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All the news for Sunday 6 October 2013

Queensland Blades win Men's AHL

Hosts Victoria have to settle for silver as they're beaten 3-1 in Melbourne

Men's AHL Grand Final Day

Congratulations to Queensland Blades whose hat-trick of penalty corner strikes was enough to seal a memorable 3-1 victory over hosts Victoria. It is the Queenslanders' seventh national men's title and marks the continuation of their winning pattern, marking a third 'double' following their 2012 triumph and back-to-back wins in 2003 and 2004, and 2006 and 2007. For Victoria, despite defeat, it marks the team's best finish since the old Melbourne Redbacks won the national championship in 1998.

Hockey Australia wishes to express its thanks to all of the athletes, coaches, support staff, umpires and officials, Hockey Victoria staff and volunteers, parents and supporters who have made the Men's AHL such as great success.

Final Standings
1. Queensland *Champions*
2. Western Australia
3. New South Wales
4. Australian Capital Territory
5. Victoria
6. South Australia
7. Tasmania
8. Northern Territory

Player of the Tournament: Eddie Ockenden (TAS)
Top goal scorer: Aaron Kershaw (ACT), Mark Paterson (NSW) 5 goals
Goalkeeper of the T’ment: Andrew Charter (ACT)
Play by the Whistle: South Australia

Match reporting by Sean Munaweera, Hockey Victoria

QLD 3 def VIC 1

QLD goals: Jame Dwyer 9m PC, Liam De Young 33m PC, Jason Wilson 22m PC
VIC  goals: Chris Ciriello 35m PC

The QLD Blades were continuing their charge to yet another final with the VIC Vikings appearing in the final with a home ground advantage.  The crowds were filing in and the noise was intense for the players ready to put on a show.

The last time these two sides met they could not be separated but this time there could only be one winner.  The Blades were outnumbering the ball carrier and applying pressure to overwhelm the Vikings' game.

QLD were awarded with the first penalty corner of the match, which they were unable to convert; a first psychological win for the Vikings.  Unfortunately for the Vikings the second attempt did not disappoint for the Blades as five-times world player of the year Jamie Dwyer stepped up to score the first goal of the game.

As important as the first goal is to settle the nerves, it is just as important to ensure structures and formations are in place so that the team can regroup.  With their first penalty corner the Vikings leveled the score 1 – 1 thanks to the quick work from another Kookaburra, Chris Ciriello.

The match was now perfectly poised.  The ever impressive Blades were facing the youthful enthusiasm of the Vikings and with five minutes of the first half to go the players were not giving an inch.  Players were stuck to their opponents and the ball was hard to possess but even harder to distribute.

With minutes to go the Blades were gifted a penalty corner due to an unfortunate defensive error from the Vikings.  The Blades scored and with only moments left before the whistle another penalty corner was awarded to QLD.  This first half went from good, to bad, to ugly all too quickly for the Vikings as they went into the halftime break trailing the Blades 3 – 1.

Needing an obvious lift the Vikings came out firing in the second half and continued to persist in order to get their opportunities.  The Blades were not letting up as they maintained their composure in possession and took vital minutes off the clock.

The play in the second half was more attacking for the Blades but not significant enough to trouble the scoreboard.  With 20 minutes to go the Vikings again pressed up the ground and locked the ball in their half.  Four minutes of attacking did not mount to chances or penalty corners for the VICs as they still needed two goals to level the score.

Finally, a penalty corner against the run of play for the Vikings gave them a chance but a misjudged drag flick sent the ball sailing over the post.  With four minutes to go in the match another penalty corner for the Vikings wasn't converted and the Blades held on for a memorable victory.

An absolutely fantastic final was completed when the amazingly talented QLD Blades were awarded the 2013 AHL championship cup for the seventh time.  The VIC Vikings have gone one better than previous years to claim second spot and should be commended on providing a truly inspiring spectacle.

One worry will be for Mark Knowles, who left the field injured in the second half. The experienced Kookaburra was able to join his teammates for celebrations afterwards but was clearly still in some pain as he supported his right angle with a hockey stick.

3rd/4th Place Playoff
NSW 9 def ACT 2

NSW goals: Mark Paterson 5m PC; Tom Lobsey 16m FG; Heath Ogilvie 20m PC, 58m PC; Josh Miller 21m FG, 67m FG; Simon Orchard 33m PC; Flynn Ogilvie 38m FG, 40m FG
ACT goals: Troy Sutherland 39m FG; Aaron Kershaw 42m PC

After a stunning win against the VIC Vikings yesterday the NSW Waratahs came into the match against the ACT Lakers with great confidence.  The Lakers were, unfortunately, outclassed by the might of the QLD Blades on Friday and were keen on finishing off the tournament with a win.

