12th Hong Kong Men's Quadrangular Hockey Tournament
Hong Kong (HKG)

All times GMT +8

8 Mar 2024 13:00     THA v MAC (One Pool)     4 - 0
8 Mar 2024 17:30     TPE v HKG (One Pool)       1 - 1
9 Mar 2024 11:30     THA v TPE (One Pool)       3 - 2
9 Mar 2024 18:15     MAC v HKG (One Pool)      0 - 6
10 Mar 2024 12:15     TPE v MAC (One Pool)     11 - 0
10 Mar 2024 16:45     HKG v THA (One Pool)     

Pool Standings

7th Women’s Hockey Invitational Tournament

8 Mar 2024 15:15     SGP v TPE (One Pool)      1 - 0
8 Mar 2024 19:45     HKG v INA (One Pool)     7 - 0
9 Mar 2024 13:45     TPE v INA (One Pool)      1 - 0
9 Mar 2024 16:00     HKG v SGP (One Pool)     2 - 0
10 Mar 2024 10:00     INA v SGP (One Pool)     2 - 0
10 Mar 2024 14:30     TPE v HKG (One Pool) 

Pool Standings

FIH Match Centre

Celebrating women leading the way forward in hockey

On the field and off the field. As players, coaches, umpires and administrators. On this International Women’s Day 2024, a year where the International Hockey Federation (FIH) celebrates its centennial, we focus on eight women who have been leading the way over the past few decades, and creating a blueprint for success that will benefit the generations to come, as they look to these role models and follow in their footsteps.

Savita’s message on International Women’s Day: Believe in yourself and you can achieve beyond limits

The Indian Women’s Captain says that steps have been taken to enhance gender equality in sports

 New Delhi: On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2024, Indian Women’s Team Captain, Savita Punia delivered a strong message and said that the key to achievement lies in believing in yourself. She said, “When I started playing, I was lucky that I got full support from my family despite the challenges. That was a massive confidence booster for me. However, that was not the case for everyone. But with time, situation has changed for the good. So, always believe in yourself and don’t think that you are any less than anyone. Set your goals, and put all your hard-work with determination and motivation. It may take a bit of time to achieve your goals, but in the end, you will always get there.”

Hockey Ireland launches ‘See Us, Be Us, Back Us’ campaign

Today Hockey Ireland celebrated International Women’s Day with the launch of its latest campaign in support of the women’s game.

Hoci Cymru Young Ambassador Lily Morgan continues to make strides in her mission

Last year, we told the story of Hoci Cymru Young Ambassador Lily Morgan, who spoke in front of the EuroHockey General Assembly in Monchengladbach, Germany in August.  

England Hockey League 2023/24 Premier Division Weekend 15 Preview

Teams continue on week 15 of the Women's and Men's England Hockey Premier Division with everything still left to play for and Rod Gilmour from The Hockey Paper has previewed all the anticipated action.