event Ajit Lakra said, "An artificial turf is the need of the hour and Kolhapur should upgrade its turf. Various state and national-level hockey competitions should be organized so that local players get a chance to interact with players from other parts of the country."

Players have welcomed the state government's decision. A player, who did not wish to be named, said, "Practice is cancelled almost on a daily basis during the monsoon. Players cannot practise indoors and we are still waiting for the construction of the district and divisional sports complex to be completed."

Navnath Fartade, District Sports officer, said, "The competition has been organized for the under-15 and under-17 age groups. Various committees like the medical, transport, publicity, award, administrative work and organizing committee have been formed to smoothly operate the event. The district sports office along with Kolhapur municipal corporation (KMC) and the district hockey association are actively associated for the event."

Teams from Pune, Mumbai, Amravati, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Latur, Kolhapur, and Krida Prabodhini are participating in the event.

"The winner team in the given age group will represent Maharashtra team in the national Nehru Hockey competition at Delhi, which will start from October 8," added Fartade.

The Times of India