The Waratahs got off to a fantastic start dominating early possession and scoring with their second penalty corner.  The Lakers seemed to be moving slightly slower and not marking their opponents with the same effectiveness.

Tom Lobsey made the Waratahs pay for a defensive error just over quarter of an hour in.  NSW all of sudden produced an onslaught of attacking plays and were 4 – 0 up with 14 minutes left to play in the first half.  Penalty corners and field play were all going the way of the Waratahs and it seemed they could not put a foot wrong.

The Lakers were outmuscled and outplayed throughout the period and NSW scored again before the halftime whistle to lead 5 – 0.

The second half began with attackers from both sides having a field day.  Four goals in six minutes, spread evenly, showed NSW were still hungry for more goals but that ACT were not going to give up easily.

The intensity then fizzled out for the Lakers as the Waratahs went up 9 – 2.  The Ogilvie brothers were lethal in their attack and the rest of the Waratahs followed as well.  The display from NSW in their last two games shows that they clearly have the potential to challenge the top teams. 

Third is still impressive and that is how the NSW Waratahs finished the 2013 AHL championships while the ACT Lakers come out with a very respectable forth placing.

5th/6th Place Playoff
TAS 4 def NT 3

TAS goals: Geoff Cock 11m FG, 33m FG; Angus Boulton 53m FG; Nick Budgeon 65m PC
NT goals: Jeremy Hayward 21m PC, 61m PC; Jamie Hullick 40m FG

TAS was given the first penalty corner of the match which was the first opportunity for either team to score.  The Stingers did well to defend against the Tigers attack as they were content with holding possession and setting up play.

Catching the Stingers off guard Geoff Cock received the ball and did well to keep his distance from the defenders and score with a superb finessed shot.  There was plenty of time on the clock and definitely time for the Stingers to try and regroup.

After conceding the first two penalty corners the Stingers were awarded the next two and converted one making the score 1 – 1.  Jeremy Hayward was able to just sneak the ball into the goals and give NT reward for effort.

The rest of the half was played very evenly until the Tigers were awarded a penalty corner with minutes and go and Geoff Cock again added to the scoreboard giving TAS a 2 – 1 lead at half time. The Stingers came out from the half time break and started to apply more pressure which the Tigers players were a little slow to react to.

The Stingers capitalised on their opponents' frustrations when Jamie Hullick leveling the scores.  The Stingers were awarded a penalty stroke after an infringement from TAS on the goal line and Cody Tribe was given the responsibility to take the penalty stroke but missed.

The Tigers rebounded out of defence and made the Stingers pay by scoring and making it 3 – 2. Despite the Stingers missing a golden opportunity to take the lead they did convert a penalty corner with nine minutes left on the clock to make it 3-3.

It had now turned into a virtual shootout with both teams answering the challenge the other had set.  A penalty corner proved to be just what the Stingers needed in order to level the scores.  Four minutes later though TAS were awarded the final penalty corner of the game and made it count by getting to a 4 – 3 lead and holding on for a great victory.

With that win to the Tigers they finish the competition in fifth place which means that the NT Stingers finish the 2013 AHL championship in sixth position. 7th/8th Place Playoff

WA 2 def SA 1

WA goals: Craig Boyne 15m FG, Frank Main 61m FG
SA goals: Tom Wickham 50m FG

The WA Thundersticks finally broke the drought and scored their first win of the 2013 AHL championships.  The SA Hotshots yet again finished the tournament in last place but were denied by a hungrier WA Thundersticks that made their opportunities count.

The early minutes of the first half was evenly spread by both sides.  The end to end play saw WA have more opportunities to score but they were unable to due to the SA defending formation.  To counter the Hotshots cluster in the middle of their defence the Thundersticks switched the play deep in attack by lob passes.  This tactic enabled the WA attackers to stretch the SA defense and then enter the circle knowing there was space to work in.

This allowed WA to score thanks to the space created.  Craig Boyne scored the first goal of the game and the Thundersticks looked intent on maintaining their lead into the halftime break.  Awarded  four penalty corners for the half, WA were doing all the attacking as SA were wasteful in possession.

