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Coaching E-Newsletter #6 - DEVELOPING Coaches and Players

Purpose: Bridge the gap between Soft Skills and Hard Skills

Core Themes covered in this issue

Tactical: Strategic moves and plays which are executed in the pocket of the Right Offensive Quadrant (ROQ), namely Play Making Space (PMS).

Technical: Developing the specific technical skills required to play effectively in this play making space.

Power point presentations and video clips: Supporting the core themes of this issue.

Training Method Tips: How to develop a young hockey player to play in this position

Motivational Quotes: On vulnerability

Food for Thought: A new addition to our Quarterly CNL, “Food for Thought”,it will cover comments and views of the experts on  various topics related to our game. In order to see things from a different perspective. These views will not be the same as we hear from our top coaches, experts and the commentators covering international matches. Especially with the current style of hockey, which is designed on the foundation based upon Brute Power and Overloaded Hard Skills.

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