After the halftime break WA continued to attack fiercely but early in the second half they were not rewarded on the scoreboard.  SA launched a smart counter attack with many players moving around and creating options.  Unopposed on the post Tom Wickham scored to level the score and make the remaining 20 minutes very intriguing.

Instead of relying on attacking from the wing WA centered their play and a shot was easily deflected into the goals from the post by Frank Main.  Scores were now 2 – 1 to the Thundersticks.

SA continued to surge forward and try and draw the game but were denied on a number of occasions in the final five minutes by a solid WA defence.

WA Thundersticks finish the 2013 AHL championships in seventh spot and the SA Hotshots finish in eighth position.

Hockey Australia media release

Queensland Scorchers squeeze AHL Final win

0-0 draw with Western Australia send match to shoot-out; QLD win 2-0

Women's AHL Finals Day

Queensland Scorchers won a nail-biting Women’s AHL Grand Final on a shoot-out over Western Australia after a 0-0 draw in Tasmania on Saturday afternoon. Having been goalless throughout the 70 minutes, in part due to the performance of Goalkeeper of the Tournament Ashlee Wells (WA), the match went to a shoot-out with Queensland prevailing 2-0 thanks to successful conversions by Jodie Schulz and Ashlea Fey. It is just Queensland’s third AHL success since 1993 while WA’s Diamonds had to settle for silver in their first Grand Final appearance since winning the national title in 2010.

New South Wales made smart work of defeating Australian Capital Territory in the battle for third with tournament top scorer Hollie Webster getting the girls in sky blue on the score sheet very early in the game. Third will have been some consolation for the NSW Arrows who missed out on a place in the final for the first time since 2008. For ACT’s Canberra Lakers, fourth marks a best finish since their own third place in 2008.

2012 winners Victoria finished best of the rest with a 2-1 win over South Australia thanks to two strikes by Hockeyroo Claire Messent. The Victorians picked themselves up after the disappointment of missing out on a top four group spot earlier in the week while for South Australia there will have been some satisfaction that Karri McMahon was later named Player of the Tournament for her performances.

Tasmania’s victory over Northern Territory by four goals to one earned them seventh place, one position better than in each of their two previous outings at the AHL.

Final Standings
1. Queensland *Champions*
2. Western Australia
3. New South Wales
4. Australian Capital Territory
5. Victoria
6. South Australia
7. Tasmania
8. Northern Territory

Player of the Tournament: Karri McMahon (SA)
Top goal scorer: Hollie Webster (NSW)
Goalkeeper of the T’ment: Ashlee Wells (WA)
Play by the Whistle: Northern Territory

QLD 0 draw with WA 0
QLD crowned champions following 2-0 shoot-out win.

Shoot-out: 2-0 QLD
QLD: Jodie Schulz (goal), Ashlea Fey (goal), Madonna Blyth (no goal), Jordyn Holzberger (no goal)
WA: Katy Symons (no goal), Ashleigh Nelson (no goal), Jemma Buckley (no goal), Airlie Ogilvie (no goal)

The first twenty minutes was dominated by the defence of both teams with few clear chances. QLD probably made most of the play with chances falling to Jordyn Holzberger, Ashlea Fey, Rebecca Reuter and Jasmine Larosa.

WA had to wait until the 24th minute to create a clear chance, Katy Symons bringing out a good save from QLD keeper, Audrey Smith.

The rest of half continued in the same theme.  For QLD, Stephanie Kershaw showed excellent stick work and Madonna Blyth was good around the park, distributing the ball.  Rebecca Reuter had another good chance but was thwarted by WA keeper, Ashlee Wells.

QLD started the 2nd half the stronger side.  Madonna Blyth and Jodie Schulz both had shots saved by the WA keeper.

In the 43rd minute Qld were saved from embarrasment with Kirsten Johnson making a decisve challenge in the QLD circle after WA had sliced open the heart of the QLD defence with an excellent long pass and a  deft flick.

Not long after QLD's Madonna Blyth and Jodie Schulz both had shots saved, with WA keeper Ashlee Wells saving the later well with a lunging leg.

WA having withstood the pressure, started to work their way into the game.  Kobie McGurk fired a long pass into the QLD circle with Olivia Chiu deflecting cms wide.

With ten minutes to go Qld started to wrest back control of the match. Renee Ashton and Stefanie Kershaw both manufactured good crosses that just needed the vital deflection.  When WA pressed Kirsten Johnson was again there to break the attack down.

Down to the last two minutes and it all belonged to WA who suddenly increased their tempo and, earned themselves a corner. The shot went narrowly wide and it was onto one on one shoot-out to detemine the Grand Final winner. 

QLD Jodie Schulz scores
WA Katy Symons hit the post
QLD Aslea Fea scores
WA Asleigh Nelson shot swatted away
QLD Madonna Bligh shot swatted away
WA Jemma Buckley  shot wide
QLD  Jordyn Holzberger shot wide
WA Airlie Ogilvie went wide

Shoot-out final score 2-0 to Queensland.

QLD's keeper, Audrey Smith  capped off a solid game to take QLD to what was a deserved victory but which could have gone either way on the day.

QLD finish 1st, WA finish 2nd.

3rd/4th Place Playoff
NSW 5 def ACT 1

NSW goals: Hollie Webster 4m FG, 35m FG; Kirsten Pearce 53m FG, 70m FG; Jade Close 65m PC ACT goal: Naomi Evans 64m FG

The NSW Arrows were up against an ACT side with flair and determination.  But NSW provided a clinical display of precision hockey to take the bronze medal match.

The Arrows' Hollie Webster started the scoring in the 4th minute after the ACT keeper had already scrambled to make three saves.  Webster was also involved in earning a corner in 13th minute but the repeat corner was thwarted by the ACT defence.

The ACT responded with some of their own pressure with Anna Flanagan and Naomi Evans making good drives into the circle.

Samantha Charlton's shot was saved by the NSW keeper after another incisive line ball by World Young Player of the Year Anna Flanagan.

ACT were finally rewarded for their constant pressure in the 28th minute with their first corner but they once more denied by the NSW keeper, Jocelyn Bartram, who was decisive in defence the entire game.

Nearing the end of the first half, ACT won their second corner which was nicely worked but the shot went narrowly wide.  The miss proved costly when the ensuing play saw NSW go straight into attack with some neat passing resulted in Hollie Webster's second goal, giving NSW a 2 nil lead at half time.

The second half started well for the ACT.  Edwina Bone pushed forward creating an excellent opportunity for Rebecca Sneskov who only needed to push the ball past the keeper but instead pushed it wide.

ACT kept up the pressure, in 47th minute gaining repeated corners but, the Arrows’ keeper was again up to the task.  Showing perhaps a weakness in transition defence, NSW almost stole a goal at the other end.

This was highlighted when NSW again moved the ball up field after another ACT corner and Kirsten Pearce scored the 3rd goal for NSW with more good lead up play by Hollie Webster.

ACT finally converted one of their chances with an excellent run from outside the circle by Jenna Cartwright resulting in a goal for Naomi Evans.

Not to be outdone NSW finished with a goal from a corner by Jade Close and in the final minute the Kirsten Pearce netted her second.

NSW were deserved victors, clinical when going forward and defensively solid.  ACT had the bulk of the play and only need to fine tune aspects of their game.

NSW finish 3rd, ACT finish 4th

5th / 6th Place Playoff
VIC 2 def SA 1

VIC goals: Claire Messent 18m FG, 21 FG
SA goals: Ashleigh Roberson 45m FG

SA Southern Suns would be disappointed not to come out with a win in this game to finish fifth as they had the majority of the play for most of the match.

Victoria missed a very early opportunity to score with Danielle Schubach putting the ball just past the right post.  They were able to earn a penalty corner minutes later but again not finding the net with a straight shot.

SA quickly retaliated to earn a penalty corner in the 9th minute on their first circle penetration of the game but were unable to convert.  SA continued to put the pressure on VIC in their attacking 25 and only allowed VIC a few break-away runs when they intercepted a SA pass. 

VIC capitalised on a miss-pass by SA in the centre of the field in the 18th minute and put together three nicely executed passes to allow Claire Messent to go around SA’s goal keeper, De-Anne Gilbert, to push the ball into the net.  Score 1-0 to Victoria.

Not long after, Claire Messent used the SA defenders in the circle as witches hats and put a low tomahawk from the backline into the right hand corner of the net to put Victoria 2-0 in the lead.

SA picked up the pace and started to fight back but was unable to convert a number of penalty corners and shots at goal.  SA’s Emily Naylor had a shot from the top of the circle in the 29th minute but the goal was disallowed.

The second half saw SA camped in their attacking half for the majority of the time.  A failed overhead from a 16 yard hit by VIC allowed Ashleigh Roberson to trap the ball on the 25 yard line dribble into the circle for a good shot only to narrowly miss the net.  Roberson did not miss her next opportunity and brought the SA back into the game 2-1.

SA took the upper hand for the rest of the half and were unrelenting in their attack on the Victorian defence but were unable to make a difference to the score line.  The Victorian Vipers held fast in defence and came away with a 2-1 win.

Victoria finish 5th, South Australia finish 6th 7th / 8th Place Playoff

TAS 4 def NT 1

TAS goals: Brigit Ikin FG 39th min, Julia Reid FG 45th min, Sarah McCambridge FG 48th min, Jackie Jones PC 55th min
NT goal: Brooke Peris FG 7th min

An amazing 2nd half completely turned the game around for the Tasmanian Van Demons, giving them a convincing win and 7th place in the 2013 Australian Hockey League.

Brook Peris again starred for the NT Pearls and put the first score on the board with a neat tomahawk in the 7th minute.   NT continued to stretch and pressure the Van Demons for the remainder of the half.

A new game started in the second half when Brigid Ikin scored the equaliser early, pouncing on the ball as it bounced between players through the circle.  Then the Van Demons played like not seen before.

Sarah McCambridge, who was the feature striker, worked her way down the left and into the circle turning the NT defence inside out and earning penalty corners.

It was a piercing pass from Nicole Geeves from the full back position to Sofie McLeod who fired it into the circle for Julia Reid to make no mistake about putting it into the back of the net which gave the Van Demons a 2-1 lead midway through the half. 

The tide had turned and from here on the Van Demons continued the pressure and Sarah McCambridge’s excellent stick work into the circle was rewarded with a great goal from a fine angle to give TAS a two goal buffer.

The consistent, confident work of the TAS goalkeeper Amelia Gibson was the main reason NT were unable to score again.

TAS sealed the game with a strong left right strike from Jackie Jones in their final penalty corner of the game.

The Pearls had one more penalty corner chance before the end, but to no avail.

Tasmania finish 7th, NT finish 8th

Hockey Australia media release

Canterbury go unbeaten in Investec Premier Division

Canterbury v Bowdon Sept 2013

Canterbury battled to a 4-0 victory over Sutton Coldfield in the Investec Women’s Hockey League Premier Division on Saturday to maintain their 100 per cent record.

But they had to rely on a second half flurry of goals after the match remained scoreless at the break. Nikki Kidd, Nicola Lloyd, Kim Young and Anna Baker scored the goals which helped Canterbury to a fourth league victory.

Just below Canterbury, Clifton have won three of their games, the latest of which came against Olton and West Warwickshire who they beat 6-0 on Saturday.

Liz Sinton scored a first half hat-trick as additional goals from Jo Carter and Els Mansell made it 5-0 by the break, while Jo Leigh added a sixth with six minutes to go. Olton are now bottom of the table, having conceded 35 goals in four games.

In what proved to be a very tight game, Helen Richardson scored the only goal as Reading beat University of Birmingham 1-0.

A second half goal from Erica Sanders wasn’t enough to get Beeston back into their game against Bowdon Hightown. Fay Nash and Tina Cullen had given the home side the half time advantage and despite Sanders hitting back on 50 minutes, the score stayed 2-1.

Leicester and Surbiton cancelled each other out as they battled to a 1-1 draw. Katie Long gave Leicester the lead after just three minutes but a second half goal from Emily Atkinson pulled Surbiton level.

Unbeaten University of Durham remain top of the Investec Conference North after goals from Molly Rawnsley, Philippa Lewis and Alice Toynton saw them beat Doncaster 3-0.

Holcombe made it four from four to stay top of the Investec Conference East as a Shelley Russell brace helped them to a 3-0 victory over Chelmsford.

And Buckingham remain top of the Investec Conference West after a 4-1 win at Oxford Hawks, with Zoe Shipperley scoring a hat-trick.

Investec Women’s Hockey League (October 5 2013):

Investec Premier Division:
Bowdon Hightown 2-1 Beeston; Canterbury 4, Sutton Coldfield 0; Leicester 1, Surbiton 1;Olton and West Warwicks 0, Clifton 6; Reading 1, Univ of Birmingham 0.

Investec Conference East: Chelmsford 0, Holcombe 3; East Grinstead 1, Old Loughtonians 1; Horsham 0, Harleston Magpies 1; Ipswich 2, St Albans 0; Sevenoaks 2, Wimbledon 2.

Investec Conference North: Ben Rhydding 1, Loughborough Students 3; Boots 0, Whitley Bay and Tynemouth 1; Doncaster 0, Univ of Durham 3; Kendal 2, Stourport 3; Wakefield 0, Brooklands Poynton 0.

Investec Conference West: Barnes 1, Gloucester City 2; Bristol Firebrands 2, Exe 1; Isca 4, Slough 0; Oxford Hawks 1, Buckingham 4; Trojans 2, Swansea 1.

England Hockey Board Media release

Witmer’s goal six minutes into overtime gives Terps the win

Jill Witmer scored both of Maryland's goals against North Carolina. Maryland Athletics

No. 1 Maryland 2, No. 3 North Carolina 1 (OT)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Maryland handed North Carolina its second consecutive loss on Saturday as the Terps (11-0, 3-0 ACC) battled back from a one-goal deficit with seven minutes to play to win in overtime.

Senior Jill Witmer, in her first game back after playing with the U.S. National Team in the Pan American Games, scored both of Maryland’s goals to lead them to the victory. She tipped in a long shot from Mieke Hayn to tie the game with a little more than seven minutes to play, then took the gamewinner all the way in herself with a backhanded shot in the 76th minute.

The matchup was a fierce defensive battle in the first half, as both teams were scoreless. North Carolina (8-2, 1-2) scored the first goal of the game in the 48th minute when Marta Malmberg put in a loose ball off a save on a penalty corner play.

With 9:22 to go and the Terps down by one, Meharg used her timeout. A little more than two minutes later, the adjustments worked and Maryland tied the game. Hayn sent in a shot from five yards out on the right side of the circle and Witmer got her stick on it to tie the game with 7:17 to play. Maryland controlled most of the last seven minutes for a chance to take the lead, but the teams went to overtime for the fifth time in 10 meetings since 2009

In overtime, North Carolina first had opportunities to win the game, but the Terrapin defense and Natalie Hunter in goal stepped up to hold the Tar Heels off. Less than three minutes into the overtime period, UNC’s Kristen Bernatchez was given a yellow card when she tripped Katie Gerzabek near midfield. The Terrapins were up a player for five minutes

In the 76th minute, Witmer took control of the ball and took it all the way in from outside the circle. She sent in backhanded shot for the win and her ninth goal of the year.

North Carolina outshot Maryland 9-6 and both teams had three penalty corner opportunities. Hunter picked up five saves on the day.

This is the first time since September 2008 that North Carolina has lost back-to-back games and first since 2006 since it has lost back-to-back games at home

No. 2 Connecticut 4, Providence 1

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Junior forward Chloe Hunnable posted the third hat trick of her career and sophomore midfielder Mckenzie Townsend scored her second goal of the season as Connecticut won at Providence 4-1 on Saturday afternoon. With the win, the Huskies remain unbeaten at 10-0 on the season and improve to 3-0 in the Big East. The Friars fall to 5-6 overall, 1-2 in the loop.

Hunnable has scored a team-high 11 goals this season and has accumulated 98 career points on 40 career goals. She is two points shy of becoming only the 16th Husky to tally at least 100 points. Teammate Marie Elena Bolles is right on her heels and needs only three points to reach 100 for her career.

The Huskies trailed for only the second time this season during this game, surrendering a goal to Daniella Bernasconi 15:43 into the contest off a rebound.

However, Hunnable restored parity at the 31:30 mark when she took a feed from Bolles and redirected it past Deidra Clymer and into the back of the net. The Huskies seized control less than a minute later when Townsend tipped a Hunnable strike from the top of the circle into the goal, giving UConn a lead it would not relinquish.

An unassisted goal by Hunnable at the 39:38 mark capped UConn’s third goal in only an 8:08 span as she controlled deflection from the PC keeper off a Chrissy Davidson shot and knocked it in. Hunnable’s 11th goal of the season came at 48:36 after sophomore midfielder Sophie Bowden struck the ball toward the goal from the top of the circle and Hunnable tipped it in.

No. 5 Syracuse 4, No. 4 Virginia 1

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Leonie Geyer recorded a hat trick, going 3-for-3 on penalty strokes, to lead Syracuse (9-1, 1-1 ACC) to a 4-1 victory versus Virginia (12-2, 1-2 ACC), running the Orange’s home-winning streak to 40 games at J.S. Coyne Stadium on Saturday.

It was the second hat trick of Geyer’s career, as she scored four goals in a 12-0 win versus Vermont on Oct. 16, 2011. It is the Orange’s second three-goal game of the season. Lauren Brooks, who netted the Syracuse’s fourth goal on Saturday, scored three against Kent State on Sept. 8.

In Syracuse’s first home ACC game, it recorded its first victory in its new conference as it took control from the outset with a dominating first half, outshooting the Cavaliers 11-4 and taking a 2-0 lead after 35 minutes of play.

Syracuse’s 40-game home winning streak, which dates back to 2009, has seen the Orange outscore its opponents 166-31.

Geyer started the scoring 5:57 into the game when she beat Virginia goalkeeper Jenny Johnstone on the first penalty stroke. She struck again in the 18th minute on a penalty stroke that glanced off the stick of Johnstone and in, making it 2-0.

Just 2:05 into the second half, Brooks redirected a nifty crossing pass from Emma Russell inside the right post to give the Orange a 3-0 lead. It was her eighth goal of the season, while Russell picked up her seventh assist of the year, tying her with Geyer for the team lead.

The Orange lead reached 4-0 in the 53rd minute when Geyer once again converted on a penalty stroke that was awarded when Karlee Farr was upended in the circle by Johnstone. The goal gave Geyer nine on the season, tops on the team.

The Cavaliers got on the board with 9:38 remaining when Hadley Bell knocked in the rebound of a shot on a penalty corner.

No. 8 Penn State 2, No. 10 Northwestern 0

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State recorded its fifth shutout of the season in a 2-0 victory against Northwestern on Saturday afternoon. The win extends the Nittany Lions’ winning streak to seven matches and keeps their perfect Big Ten record intact at 2-0.

PSU did all of its offensive damage in the first 30 minutes of the contest. Brittany Grzywacz and Amanda Dinunzio each scored a goal, while the defense had another great showing to secure the 2-0 win.

Northwestern generated the first scoring opportunity of the afternoon, firing a shot off the first penalty corner of the match but the Penn State defense was up to the challenge did not allow an early score . The Wildcats enjoyed much of the possession in the opening minutes but Penn State quickly settled into the contest.

On the Nittany Lions’ third penalty corner of the match, PSU earned a penalty stroke off a Whitney Reddig shot. Grzywacz stepped up to the spot and laced a shot into the bottom left of the cage to give the Lions a 1-0 lead in the 17th minute. The goal was her seventh of the season, tying her with Taylor Herold and Ashtin Klingler for the team lead.

Just 10 minutes later Penn State doubled its lead off a run and strike from Dinunzio. She picked up the ball just within Northwestern’s half and darted into the right side of the circle and unleashed an off-balance blast into the left side of the cage in the 27th minute. The goal was first of her Penn State career.


Field Hockey Loses in Sudden Death Fashion

By Jillian Dukes

A last minute Harvard corner shot proved futile as the Crimson attempted to take the lead for the first time in its Saturday afternoon match. This missed opportunity sent the Harvard field hockey team into sudden death with Brown, with the score knotted at 1-1.

In the overtime period, a shot by the Crimson’s Kyla Cordrey came just shy of meeting the back of the net, but Bear goaltender Shannon McSweeney made the last-second save.

Following this key defensive play, Brown pushed the ball down the field, where Meghan O’Donnell managed to pull Harvard goaltender Jenn Hatfield out of position. O’Donnell made the cross cage pass to teammate Hannah Rogers and, with Hatfield out of the net, Rogers was able slice the ball into the goal, cinching the 2-1 win for the Bears.

Despite leading Brown 15-10 in shots taken, the Crimson was unable to convert these attempts into goals. After a scoreless first half, sophomore Elizabeth Jacobson tallied Harvard’s lone goal of the contest. This shot, assisted by Caroline McNeill and Noel Painter, was scored off of one of the Crimson’s seven corner-shot opportunities.

Offensive forces for Brown included Alexis Miller and Hannah Rogers, who each contributed one goal. Miller was responsible for her squad’s first goal of the contest, in which she capitalized on a corner-shot for the Bears.

Both the Harvard and Brown goalies contributed solid defensive help to their team’s efforts, with Hatfield recording five saves for the Crimson and McSweeney stopping ten Harvard shots.

The Crimson